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8 Year Old Asking for Stroller at Disney World - Help!

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My daughter and I are spending some holiday time with family (my sister, and her 3 year old daughter). We've been at Disney World.

My sister's daughter walks sometimes and rides in the stroller at other times. It is a lot of walking.


Anyway, my daughter asked to ride in her cousin's stroller yesterday. I told her no, but I'm expecting she'll ask again today.

My sister told me that she's fine with it, but I don't know what to do.


Should I just let her ride in it if/when she wants a break from walking (assuming her cousin isn't using it)?

Also, if I do let her use it here and there, what sort of disincentive should I use so that she doesn't want to ride in it constantly? She was tired yesterday and slept well last night, but I don't want her just jumping in and out of it due to laziness.

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This is just my opinion, but Disneyworld is an overwhelming place, and very tiring! I always wish I had a stroller when I go there. I have a 7 year old and I would say that letting her ride for some of the time should be fine since your sister doesn't mind.

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I would let her. You walk miles and miles there, MY feet hurt after a day at Disney.
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i plan to get one for my 10 year old. 

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Should she have to follow the same rules as her cousin? The rule with her cousin is that if she rides in it then she gets buckled in, and stays there for at least 10 minutes to rest.

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No, the rules aren't the same, she's not three.


Let her ride.  I don't see the big deal.  She may have to understand that the 3 year old may need to ride more than her but otherwise, the stroller still needs to be pushed around.

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You know, something people do at Disney World that really isn't necessary is to make up a lot of rules that don't need to be there.  If your daughter wants to ride in a stroller, then let her.  The same goes for her cousin.  Don't make up a ten minute rule that does no good and only makes you mad if it isn't followed.  You're on vacation.  This may not be the last time your daughter goes to Disney World, and I don't know how close you live, but if you are like most people it might be her only childhood visit.  Letting her go without rules for a few days and run around the parks will not hurt her in the long run.  Have a great vacation, and try not to stress/over-think the little things.

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LOL  If an 8 (or 10!) year old is asking for a stroller, isn't that a sign that it's time to take a break?

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My kids are pretty fit, and I would not let them ride in a stroller.  Somebody would have to push them.  I would probably suggest we go on back to the hotel for a while.  I do things for them that they can't do for themselves, but they can run / walk rings around me all day long.  I would think it would send a subliminal "little royalty with servants" message -- that's my kids.  

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I would not let an 8-yo ride in a stroller, as that would be hard/heavy to push.  I would probably just rest or take a break for a little bit, find someplace air conditioned to rest.  Disney World in July honestly sounds miserable to me with the heat and the humidity.

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good point pigpokey with pushing the stroller with an older kid in there. it gets really hard. 


does Disneyland have something to rent to push older kids a little easier in. 


i am not a big fan of disneyland. knowing my dd i KNOW she will be overwhelmed by everything since she wants to do everything. 'stroller' time will be downtime for her coz i dont know how many days i will be able to afford there. 

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Disney is expensive!!!! There's no way I would waste my money and leave the park as others have suggested when all your child needs is to rest for ten minutes here and there. As long as she isn't in it when the baby needs it what's the problem?

Sometimes I get tired and need to sit down just for a few minutes and take a rest. It's on a bench not a stroller but still. That doesn't make me spoiled or that I think I'm royalty ... it just means my feet hurt and I want to relax a minute.

My dd is five and I would get a stroller if I went and I know a friend with a 9 and 7 year old who brings a stroller to Disney. It's a huge and overwhelming place!

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Uh HECK NO!  I mean I wouldn't because 8 weighs a heck of a lot more than a toddler.  I'd just take a break unless you're actually okay with pushing her weight around.  I certainly wouldn't be. 

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Would depend on the stroller to me. Some are made for up to 50 or more pounds and are very easy to push. If that were the case, then I see no problem with her taking a break. Disney is the only place where I'd let my dd take a break in a stroller. But if it were a real struggle to push her and we still wanted to stay a while, we'd go to The Hall of Presidents or someplace like that where there is a nice long show in the air conditioning and take a break. The heat makes a difference too. During our Sept. trip, it was hot, hot, hot, and we had to take a break right after lunch and go back to the hotel until around dinner time. In the winter, though, stroller breaks were great.
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NEVER! my 4 year old would never desire to sit in one and no way would I push an able bodied older child- if that child needs a break - you sit it out. It's not some kind of race- there are plenty to do to have a break and go again. I think 3 is even pushing it- maybe since we never even used a stroller but by two my children wanted to walk on their own, if they were tired, they sat-relaxed and went again. I did Disney with a four year old that had no problem walking and had no desire for a stroller and we saw it all- it's called taking breaks. I am use to hiking with toddlers that do their own walking and I mean an all day hike- up and down hills.


By the way who is giving the parents of these two a break? Pushing around able non-disabled, non-toddler child is a heavy load-how is the parent to cope?


8 is way too old for my comfort level unless it is medical need

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My 7 year old fatigues very easily, but didn't need to borrow his sister's stroller when we went to WDW in the fall.  I just made sure to create an easy itinerary so that we weren't going back and forth across the park all day.  

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Originally Posted by serenbat View Post


8 is way too old for my comfort level unless it is medical need

I agree with this. I would just take breaks. Chances are everyone will need them, even the adults.

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We just did Disneyland with our 7, 5, 5, and 3 yo... with out a stroller.

I am not one to tell others what works best for them, because there are a lot of variables in life.

But I will tell you why we opted out of the stroller and why our 7 yo wouldn't ever ride in it...


- It is heavy to push even a 3 yo and totally annoying to park, find and untangle from the mess of other strollers. We wanted to be free to roam and go with out something burdening us. Some times I find things burden us more than they serve us. So we left it at home, and were glad we did! Once we even left a stroller at a park because we found we could get around much faster/easier with out it. Haha!


- My kids have legs and feet and can use them, they have no special needs to make them need one and I think it does them a dis-service to not make them stronger and require what is appropriate for their age and ability level. We hike and walk often on steep trails and walk 1/4 mile at least 3-5 times a week during the summer. We think it is good for them, both physically and mentally. One aspect of fatigue or weakness is mental and overcoming difficulties.


- I saw lots of "big kids" (for us over the age of 5) who road in strollers, and while that isn't a bad thing in itself, it makes me sad because most of them had hand-held devices and were missing  the greater fun of looking around and enjoying the sights of Disneyland... I don't get why we have to dumb our kids up to keep them so happy??? It is sad. 


- Our 3 yo gets tired too, so we stop, take breaks and also while we wait in line we sit down. There is a TON of time to rest while you wait!


- If we do bring a stroller somewhere, I know my 7 year old would feel insulted to be told to sit in a stroller or pushed in it... I don't think she'd "go for that" if I told her she had to. 


- We view our mission and purpose as parents is to help grow our kids into adulthood and to think and care about others more than themselves. I think allowing an able-bodied 10 yo in a stroller (a child who will be a teen in 3 years time) is not preparing them for the world or perhaps allowing them to view the world as a place that is meant to serve them, which too is a really debilitating mindset. But that is totally 100% my "take" on life and parenting. One I know doesn't fit others views.


Just our reasoning.


And I DO know that others have reason for the methods they practice in their family.

I think "methods" are the negotiables of parenting.

"Principles" are things like "It is right to educate, feed and love" our kids. The non-negotiables.  

"Methods" are how we go about achieving the "principles"... and those vary from family to family.


Hope our thought process is helpful, if it isn't toss it out practice what is beneficial for you and your child. 


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Additionally, pushing older children around is really an American phenomenon.

If you even carry a child older than a baby in places like Africa you will get questions like, "Is there something wrong with his legs???"

Trust me, I know, it happened to me. :-D

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It would literally cause me physical pain to push an able bodied 8 yr old in a stroller.  And if your perfectly healthy 8 yr old needs a break than everyone needs a break.  That's just how I see it.

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