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sciatica insight?

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saw the chiro, been sitting in our hottub, surviving, but definitely open to other ideas. Sciatica hurts!

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Just a friendly bump. :)


Anyone have a suggestion to offer?

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DDC crashing...


I see my chiro every 2-3 weeks at this point. I have sciatica in my left side, and I find that lying on one side or the other can help (sometimes on the right side, sometimes on the left, go figure. 


One friend suggested doing a little yoga child pose. Evil woman. You try doing child's pose with a basketball under your belly! I am sure there is a modification that can be done, though. 


I also find that when I lay down at night, it REALLY hurts, but if I just relax (very hard to do) it goes away quickly, but if I tense up, anticipating the pain, it hurts really bad, and for a while. I tell myself that this is good practice for labor - being loose, and relaxed even when I know something is going to hurt, because tensing up just makes it worse!

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Unfortunately no suggestions, but lots of ::hugs:: because I know what you are going through. I had sciatica pretty bad with this last pregnancy. But once I had LO it, and the SPD, went away, thank goodness!

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