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AFM: Good friends of ours lost their 3 yr old son today due to a mixture of pertussis, pneumonia, and birth defects. He was the first baby whose birth I attended as a doula. They have four other children. If you pray, please pray for them.

Oh no! This is SOO heartbreaking! My thoughts and healing vibes are with them! goodvibes.gif

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Kali, my thoughts are with you, your friend, and her family. 

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Kali~ How heartbreaking for their family :( 

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That is so terrible. =( I couldn't even imagine. I don't want to...


Conner had his first injury last night. He was trying to pull himself up, and the shelf gave and collapsed. =( Poor guy. He got a nice little shiner above his eye. He cried for like, 45 seconds. I SHOOK for like, 45 minutes! It must have made something click inside of his head though, because he's literally been doing nothing but pulling himself up ALL. DAY. Seriously. ALL DAY. Anything and everything he can reach, he pulls himself up onto it. He's super proud of himself though. He'll pull himself up, then sit back on his legs and just smile. =) It's so dang cute.

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Kali -- I am so sorry for your friend!  That is absolutely heartbreaking.  I will definitely keep them in my thoughts.

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Thanks, everyone. They have known since birth that he was living on borrowed time, that any childhood illness could be the end for him. So they have tried to make his life as normal as possible. They are the most wonderful parents and are seeing the good in this tragedy. They had a stillborn daughter years ago and they are imagining her and their son running and laughing in Heaven together. The funeral is this Saturday.

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I need to ask your guys' expert opinion on something. ROTFLMAO.gif


My cousin and her husband have been TTC for almost a year and a half now. Well, three days ago, she got a BFP. A super faint, have to squint while holding it in the light, kind of BFP. But she got 4 of them and then a digital confirmed. She went to the doctor, doctor did bloodwork (Haven't gotten the results back yet), but told her everything looked fine. Then last night, she had bad cramping and some bleeding (Doctor told her it was probably just implantation so she needed to drink a LOT of water), so she drank a LOT of water. Following the cramps, blood, and water, she took two tests, both were negative. I told her it was probably because of how dilute her pee was and to take another one in the morning... So, she took another one this morning, and it's still super faint, barely visible.


I know when I got my super faint, had to hold it in the light and squint BFP, I was like, 3w2d... I found out on a Monday when my period was due Saturday. But by Saturday, it was DARK, no doubt about it, BFP. Hers aren't getting darker? I'm terrified for her.

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Its impossible to say.  Only betas could really tell if her numbers are going up and doubling like they should.  Some people have a very slow doubling time, which means that they would be slower to get a "super dark" line.  Bleeding during early pregnancy is very very common and not always an indicator something is wrong.  But if her bleeding gets heavier and her cramping continues, its probably not a good sign.  A year and a half to conceive is a red flag, though...my FE said anything over 6 months is worthy of a doctors visit, and over a year is a sign that things should really be checked out thoroughly before going any further.


Kali-  I was thinking about your friends last night and their loss.  God must know they are incredibly strong people, and have some kind of super plan for them.  I cannot even begin to imagine their pain,.

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Nicole, the test manufacturers will tell you that the darkness of the line is NOT an indication of viability.  A line is a line and if she got a BFP on a digi then there is no question of interpretation of a super faint line.  So she is/was pregnant, that is safe to say.  But whether she is miscarrying or not... hard to say.  Bleeding can be part of a normal pregnancy.  Cramping can be as well.  But cramping and bleeding together is more indicative of a miscarriage.  I'm not sure what drinking a lot of water could possibly do to help with implantation or with a miscarriage.  And frankly implantation cramping and bleeding is really not nearly as common as most people think.  Not to mention if she is has been getting positives for 4 days, implantation occurred a while ago- probably at least 5-6 days ago.  Implantation occurs between 8 and 10 dpo 84% of the time and it typically takes a couple days to build up enough hCG to trigger a positive.  So her first faint BFP could've been as early as 9-10 dpo and now is about 13-14dpo- around the time of missed AF.  Does that sound right?  She definitely could have diluted her urine and should always be testing with FMU at this point still.  Later on it won't matter.  It will be good to hear her blood results.  Hopefully her doctor ordered a quant and not a qualitative test so that she can learn her actual hCG level to compare to a second test 48-72 hours from now to confirm a good doubling time.


I'm sure you know all this from your journey with TTC, but really there's nothing she can do to prevent a m/c if it's going to happen.  If she has been TTC for a year and a half, obviously something is going on with one or both of them that is making it more difficult.  I would also advise that they both get checked out if they haven't already.  The other concern with fluctuating BFP's and cramping is an ectopic pregnancy, but I wouldn't go there until more information is known about her hCG levels.

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Ash I had a dream the other night that I was talking to you on the phone!  So weird!



lol.gif  That is really weird!  But funny.

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My BFPs with dd1 were super, super light for two weeks. I think I started testing when my period was 1 week late and took 10 tests over the next 1-2 weeks. They were always questionable... Not very believable. I think I called the number on the box! They were so light that I didn't believe it until I had a blood test.

But that was 2001... Tests may have gotten better?? Anyway, hopefully it's like that for your cousin, Nicole! Oh, sometimes I would come home from work and college late and take a test, and it would be negative. Then, the next morning it would be positive with FMU. And I was 5-6 weeks by that point.
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She miscarried last night. greensad.gif

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So sorry for her, Nicole. greensad.gif
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So sorry for her loss.  That's tough.  I'm not sure if it would be comforting for her to hear or not, but the fact that she got pregnant after all this time is positive.  Alternatively, it is entirely possible that she has repeatedly miscarried early on and hasn't been aware of it.  I would urge her to start charting her cycles (basal body temp and cervical fluid charting) and see if she can spot any issues and then go see a RE.

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So sorry for her loss.  That's tough.  I'm not sure if it would be comforting for her to hear or not, but the fact that she got pregnant after all this time is positive.  Alternatively, it is entirely possible that she has repeatedly miscarried early on and hasn't been aware of it.  I would urge her to start charting her cycles (basal body temp and cervical fluid charting) and see if she can spot any issues and then go see a RE.


I think thats perfect advice.

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Aw! That sucks. :( Thinking of her.

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I think we might have the start of a biting problem on our hands here. eyesroll.gif Sometimes I think Sora is trying to mimic me by "kissing" me but has her mouth wide open, and other times I wonder if she's trying to tell us she's hungry... but then tonight she went into full-blown biting mode when she was throwing a temper tantrum over not being allowed to reach something and she acted like she was going to bite DH's leg to get him to move out of her way. She has been doing the open-mouthed "latch", if you will, onto any exposed area of skin on our bodies. I really really hope this is just a phase and doesn't go any further... I'd have no idea how to stop a biting habit!

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The funeral for the three yr old Trey today was beautiful. They had a slideshow of moments from his life, then people got up and shared memories about him. My favorite was a man who had been one of Trey's main nurses when he was at Children's Hospital for over a year. He mentioned how blown away he was by how dedicated Trey's family was to him, how he had overheard one doctor to another before he entered Trey's room "You better know what you are talking about with these parents," because of how Trey's parents were such fierce advocates for him. It seems like so many were touched by his short life. His parents and family were sad fir themselves but they had joy in their eyes- they are glad for him, rejoicing that he is no longer in pain; blessed to know that he is running (he could barely stand), talking (he had a trach and could not speak), laughing, singing with God.


Anyway, just felt like sharing. :) Cherish the moments with your little ones and thank God they are yours, even with any difficulties or challenges.

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Kali, thank you for that poignant reminder.  It's so true.


Joanie... totally normal, at least with my kids.  They all have done that.  Dd particularly enjoyed biting noses and would get down right ferocious with her play.  But yes, any exposed skin becomes a target for biting and attempted latching.  I call Avery little vampire baby b/c he'll nip and bite at my exposed shoulders while I carry him.  If I remember, this phase can last a while, through all the teething that goes on for the next several months.  But I think once food is more established and teeth aren't such an issue, the biting calms.  And as they age you can better communicate for them not to bite.

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