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Where to buy an organic mattress online?

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Does anyone have experience with buying an organic mattress online? We know about Organic Grace and Lifekind, but we don't know which has better mattresses or how to choose. We're looking for a queen size fairly firm mattress if anyone has any specific suggestions. Thank you!
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My friend owns this business and they make the mattresses themselves. Also make futons. Lots of integrity. I'm sure you could call and talk to them and answer your questions. 


Sachi Organics



Good luck!

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Hi Escher,


Essentia is another option. www.myessentia.com


We invented a natural latex foam than has all the pressure relief of memory foam. See how latex compares to memory foam.


Other very good brand i would recommend is Savvy Rest.

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Hi there escher, I'm not sure if you're based in the U.S or U.K, but if you're based in the UK you may like to check out our website www.buyorganics.co.uk.  We produce our organic mattresses and futons in the UK and in Germany and have over 20 years experience in their making. All our products are 100% toxin free and eco friendly and organic with no hidden materials or chemicals. Our delivery is free for orders over £100 and we have some great offers on at the moment due to the London Olympics! 


We'd love to help you, so check us out even if you'd just like some advice on what type of organic mattress would be the right one for you, no pressure, just here to help!

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Essentia makes polyurethane base memory foam covered with Kevlar, which is please with plastic fibers and can be cancerous. We have 100% organic and fully customizable mattresses from Obasan. I have the firmness I want on my side and same thing for my partner. The mattresses are fully certified organic and are all made by hand. Very luxurious. Www.obasan.ca
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It is great to hear from lots of people selling mattresses (and thanks for the suggestion, Peggy), but is there anyone who has actually personally bought an organic mattress online?
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Yes, I have! 


A few years ago I bought a natural latex, wool topped and organic cotton wrapped children's mattress (crib/toddler size) from Dax online.  I was very happy with the mattress quality and had no problems with the company.  At the time it did take a while to get the mattress - like 3-4 weeks or so I think? - because they were at least then made to order.  Hubby and I ended up buying something similar for ourselves locally, but if we didn't have a store like that, I'd definitely buy from them again (at that time, our local store didn't carry the size we wanted, which is why we bought online).


This is them:




They are expensive but super nice and worth the money!  HTH

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As retailers of organic bedding products including both adult and juvenile mattresses we would not recommend buying a mattress online unless you can speak to somebody in person.  It is important for your retailer to understand what you need in a mattress.  An organic mattress can cost you anywhere from $1,900 and up for a Queen size mattress and you spend 1/3 of your life on it.  A good organic mattress retailer takes pride in their products and would want you to have a mattress that is right for you, especially if you are purchasing from a store in which you can't touch and lay on the mattress.  You don't have to call our store, but I do recommend that you work through either an actual store or an online retailer in which you can talk to an honest person who wants to help you.  Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for. 

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