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Really only one baby so far?

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Is intime0 really the only one to have her baby so far?? This is a good thing, don't get me wrong! I'm just surprised with the crazy number of mamas we have in this DDC there haven't been more preemies.


I'm 34 weeks now, which means some of our late July/early August mams have to be almost 37 weeks... I'm thinking the baby flood is going to be starting soon!

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I bet once one arrives they'll start popping out like crazy.  We just need one to break the dam.

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I know! I am so happy that we have had only one preemie birth that we know of. Also - and I know this goes back aways - but we had many fewer miscarriages than in my last DDC. I'm happy that we seem to be cooking a lot of healthy babies, but...

Bring on the babies! I want pictures! Birth stories! smile.gif
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I am so excited that most of our babies are staying put.  There's going to be a huge flood in a couple weeks.  

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Originally Posted by Honey693 View Post

I am so excited that most of our babies are staying put.  There's going to be a huge flood in a couple weeks.  

Yes, I think a couple of weeks we will see a baby boom :)


My date is July 31. I had an early u/s and that gave me a date of Aug. 7th, so I'm 35 - 36 weeks. I can't believe we are almost there. Next month at this time I might have a baby. :)

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Hold up ladies!  I've got to make it back to the US before I have this baby!!! It is only July 4, after all!


After July 16 (when I arrive on US soil), I declare the baby floodgates can open with abandon ;).  

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Haha, right!  I said I'd be happy if baby decides to come any time after 37 weeks.  Before that makes me a little nervous, but afterward, anytime he's ready!

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I'm ready!

Okay, I'm not quite 35weeks, but mentally I'm good to go :)

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I feel like my girl is gearing up to come, but I'm not quite 34 weeks, which feels soooo far from being term.  I want 36 weeks to come already!


Just a notice though, I'll be gone camping for an entire week soon, so any babies born between the 14th and the 22nd will not be posted on the official thread until I get back.

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36 weeks here and Baby is dropping further down day by day!!  DH is away through Tues, so I can't let anything happen here yet.  But I'm pretty pumped about the fact that in 1 week I'll no longer have to worry about being sent to the "high risk" section at our local hospital (aka prison cells!!) and will hopefully get use of their regular L&D rooms (which means I get: windows!  storage & space! a private shower! a private recovery room!) .... ahhh, the little luxuries we take for granted....

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I would absolutely freak if my baby started showing signs of coming now. I mean, I think he would be fine, but I do not have all my baby stuff ready yet! Like, car seat and bassinet still in box, cloth diapers not washed, half his clothes not washed, etc. So he is free to continue hanging out for awhile. Thankfully, he hasn't dropped yet, which I know isn't everything, but at least it means I waddle a little less than I might. ;)


I'm just glad that so many mamas seem to have had nice, healthy pregnancies so far!

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Yeah, I was having what seemed a HELL OF A LOT like labor due to the heat the day before yesterday. 


I proceeded to freak the fuck (pardon my french) out because 35 1/2  weeks= ABX and continual monitoring. (HOSPITAL policy. *BLERGH*). Once I'm 37? I'm good to go for ANY natural birth I want. one week and 2 days til that for me.  She's just gotta stay in a BIT LONGER. 

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Totally not ready for a baby here. I think I might be the only pregnant person who *wants* to go late. No joke. I do not want a baby before 40 weeks. :)

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I'm with you SallyRae.  I am not even close to ready for this baby to be here, either practically or mentally.  I think I'm kind of in denial about how close I am to the end, which might be a good thing.  I might be freaking out otherwise. I really don't want baby girl to come before 40 weeks and if she wanted to wait a bit longer that'd be ok too.


We can't move into our new place until the 23rd. I haven't found, let alone gone through or washed the baby clothes.  I did buy newborn diapers, but haven't washed them. I have no hospital bag etc.  I'm stopping now because I'm enjoying my denial.

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See, my issue is we have no AC. 2 ok, now 3 (bought one tonight) window units. I'm so stinking uncomfortable physically, and any time I go out INTO the heat, it triggers the braxton hicks. Its MISERABLE. 

I'm basically on "couch rest" as opposed to bed rest. I'm supposed to "take it easy" until next (not this upcoming but next) Saturday. I can still get up and move but I am NOT to be assembling cribs or hauling laundry baskets. I can do the dishes but that's about all. :-/

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Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm all for a 40weeker. My second spontaneously came at 38weeks and I had mixed feelings..he seemed 2 weeks behind, was such a slow/sleepy nurser, slower gainer, had light breathing congestion for awhile and so on. I'll take a robust overdue baby any day :-)
But this one is a total crap shoot, one was 9 days late, one was 2 weeks early and one came on her due date. Who knows what'll happen this time!

How about you girls, readiness or not, what are your predictions?
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Originally Posted by Tizzy View Post

How about you girls, readiness or not, what are your predictions?

No clue. First baby here. Just from genetics, my mom had one early, one on the due date (me), and three late. dh's mom had them all varying degrees of early. So really, no clue. I wish I did know, because I would definitely go to my brother's wedding (11 days before my EDD) if I could be sure I wouldn't go into labor!

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I have the feeling I'm going to go the full 40 weeks, if not longer. And I also feel like I'll be ready to be done with being pregnant by the beginning of August. So August could be a looong month...

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Predictions? Well, I thought for sure that I'd go early with my first and I went a week late. This time I want to go late, so I'll probably go early. :)


Chotchkes - I feel you on the heat. We don't have air either, just 2 window units, but I thankfully have an in-ground swimming pool in my backyard, so I've been spending a lot of time there. If I get too hot, I go to the grocery store or somewhere with intense AC to cool off. It's worked so far!

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My mom had each of us at 38 weeks (39 for my brother) and we were all normal sized (7.5 lbs, about), so I keep sort of hoping I'll go early, but I know how important it is for the little ones to bake as long as they need, so I'm not going to be running around trying to induce or anything.  I don't know.  I guess just based off average statistics, I'm assuming I'll go a week late, but I also know that will sort of suck. 

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