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Nursing mamas--anyone drying up or when did you notice a decrease in production?

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Just wondering. I know that even if I do lose my milk my DD will happily nurse right through--she is 3 and doesn't rely on my milk for much nutrition anymore, but I was just wondering if anyone who is still nursing regularly and hasn't made dramatic changes in their nursing realtionship is noticing any diminished production at this point.

I am 17 weeks now and I know I still have milk {I see it in her mouth}, but I am not sure if it is less. Can't really tell at this point. On the plus side, nursing isn't SO intensely painful anymore just more sore painful.

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I think my milk was completely gone pretty early this time, probably because I didn't have much to begin with (DD will turn 3 this month).  Maybe by about 9 or 10 weeks?  I think that's a little earlier than with my second and third pregnancies, though.  DD is now officially weaned.

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My supply also decreased about 9/10 weeks and DD2 seemed to lose a little interest, so I took the opportunity to wean.  It broke my heart to wean her at 13 months, but I don't want to wait since I only predict it becoming more difficult.  I totally admire women who can tandem nurse, but I honestly just don't think I'm capable.  Our pediatrician said that most pregnant women's supply reverts back to colostrum in the 4th month but some LOs don't mind and just keep on nursing until the new milk supply arrives.  Glad to hear your pain is diminishing!

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Mine went down below half the week we conceived, but DD was only 7 mo at the time so it was more obvious.  Kept trying some until 7 weeks and she weaned herself so that was that.  I see it as my body protecting me from growing too many other people at once :).  BTW, bottles are more work than established breastfeeding, just for the record.  I spent way more time washin and preppin than feedin!    

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dan phone typin

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I never heard a swallow or saw any evidence of milk after 7 weeks, and now we are done. Friends who have continued to dry-nurse say they start hearing swallows again somewhere between 15 and 20 weeks when colostrum starts to be produced.
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The amount of swallowing I heard really slowed down when I hit 2nd trimester, at about 13/14 weeks. We wrapped it up by about 15 weeks. I would still see some milk in his mouth but I bet he was only getting a couple swallows.

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I dried up at about 13 weeks with my last pregnancy and we continued to dry nurse til 21 weeks. This time, I'm nearly 15 weeks and still have an OK amount of milk. DS nurses about 3x a day and swallows the whole time. Oh, and my milk is yellow! Must be producing colostrum and milk? It's pretty cool :)

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Thanks, mamas for sharing. LLL says that 60% of mamas can expect to lose their mature milk by the end of the second trimester, but that still leave 40% who either don't lose mature milk or who start making colostrum early {I didn't make colostrum for DD until right before her birth} or have a combination of the two like Melly24 suggests ; ) 
DD is an AVID nurser and still nurses countless times daily, so, even before pregnancy there was dry nursing to contend with--when a toddler suckles for 8 hours straight there is little to no swallowing or milk being consumed--haha! So, it is hard to tell if any changes have occurred really, but I do feel like I have seen a tinge of yellow recently and she did have some loose bowels and am wondering if there is some colostrum happening now. Time will tell. 

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I'm totally dry. My milk started to change around the time I found out I was pregnant....6 weeks. Dh said it tasted like salt and vinegar chips. By 9-10 weeks it was gone. I am 17 weeks now, and ds is still nursing every few days. I don't know how much longer he will go.

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I'm not nursing now, but when I was pregnant with my second I was nursing my oldest.  She was only 6 month old when I got pregnant with ds.  I'm sure it went down a little, but I don't remember it declining until the end of the 2nd tri.  And then she still got some, my colostrum was coming in.  But the last 3 months are when I really remember thinking of it as dry nursing. 


it was like christmas around here when ds was born and I have plentiful milk.  Dd was in heaven.  tandem nursed another 21 months, until she was 3.

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