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Since we might be on the subject of our kids having something.

My 15 month old is finishing up with Chicken Pox and I am sure over the last few days (and confirmed today by the rash) that she has measles. I am guessing that the same little girl who had her Vax with CP also got MMR the same day and even though the little girl came down with shingles that she was still shedding Measles.shrug.gif


This is what I think for now. I called my mom as she knows (and took care of many kids back in the day)what they look like from experience and she is confirming all the signs etc.


Its not bad. In fact it seems easier than chicken pox. She had one day of the highest fever which I gave her tons of SA and kept her well hydrated and she slept a ton. No itching, no anything else. Now today that the rash has appeared she appears to be all happy and her normal self!


Any other older ladies who have had them? My other two kids are unvaxed and I will see if they get it as well.





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Are you sure it isn't Roseola?  It sounds like it to me, she is the right age, it starts with a high fever, and once that has gone down the rash appears, and then babies tend to be fine in themselves. I had measles, I honestly can't remember it well, but I do know I had a cough with it which is common. Does your DD have the koplik's spots inside her mouth? She she sensitive to light?

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with measles, white spots also appear in the mouth, and the rash lasts longer than one day.  

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I had thought of Roseola, but further explanation:

When the fever hit her, I did think her eyes looked really red to me. (again just thought that was part of her temp) I just kept her in darker rooms and kept trying to give her some food and or liquid.

Her rash appeared on or about day 3 (on thinking back, it started on her face on day 2 prob as at first I thought it was her just being warm from the fever) and it still isn't gone today on what would be day 5. From her face it spread to the rest of her body.


The rash does not turn white when touched at all.  I don't know guys, Roseola and measles do have common symptoms but the rash just doesn't look like any of the pics I pull up on google regarding roseola.


She was SUPER sensitive to light when she had a fever so I kept her in dim places. She does have 2 strange whitish spots in her mouth. I had not even noticed or looked in her mouth until today as it is her mouth that seems to be the big thing that she is really not liking right now...she keeps putting her finger in her mouth to touch them. I have no idea when they showed up.


I gave her Large does of SA and that helped to bring temp down immediately and keep it from going out of control. I was giving it to her every 4 hours for the first 2 days and then 6 and then 8 and today I will prob keep doing it every 12.


I don't know if her throat hurt as she is to young to tell me. She did not cough that I can remember.

This just seems so mild to me. It could be the SA, I would believe that as I have seen it work its wonder numerous times before but was just curious what others remember.


Is there some other strange disease I don't know about or that maybe she just had a very mild case??


I am glad that I was already not leaving the house as she was getting over chicken pox so we haven't been anywhere.

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Well, it either is measles or it isn't. If it is, then your DD will likely be lucky enough to have life-long immunity. I all you can do is wait and see if your older children come down with it, being older they might get more of an obvious case. I would also consider giving FCLO (fermented cod liver oil), for the vitamin A.

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Roseola rash shows up after the fever breaks quite suddenly.  Both my girls had this and the main symptom (only symptom I noticed) for about 4 days was a high fever which broke abruptly, followed by the red rash.  The rash did not appear while the fever was raging.  So, yours doesn't sound like roseola to me either.


No experience with measles-- I wish I could help.

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Moving to health and healing... smile.gif
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Well, I think I can officially say, yes my 15 month quickly recovered from measles as my 7 year old duaghter is now coming down with them in a much more normal way. She still tells me that she thinks so far that measles seem easy.... am taking care of her now but all is well.

I will see if my son who is 12 gets them soon too. (He has only been sick about 3 times in his life... he seems to be so healthy that many other things pass him by when the rest of us are sick so am interested to see how it goes.)


Still not going out in public for more time.... Different sites online quote different time frames of how long they are contagious. I wonder how long that really is.


Will keep anyone interested posted

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Wow, that's kind of exciting to get 2 VPDs over with so quickly and relatively painlessly!  Did you let the other girl's parents know that she might have been contagious?

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No I did not let the other girls parents know as at first I was not sure it was definitely measles until today.

They had her vaxed and it only shed for so long... I am sure that time frame is over with and am not sure I feel like letting the cat out of the bag so much with everyone else around about it.

Chicken pox is one thing that doesn't seem to freak to many out... measles -you would think the world stopped moving. 

*They already know that my daughter caught CP from her and then one other little boy got CP who was a week shy of a year as well.* Humm, I wonder if he will come down with measles?


I  love my GP doc, I called to let them know today, He got back to me himself -a Saturday at that-and just told me to keep doing what I was doing and kids will be just fine. Glad to know my 15 month old was already over it. He is 75 years old and still working and says he remembers when it was "just" a normal childhood disease. I can go in if I wanted to be sure, but I told him I will just wait and see if I need to.


Oh, he says normally contagious actually before rash/fever begins until its gone, but to be safe, can give it another 24 hours after. That is also when you should keep the child out of the sunlight to protect the eyes. Interesting.


But other than that, yes! I am sooo happy that my youngest has now had both VPD and will have life long immunity!!!!!! My other thought:Wow... that was easy. Thank you healthy immune systems!


So far my other daughter looks to be an easy case as well (in fact I have to keep telling her to chill out as she doesn't want to sit still-

she wants to run around and play)

It looks far worse than it feels.

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That's so great that you have a supportive doc!  

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Thank Bokonon :-)

  Well, this morning it hit my son... looks to be mild as well so good news there. Just wanted to update.


Day 2 with 7 year old is great. Still has small temp, rash (but it has stopped growing) no more runny nose or dry cough.


I guess I will keep posting just because :-)

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