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Hello! Back from our trip East to see family. We had a lovely time swimming in lakes and having barbeques. Oren had just started to crawl when we left, and while we were gone he got FAST, and started pulling up (though he's still at the wobbly, fall-down-and-bash-his-head-on-our-concrete-floors stage) so as soon as we got home, we were in emergency babyproofing mode. DH was supposed to install gates on all three of our sets of stairs and do other babyproofing while he was home without us, but of course he didn't. 


Today will be interesting. 


Oren got 4 teeth at once while we were gone, so now he has 6. He is in a huge biting mode, and back to the pinching as well. He finds all reaction to it funny, so I think this is motivating him to continue. I have to work on not reacting. 


He's really into communicating these days. He waves and says "Haaaaai!" he reliably does high-fives, he'll do open-mouthed kisses, he says "Muh, mummm." or "Mama" when he wants milk OR wants me (just like DD, Mama and milk are interchangeable. Mama is milk.) He says dada, but I think it means something else. Something more like "This is really cool, what I am doing right now." He signs more and all done, but still gets them mixed up. He's also big into cause and effect games, and if some kind of action gets a reaction he likes he'll do it over and over and over again and it becomes a game. Like beeping my nose, peek-a-boo, leaning way back so he's upside down and upon coming up I say "WOO!"


He's a real explorer - he gets into everything because he wants to see how it works. He very methodically tests everything he plays with, turning it around to see all angles, banging it, tasting it, then using both hands to try move parts and take it apart. He has done some fine-motor manipulation that DD couldn't do until almost 2. 


He is so far from cruising, which I am glad about. He hasn't really figured out how to take steps with his feet. Considering he wouldn't even put weight on his feet 6 weeks ago, I think that's OK. 

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Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

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I had to Google what the word "cruising" meant because I had no idea what it meant in regards to babies' mobility... redface.gif Now I know! Sora is a master cruiser. kewl.gif

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Have fun Jaimee!


I do not envy those with full on mobility!  B is slow and does not crawl, but stands on everything.  Time to get new shelves and tether things to the wall so they cant tip on her.  Im going to try to make a "yes" enviroment as much as I can, and its going to involve a lot of reorganizing. 


ODD was the sweetest, most well behaved child.  We never baby-proofed a thing. 

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KJ is JUST mastering crawling, and often crawls left knee/right foot (right knee is bent up), which is adorable and slows her down a little... But as of yesterday she's starting to master using both knees to crawl, too. You guys are right, they get FAST in the blink of an eye!

She is reliably saying "dada" and even just "dad" whenever my husband enters the room. She will see him and say dad or dada as she reaches for him. 2 nights ago she looked at him and said "hi dada!" If she didn't do it so reliably/consistently I'd have a hard time believing it! She's always been so social and verbal. The gross motor skills are slower to develop for her. Fine by me!
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Oh and Christina - how's it going? Thinking about you and Rhyko!
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Katie, that's how Jasper crawls! Left knee, right foot. It's so cute. He switches back and forth between right knee and right foot.

He's not very fast... He's super laid back and rarely in a hurry to get anywhere. Sometimes he gets a little speed going when he tries to chase the dog, though.
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I guess several of our babies look like gimpy babies when crawling. LOL. That's what we say about Sora. She looks like she hobbles because she does the one knee/one foot thing too. It is so dang cute. And if she's in a sleeper and trying to crawl on the hardwood floors (where her knees will slide), she bear crawls on both feet. Ohh the laughs I get out of this baby...

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Sora wears sleepers? LOL, it's so hot here, Shay sleeps in the buff. We called that one foot crawl the flat-tire crawl. Shay is my first baby who crawls with both knees.

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Levi is butt naked almost all day. haha

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We have the A/C blasting all.the.time. I cannot STAND this heat and humidity. Even with the A/C on, I can still feel a lot of humidity and it drives me up a wall...

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So how much/often are you ladies doing BLW feeding these days?
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3 times a day

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Same here, 3x a day. Though I may be a BLW drop out. I'm not sure, but I think BLW is anti jarred baby food?? I totally feed Jasper that stuff. There are just so many more options than when my girls were little... I can't help it! I'm sucked in by sweet potato and white beans with a hint of cinnamon. Lol. Also, I let him have those organic puffs... I fail.

Anyway, he's an eating machine. He gets plenty of non-baby food as well. Still mostly fruits and veggies. Some grains. He would eat blueberries until he turned into one.
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Amanda, I definitely consider what I do to be BLW, and KJ gets some smashed for sure! Especially right now when we are on vacation with my parents and they give her smooshy baby food (quinoa flakes w/coconut milk and smashed kiwi is a big hit over here!) -- they get so much joy out of giving her more traditional "baby food". I don't think there are strict rules about this! KJ gets lots of practice with all kinds of food.
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Oh, and she eats 2-3 times a day.
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Dylan gets the puffs too.  Whatever man, he is finger feeding so, we still win?  winky.gif  ROTFLMAO.gif


I'm not into all-or-nothing thinking.  thumb.gif  Some of those jarred foods sure do look good!  And the Plum Organics squeeze bags?  Perfect for plane rides Sheepish.gif

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cross-posted.  Hi Katie!  

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Conner's new favorite thing to do ALL. OF. THE. TIME is to put the back of his hand against his mouth and wave his fingers... Does anyone have any idea what this means? It's driving me crazy not knowing!!!

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