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ASD and cyclical fevers...any ideas?

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this is my first post so hope i'm doing it right.... my ds is nearly 6 with ASD for the past year or so he has had fevers that last 24+ hours every month to 6 weeks, he becomes very tired and seems to sleep it off as it were. we assumed that life was just too overwelming at times and that it was his bodys way of giving him the break he needed.

But in the last couple of months the fevers have been lasting longer and happen more regularly, we have taken him to gp and they did blood tests which came back fine so he has now been referred to paediatrician and i was just wondering if anyone else had come across this and if so what it was and what is likely to happen at the peds appt?

thanks for reading

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Just wanted to let you know you posted correctly and your message is fine! I think a lot of folks are enjoying the 4th of July picnics and such but someone will be along soon!

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thank you :)

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I've seen cyclical fevers mentioned as a side effect of vaccination, but not ASD in particular.

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My son did get very high fevers when he was little, but not necessarily frequent. 

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did you ever find out what caused the fevers?

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He was very sensitive to infections that came by and everything he ever did, he did in a big way, so it was the same with fevers! These were often just viral illnesses that didn't turn into anything "serious." 

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Next time he has a fever I would take note of everything he ate that day. It is possible to have an under the radar immune reaction to food that could include a fever.

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thank you, it helps to know we aren't going completely mad!

His diet isn't very varied due to sensory issues, but have been wondering if it may play a part- will start a food diary and see what happens....

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just thought i'd let you know that the ped appt went well and he suspects chidhood migraines so we will be keeping note of foods and stresses before each attack for next few months ready for review in November. many thanks for your replies.

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Is it possible it is simply unrelated to ASD?


My youngest will run fevers on occasion  (she is 9) she will have a fever one day and then be fine the next. she does this several times a year.   She is neurotypical.


I often think she is on the verge of getting something - but her body fights it off with the fever.

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