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Christina, are you still out there? What is Rhyko up to these days?
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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

Christina, are you still out there? What is Rhyko up to these days?

I was just thinking about them this morning! I did not have time to post, though.
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I think Christina is still on a camping vacation but she should be back home soon. Hopefully she'll post then!

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It's been quiet on here this weekend. Thanks for thinking of me, girls. I'm here. We had fun camping in Eastern Washington. It was balmy and sunny without being overhot (never got above 80) and we got to play in the pool every day. 


I'm still struggling, but trying to just mostly ignore myself and pretend to be someone else, someone who loves this. I had a psychiatry appointment two weeks ago that was pretty pointless. I have another tomorrow so hopefully it starts to go somewhere. 


Rhyko is doing well, though. Crawling all over the place and starting to communicate. He'll clap when you say, "Clap?" Very cute. We were doing some diaper free time this morning and dh and I were both looking at something on my computer and in a three minute or so span Rhyko managed to poop all over the living room and himself. Luckily none got in his mouth, but I'm not sure how! Required a bath, of course, and dh spent quite a bit of time cleaning the carpet. I guess at least the carpet is already brown to begin with!

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Yeah, I've been quiet lately because we're super busy.  We had our first open house today, which went well.  We're expecting at least 1 offer tomorrow, but only time will tell.  My dh has been working non-stop to get the bus finished asap.  We still plan on leaving on July 18th, so we only have another 10 days!   Our house is mostly empty now, but there is still plenty of odds and ends left that we have to deal with.  I finally sold the last puppy today, so at least that's behind us!  It's just generally been craziness..  My dh is doing really well on his meds and overall things have been really positive.  We're excited to get out of this house and start our adventure.


Coralie is doing well.  She's getting 4 top teeth all at once and while she's had a few cranky moments, she's pretty much a happy, easy going baby.  She's also finally trying to crawl, which I suspect will happen in the next few weeks.  I'm certainly thankful with everything that's going on that she's so happy and mellow. 

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Christina, camping sounds like fun if it's not a million degrees. We've been in a heat wave and we're camping in the air conditioning. I hope your appointment tomorrow is more helpful. Sara had a counciling appointment that was beyond useless. From what I hear they told her she should travel more and have more sex. She was 5 or 6 weeks postpartum. The OB gave her meds as soon as we brought it up and said they would send her home from the hospital with meds next time. She was totally open to meds because she has been on them before and knows they work for her. They should be starting to work around now (2 weeks?) but it's been so hot that everyone has been too moody to tell. Weave no carpet, but have a simila poop story. Except he took his diaper off, it went in his mouth and he spread the joy through 3 rooms!

Abra, yay for selling the last puppy. I'm excited to hear how it goes.

Shay is standing on his own now. Like in the middle of the floor he will just stand up. He can stand for nearly a minute. He has tried to take a step a couple of times. He has started pushing chairs around the room, walking along behind it. My oldest did these things at 8 months and walked at 11.5, so I think I still have time. He waves his arms constantly and started clapping yesterday. He tries to help burp the baby, but doesn't seem to realize that we're aiming for a specific body part. He knows to stop crawling when he reaches the edge of the bed and I'm trying to teach him how to get down safely. He recently realized that he doesn't have to tell us when he wakes up and he can crawl to the headboard for playtime with all the electronics. He frequently says, "Oh oh oh oh." Which gets the New Kids on the Block song stuck in my head.

I think thats it developmentally. Still big with the pinching and putting everything in his mouth.
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Christina, good to hear from you! Camping sounds wonderful, it has been way too hot to do any camping here, though. This week is quite a bit cooler, only in the upper 80s versus the 100+ temps we've had for weeks. 


Abra, good luck with the house! I cannot wait to get ours on the market, but DH had a ton of unexpected overtime come up at work so all our work has kind of stalled. We did go out and get paint yesterday since that is a job I can do without him here. So, we're getting something done!


Greta is doing everything at once, it seems. Everyday she is doing something new. She's getting faster with the army crawling and gets up on her hands and knees, rocking. She sits up and scoots herself backwards across the floor. She started clapping the other day. Of course all of this comes with crappy sleep. Nighttime is okay, but she doesn't want to nap at all. 

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Wow, Sara. Levi isn't even sitting up for more than 30 seconds without painfully toppling over.

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We'll today's appointment was even more pointless... because they canceled it on me and didn't tell me! irked.gif

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Grrr on them canceling without notice, Christina.

Becky, they all move at their own speed. Some speeds are more frustrating, tho.

Mal, way to go, painting with little ones. That is no easy task.
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Originally Posted by LunaLady View Post

We'll today's appointment was even more pointless... because they canceled it on me and didn't tell me! irked.gif

Ugh, that stinks!


Go, Shay!!! That's awesome.


Developmentally, Conner's still doing his crawling/scooting thing that he does. I'm not sure how to describe it. He pulls his legs up to his chest, but they don't go under his body, so he's still mainly using his arms to move around. He also finally got himself into a crawling position from a sitting position! YAY! He started saying, "Dada, Lala, Nana" and he loves blowing bubbles. He tries to pull himself up, but fails because he gives up once his mouth gets to the table, because he just wants to chew on it. LOL He's got 2 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth. And he's still sleeping like an old, old, old man. Seriously. 9p-7a, bottle, 7a-12/1230p. Then he'll have a solid 2-hour nap around 3p.


I wish I was better at decorating. Our house is so empty, but I suck so bad at decorating. I don't even know where to start...


And DH has been bugging me more and more about having another baby. I just keep saying, "As soon as Conner's hospital bills are paid off, we can start trying." So now he's convinced we're going to pay them off sooner then next September. Silly DH forgets that I pay the bills, so any extra money we have will go towards other bills first. =D

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Nicole, I'm not good at decorating either. I'm a little afraid of getting a bigger house because I have no idea what I will put in it! We need the space though. We're going to look at two houses this weekend. One of them is a definite top contender, even DH is excited about it and he never gets excited about anything. It's 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, ranch style. It has an in-ground pool and a huge lot behind the house that is up against farmland. The lot is surrounded by the neighbors houses, so no worries about the kids going into the street. There is a dead-end street right next to the house I can just imagine the kids riding their bikes and shooting off fireworks there in the summer. My parents are having money issues and the original plan was to move in with them while we save some money for a house, but if we buy this house they might move in with us for a while instead. There is a bedroom and bathroom and kitchenette in the basement so it would be just perfect for them. Plus, we had a pool when I was a kid and my dad has already said if we do that he wants to take care of the pool for us. He loved taking care of ours when I was a kid. The inside is pretty dated, but I like a project. :)


Christina, so sorry about your appt today! I really hope this turns into a good thing for you. 


Becky, no worries. Levi is about a month behind Greta and he sounds like he is about where she was a month ago. She has really just started taking off in terms of mobility. 


So much for painting this week... DH's cousins need a babysitter the next couple of days. I might attempt to start taping the rooms while she's here if DD1 can keep her entertained... We'll see.

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So tired from 5 hours at the hospital. My 7 month old had a fever of 105.5. SCARY! He was lethargic and floppy. The hospital was hell. They took blood and that was okay, but they wanted urine and insisted on using a catheter. I was okay with giving it a go. But as soon as they pulled his foreskin back, he started bleeding and SCREAMING. Then the nurse kept inserting the catheter and it was getting stuck in the area right before the bladder and she wasn't gentle. After 2 minutes of his extreme pain and crying, I demanded they catch it in a bag instead. The nurse insisted that someone else could help do it and went to get someone else. The attending doctor came in right when the nurse left and agreed the we needed to bag it and told the nurse off in the hallway. I was in tears and my 5 year old was scared. *sigh* After this, it took almost 3 hours to get us discharged. I felt so horrible for Levi, that I allowed him that pain. :( I didn't know they didn't HAVE to pull the foreskin back for a catheter. 

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The only thing they could think of was UTI

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They prescribed him antibiotics for a UTI and gave him a dose before we left.

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They gave me meds for that too, just in case because he has a yeast rash in his diaper area. :/

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Poor Levi, I hope he feels better soon.  


Did you clarify with the doc if you have to care for his penis differently if it has been forcibly retracted? Maybe ask in the intact forum just to make sure? 

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