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The War Against Stretch Marks

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So I know they say stretch marks are hereditary and can't be prevented if you're genetically predisposed, but I believe in miracles.


My mom had stretchmarks, then again she had twins. I'm not giving up.


What have you all been using? Is it working? Any marks yet??


I'm using a mixture of oils I made at a natural remedy store. It's mostly almond oil, some jojoba, and a little avocado oil. I exfoliate with my clarisonic body brush then apply is RELIGIOUSLY in the AM and PM. I most recently added a layer of Jason Vitamin E Oil 32,000 IU (which is more like a serum than an oil).


To stop the itching I use Wild Carrots Stretch Salve & Growing Belly Balm. It's compact, so I keep it in my purse for quick relief throughout the day. 


What about you??

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My mom and older sister both got stretch marks but I didn't get a single one. Only thing I can attribute it to is drinking lots of water and eating healthy. I didn't use lotion except after the occasional shower. Sure hope this babe is as nice to my skin as DS was!

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During my first pregnancy, I used some kind of body butter from Burt's Bees on my belly (Mama Balm? some name like that, but I forget). This time, I'm using pure shea butter. So far no stretch marks in either pregnancy (knock on wood!). I don't think my mom got them during her three pregnancies, but my sister did. I AM, however, getting plenty of spider veins on my legs-- yay!

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On my first 2 pregnancies, I got stretch marks on my breasts but not my belly.  I didn't do anything in particular to prevent them on either my belly or breasts.  I'm not sure that you really can prevent them, but I think the lotion blends sound wonderful and a great way to self-pamper.

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I haven't gotten any yet, but I'm sure they're coming. I'm using Mamma Mio Tummy Butter once a day (though not every day...).

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I'm using Palmer's cocoa butter with vitamin E and I can't say it's preventing or staying the current situation. No marks on the belly yet (one stray tiny one at my navel), but my boobs look like someone took bearclaws and just tore them to shreds. They aren't even hardly any bigger :( I expected tummy marks so the boob ones are getting me kinda down. I'll get over it but I was so surprised.

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I didn't get any last time and I havent got any new ones so far this time either (I have them on my breasts and hips from puberty so no idea why I didn't get any when I was pregnant). I haven't been putting anything on but my skin was a bit itchy today so I might have to start.
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my mom didn't get stretch marks at all, and told me during my first pregnancy that i had nothing to worry about. i still religiously applied shea and coco butter and allllll kinds of belly balms to my belly.....and still got lots of stretch marks! i think they happen, or they don't.thought that i actually thought that maybe i had a chance of a "reset button" with my secondlol.gif

you know, like maybe somehow the stretching would magically heal my previous marks. mmmmmm, nope.

third time around here and i am using a lovely coconut oil on my belly because it feels great, and not worrying about the stretch marks. do i love them? nooooo!!! but they're there, and part of me now so i am accepting that ;)

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In my first pregnncy I was terrified of getting stretch marks. I know - silly and vain. But I really worried about them. DH religiously massaged weleda pregnancy oil into my skin every night from early on. I didn'T get a single stretch mark. In my second pregnancy? I occasionally applied some oil or body butter or whatever I had at hand but by far not as often and regularly as in p1 - again, no stretch marks.

This time: I use some nice oil after taking a shower, but that's it.

So I also agree - you either get them or you don't. The only thing I actually believe in is staying well hydrated from within. So I try to drink lots of water throughout the day.

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I was so scared the first time...and so excited that I didn't have any at 36 weeks. Then I hit 37 weeks and exploded with them. So yeah, this is the third and I'm not doing a thing because I got even more the 2nd time. They'll fade eventually! The lotions sound nice and soothing though.
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