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July Chit Chat

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LunaLady- Christina: 9/19, baby boy Rhyko



Meb2- Morgan: 10/27, baby boy Ezra Ryan was born at 6:46 PM

TTCChloeorConner- Nicole: 10/31 baby boy Conner Dean, 8lbs2oz. 20'' long. 6:14pm


Early November

Seraf- Sara: 11/1, baby boy Shay born in the car, 8lb14oz

Mal85- Mallory: 11/2, baby girl Greta

EonJourney- Nicole: 11/3, identical twin boys Ember Trail 5.7 oz and Roam Freely 5.6 oz

SoCaliMommy- Kami: 11/4 baby boy Harlan Drake,  6:48pm at 10lbs even 21 1/2"

MrsKatie- Katie: 11/10, baby girl Catherine Anne was born at 1:21pm.  7lbs 10oz and 21 inches long. 


Mid November

Jill the Pill- Jill: 11/11, baby girl Audrey Catharine 6lbs 5oz 19 inches long

miriam_bat_avraham- Julie: 11/11, twin girls

TalkToMeNow- Amanda: 11/12, baby boy Jasper Conley, 12:42 pm,  8 lbs 11 oz.

Paigekitten- Katie: 11/12, baby girl Eowyn Jane, 6:09 pm, 8 lbs 3.9 oz, 21 inches

KayPea- Kirsten: 11/13, baby boy Oren Edward Adams, 5:45pm, 9lbs 11oz, 21 in long, 15in head!

wellforth - Carey: 11/15, baby boy Luca Qrzwin, 9:52 p.m., at home natural waterbirth, 7lbs9oz, 22"

LiLStar- Rachel: 11/16, baby boy Evan Curtis, 11 lbs, 15" head

Xakana- : 11/16, baby girl Katarina Xylia, 11:42am, weighing 8lbs, 13oz, 20"

Krystal323- Krystal: 11/18, baby boy Oliver Davis, UC

IwannaBanRN- Becky: 11/19, baby boy Levi Jaxon, 10:50am, UC

jhsmama11-Amber: 11/19, baby boy Jack Henry


Late November

jbk21- J: 11/24, baby boy Dylan Timothy born in the caul

Motivated Mama- Nina: 11/24, baby

dashley111- Ash:  11/24, baby girl Bettie Grey, 7:03pm, 7lbs15oz, 21"

birdhappy85- Joanie:  11/24, baby girl Sora Nina, 3:39pm, 7lb 6oz, 19-1/2 in long

ZippyGirl- Anthia:  11/24, baby boy Bode McGuire born at 6:14 a.m.

glassesgirlnj - Kathy: 11/28, baby girl Annamaria Sigyn Estelle, 7lbs even, 19.75 in, 8:09pm

KaliShanti- Kali: 11/29, baby boy Enoch Noble Grandison , 8 lbs 7 oz. 21.25 in, 11:45pm

Zoopath: 11/30 baby girl Teagan 5lbs 9oz, 19 inches long



abraisme- Abra: 12/1, baby girl Coralie Katherine, 8lbs1oz, 19.75", 2pm

Jaimee: 12/3, baby boy Avery River, 6lbs14oz, 21", 4:21pm

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Thanks Sarah!  Hahaha!  I thought about this on the 30th and then promptly forgot.

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I figured you were busy with your kids home from school. How is summer vacation going? Does your DH get more time home in the summer, too?
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He has more flexibility, but since he is new faculty and needs to make tenure, he is crazy busy with projects all summer long.  He goes in every work day for most of the day regardless.  And he has two, TWO conferences to go to this month.  He'll be out of town half the month.  Not looking forward to that- not one little bit.

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Thanks for the new thread! Happy July. Is it as hot where all of you ladies are as it is here? We're on a firework ban because of how hot and dry it is. We haven't seen a drop of rain in WEEKS. It's been in the low 100's for about two weeks, also.

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Holy cow Nicole, it's 97 here but it has stormed every day since Friday.
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It was 100F here in WI yesterday. eyesroll.gif High of 96F today and humid as ****. Yuck!!! I've been sweating all week even inside in air conditioning! We need rain so badly. Lawns are brown. No sign of the heat going away for a while...


Can I catch a 1-way flight to Portland? I've seen the west coast weather on the TV and have been cursing all who are enjoying it right now... I kid, I kid!

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Yes, please come visit Joanie! :-)

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J, 57?? I hate you. orngtongue.gif

It's been in the high 90s and low 100s all week. 90s are normal for GA summers, though. It was 96 yesterday and I still went hiking. I can deal with the heat when I'm not pg. Dh complained the whole time, though. Lol.
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It was a good 68 and rainy here yesterday :D  Haha.  Sometimes I sure do love the northwest!

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I also don't mind the heat, just the humidity.  It's like a greenhouse here right now. In the 100's and over 50% humidity.  Ugh.  Dh didn't want to go to the 4th of July parade b/c it was going to be too hot and humid.  Sigh.  I convinced him, but I'm prepared for the complaining.  We'll see.

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We were wearing sweaters after dark last night, Amanda.  moon.gif  LOL

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I feel lucky. It's been averaging 75 here lately. Not too hot and not chilly. winky.gif

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Well, we lasted about an hour at the parade before Avery couldn't stop crying and Austin was shaking.  The fire trucks and the gun shots from the color guard were just too much.  Not to mention the heat.  When we got back to our van it was 108 inside.  Not awesome.  Avery was a passed out pool of sweat by the time we got home.  I guess that means no fireworks for us tonight!

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We're gonna go to a church event (even though we're not religious) for music, food and fireworks this evening. Should be lots of fun for the kids. Not for me, though. lol I'm gonna be handling the kids on my own. Makes me not even wanna go, just thinking about it. *sigh*

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Oh man, it took Sora 5 seconds to figure out how to crawl to and open cabinets and drawers today. bigeyes.gif Yikes. Time to go get babyproofing gear that we never got around to... I thought we had more time. duh.gif Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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We will be going to the local lake to watch fireworks tonight.  The weather is absolutely perfect here today, so it should be nice.  My dh went and reserved our spot by putting a blanket and some chairs, so we should be in a good location too. 


We will be leaving in our bus on July 19th or so.  Our plan is to go to South Dakota, WI, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, Texas and then So Cal.  I'll keep you guys updated about our location and maybe I can meet a few of you along the way! 


Coralie is no where near crawling or pulling up yet.  She's just starting to get her legs underneath herself when she's on her belly.  Mostly she just sits and plays with whatever I give her.  I really don't want her to become mobile until after we leave. 


Does anyone here have/had a baby that HATES water?  Coralie simply hates taking a bath, always has.  She's normally so happy and easy-going, but it takes her at least 10 minutes to recover from bathtime, every, single, time.  When will it end?  My other kids both loved the water always. 

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Sorry for the subject change, but I need to ask about cleaning my couch. It's like a suede type material and we've had it almost 4 years(kids+beige suede=very visible stains!) A friend let us borrow her rug doctor. Would it be a bad idea to use the hose attachment on it?

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Abra, we are in Ohio, let us know where and when. I'm all about checking out your bus. We've been talking about traveling for a few months to someplace where I could make better money so I can earn enough to go back to school.

Becky, sorry, no idea, I don't clean.

Joanie, I told you not to encourage her, LOL. I feel very lucky that my S is uninterested in the cabinet contents. Sara is planning to put flippers on Shay if he starts walking too soon.

Shay is starting to stand up unassisted. He has done it twice today.
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