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Announcing for the 3rd or more

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So I've come to the realization...at least for my family that they're "over it" by the 3rd kid....were thinking about #4 and we know already they won't be thrilled...but we want to start brainstorming of a fun way to announce that's exciting for the whole family and let them know that we are excited and genuinely happy. Does that make sense?

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interesting idea. i have no suggestions however lol.gif, but i look forward to hearing what you come up with and how it all works out!

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Sorry this is going to be a little long.... need some background...

We just faced this..... when we were announcing number 5 we got lots of 'another?' comments, etc...  and MIL saying, "I'll pay for sterilization surgery!" Well number 5 turned out to be 5 AND 6 - identical twin girls, and we even followed through (against all their wishes) with doing the homebirth we already had planned - everything went AMAZING. The twins are now 5 and of course everybody loves them as much as the first 4, so they all have gotten over it and I have learned it is OUR life, not theirs, so does it really matter their opinion?


We've often announced it at a big holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas to keep the tone light, since they all think 2 kids is enough. Well, although we weren't trying, we've recently conceived AGAIN, am excited for another blessing and I was dreading announcing it and wanted them to not have the choice to be negative... baby announcements should be happy right?  So, my husband happened to have this huge wooden 7 that he had recently brought home (he had found when he was a kid). So, I started with that and laid it on his side of the bed one night, and immediately he knew we were expecting. A bit surprised, but happy.

We continued with this theme and brought the kids together one night and presented the big #7. Asking them what they thought it meant. The oldest got it after 20 minutes of guessing and the others we finally had to help. She is 18 and wasn't real thrilled at first, but has warmed up to it and she loves her siblings, but sometimes still wishes for mom & dad alone time like she had until she was 4. It was truly hysterical what they were guessing the 7 meant, and I was able to video most of it. We swore them all to secrecy and no Facebook posts until the extended family knew.

Then came our parents. I figured having the kids tell them was the best way to keep them positive and avoid any negative comments that may come into their heads? So we took the number 7 and painted it periwinkle - our favorite color. We hauled the 6 kids to a nearby stone bridge and lined them up in order from oldest to youngest and gave the younger twin the number 7 to hold. Took a bunch of pictures (try to get 2 - five year olds and 7 a year old not to have goofy faces!) It really felt like we were doing a photo shoot for Sesame Street, hauling this huge 7 around. Picking our favorite shot, we had the kids make Happy Father's Day cards, and slipped in a copy of the photo. We stopped by each house to say Happy Father's Day. One Grandpa started to get it and once Grandma saw it, they understood. The other had no idea and set the picture aside, until I made him give the picture to Grandma (MIL) and she got it right away. All were surprised but either quiet - and in shock, or generally positive. No negative comments have been made since and they've all accepted it and moved on to being happy about it.


And... I'm 15 weeks now, and HUGE, wondering if it just might be twins again! Looking forward to finding out!


But definitely get the kids involved and do something fun, grandparents can't be negative and nasty when their adorable grandchildren break the news and then you have a big smile on your face!  


We announced the 4th baby at a birthday party - so we offered to bring the cake and ordered it to say "Happy Birthday, Love....." with balloons made of frosting and every balloon had a grandchild name on it with 2 balloons each having question marks - one for my sister's baby and one for mine. They already knew she was expecting, and slowly they all figured out we were too!


Good luck!

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Thank you so much! I think incorporating them will help for sure. I could relate to so much of your response!

With #3 we got "oh cool didn't know you were trying" from my mom and fro
His mom we got "oh wow #3 huh" sheesh so I can only imagine what the 4th will bring....

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