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Double posting from the pregnant bajingo thread

Sparrow- Augustus is beautiful and lots of dark hair like my LO.  So glad he is a calm baby.  Just curious- mamas with babies who were born with lots of hair- did you have heartburn?  It is an old wives' tale, but I did have more with this one than my last, who had less hair, and people keep bringing this up.

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So now that I'm back at work, Cara has stopped sleeping through the night. She has been up 2-3 times a night every night this week, and it's been difficult to get her back down. DH gives her a bottle or I nurse her and she falls asleep, but as soon as we move her back to her crib she wakes up again.


It literally takes hours for me to get back to sleep. I'm working on my feet all day and getting about 3-4 hours a night. I don't know what to do, I feel like I am losing my mind.


ETA: I know some babies wake much more frequently than this. My primary issue is that I cannot go back to sleep after she wakes up, so if I get to bed at 10:00 and she wakes up at 1:00, I'm up until the next night at 10:00.

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I have been away.  Wolverine won't let me use the computer much.  He pulls the wires and slams my poor keyboard.  I just read up and am happy to hear about all of your little babes! 


All of the sleep issues I am reading about all sound familiar.  wolverine doesn't sleep well.  When he is teething it is even worse, he wants to be on the boob all night.  I just got to remember that one day these sleeping problems will all be a faded horrible horrible memory!  Some days I just don't know how I function on such little sleep but I just gotta do it I guess. 


I had terrible hearburn and my guy was born with a lot of hair.


Things are good.  Super busy.  Wolverine started daycare 2 days a week.  He is really enjoying it.  So much that on days we don't need him to go I will send him anyway (we pay for it so why not haha!)  Plus it is good for him to get out of the house for the day and play with other people.  I also think that it is good for him to spend some time away from us.  I think it is doing wonderful things for his confidence.  They even do little art projectsat daycare.  It is so cute.  Big news for us is that he started walking!  Crazy.  I was not ready for this to happen at 10 months! 

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CACountryGirl, I actually read (in one of the What to Expect Books, so take it with a grain of salt) that research has confirmed the heartburn/hair link.  The theory is that both are associated with extra levels of estrogen, so the connection isn't causal but correlational.


So sorry people are having sleep issues!  Piper does not nap during the day unless she is being worn and we can only transfer her to a bassinet if she's completely passed out at night.  I usually put her down at 11:00pm and she'll sleep until 3 or 4 and then after that nursing, she's usually in bed with me to save my sanity.  Co-sleeping has been great for us, though I definitely love that four hour stretch where she is in her bassinet.  I'm hoping I can get her used to being laid down now and then for short periods when I'm nearby so she doesn't associate being laid down with abandonment.  Her need to be close to us is so great that she screams in the carseat unless I'm in the backseat with her.  That obviously makes solo rides a little uncomfortable for both of us.

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Oh sleeping issues- in the short life of my LO- he has run the gambit on sleep- wake every 2 hours- for 3 nights he flips at 12- for a few min, then sleeps 5 hours and feeds once or twice in an 8 hour period- I read that when you wake to feed them you should offer love and holding but not stimulate or talk much- as to let them know it is sleepy time (not that any of us have the energy to do that)- last nigh was the best night so far- Augustus fed at 11:30- then we got him ready for bed- which always wakes him up a bit- then he slept until 6am- I fed him side-lying then he slept until 7:30- I LOVE this.  he feeds like 3x in 2 hours before bed- I think to really fill up.  Not that I have ANY control at all but I would just love if this became a pattern.  


I am sure teething adventures are to come but I am taking this adventure day by day BREATH.  My main thing is I really need the 4 hours in a row to get REM sleep, so if he can give me that once- I am okay.  I may pump for the first time today because I have school and am afraid he will flip when I am gone- even though the consultant said 3 weeks or a month, my LO seems to be a very vigorous BFeeder so I am not to afraid this will cramp our progress- HOWEVER- shame on me if it does- a bit scared.


Are you all pumping?  Have any advise?



Lily- I am trying hard to get LO used to his car seat and co-sleeper and some noise- but I am fearing the day he develops strong opinions- which he is already starting to do- I have not been in the car alone with him yet.


We went on a little road trip to Sacramento to visit my step son.  It was great practice while my mom was still here.  We packed up the graco pack and play- used it as the co-sleeper (I cannot sleep with him because I will not fall asleep- so he sleeps next to us and I feed him in bed then place him back in the sleeper) I almost did not have enough outfits or diapers- I need to get a gauge on these things before our next adventure- whew- I felt hungover after the trip even though I did not drink at all- it took a lot out of me.

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Sparrows, I had to pump for her first week because she was in the special care nursery.  She also got a pacifier AND we used a nipple shield, and none of that interfered with our BFing relationship, so do what you need to do.  I've started pumping again just to get small amounts to get out of the house for workouts or shopping.  It works well and she's totally fine with it.

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CalyCanth - I know this isn't much help, but I think it's pretty standard when mom goes back to work, baby stops sleeping. Kayden certainly did, and he was 9 months when I went back. He was used to having me around all day and when I suddenly wasn't, it was like he just didn't want to stay asleep when we were home together. I wish I had a suggestion for how to make that part better but I really don't greensad.gif However, have you tried taking Melatonin? I've been told it's safe while breastfeeding. it's designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep with a wonky schedule. Worth a shot!
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It's great to read about how everyone is doing and that some of us are sharing the same challenges.


I am sorry about the sleep issues, Calycanth. I am really dreading going back to work in January, in great part because of daycare but also because I have so much prep and non-office work for my job. I will need to be more efficient in the office and not let myself plan to get any work done at home. 


Baby M is growing really well--born a little small at 6 lbs 7 oz, he was 10 lbs at the pediatrician on Friday (5 weeks 1 day old then). He has had a few issues lately. A little background: I eliminated dairy pretty early on because I had been eating a lot and he seemed to be getting fussier at night (I ate so much yogurt and kefir since I was trying to avoid thrush because I had a uti and was on abx soon after birth). Since then, he sleeps pretty well--he's up 2-3 times a night and very easy to get back to sleep. He tends to have a period during the day when he wants to nurse a lot and refuses to separate from me, but I can deal with that. He used to dislike being on my chest but now loves it and loves napping there. I can't get enough, but I don't want him to sleep so much during the day.


So anyway, the issues are a rash on his whole body that my mom thought was heat rash. We ended up at the pediatric dermatologist on Friday because his pediatrician had id it as eczema and I was wary about using hydrocortizone on his whole little body. But it is eczema and we got a gel that has pretty much wiped it out after 3 applications. This he surely inherited from daddy, since my dh has eczema and super sensitive skin (as do I but no eczema here). Over the past 6 days or so I eliminated shellfish, most nuts (I had been drinking almond milk and eating lots of them), oats (just in case because I had been eating a lot), still off dairy, avoiding fresh tomatoes (very green poop after I eat them), and soy.


However, he's been having a very very small amount of (red) blood in some of his stools since last Thursday. I had some soy at the meal before it happened, which is why I've stopped eating it (soy sauce, edamame, bean sprouts). The pediatrician did not seem concerned with the amount of blood, but I am mystified. Some poops have none at all, others have very fine streaks (like a few cm of super fine threadlike streaks). He may have a small fissure, since he can have explosive poops and at times acts like he strains. His first few weeks of life he had the classical yellow seedy poops, but I'd say since my diet changes the stools have been greener and slightly more mucousy. I kind of wonder if I return to dairy if his stools will return to "normal," since I've been off it for over 3 weeks and before any of the skin or poop issues began. The pediatrician was not concerned with the look of the stool, either, but I am still mystified. Anyone have similar issues or other suggestions? The derm said we may never know if a diet issue sparked the skin, but I am still concerned about the blood. If it becomes more copious the pediatrician said to come back and we'll analyze it and see a specialist.


I considered oversupply, but he doesn't have frothy stool or seem to have the main issues I have read about oversupply.

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Boots - congrats on making the decision to take family leave. You said "I know it'll be harder to put him in daycare later" but I think the opposite will be true. Lyle will still be plenty young to make the transition, and you won't feel like you're sending such a wee one away for so long. I'm happy for you!

2sweet - so precious! More pics!

Caly - I'm so sorry about sleep issues. Why do you think you're unable to get back to sleep? I know that if I take one peep at my phone I'm in trouble, tossing and turning for a while. But the whole night sounds awful. greensad.gif Did you rule out co-sleeping?

I'm missing personals, I'm sorry. Tapatalk needs a multi quote function.

Here's a recent pic of the boy, his passport photo (pre-crop):

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Rosie: Ahhh, Odin! What a cutie pie!  blowkiss.gif I've been wondering what baby passport photos look like. My BIL/SIL will be having their first child at the end of this month and will have to get the baby a passport since they're moving to Africa in December. We have a memory foam mattress, so it's not safe for co-sleeping, though I do occasionally bring Cara to bed with us early in the morning, when I know there is no chance I'll fall asleep again. I'm just a terrible insomniac. I knew it would be a problem when we had a baby, but it was one of those "jump off that bridge when we come to it" issues...and now I'm on the bridge, LOL. I took some pretty hardcore drugs in order to maintain a normal sleep schedule before I got pregnant, then switched to Ambien during the pregnancy. That's not an option now because I have to be able to wake up. ETA: I just noticed I said "jump of that bridge" instead of "cross" it. Ha! That gives you some indication of my state of mind.


Andaluza, so glad to hear your little one is doing well apart from the eczema. DH is an academic and had a habit of bringing his work home with him prior to Cara's arrival. Trying to get everything done on a 9-5 schedule has been a bit of an adjustment for him. Did you find a daycare that you like?


Sparrows, sounds like you're having a wonderful babymoon with Augustus! I've been pumping occasionally since the first week (Cara had a bad latch and I had issues with cracked/bleeding nipples). We also introduced pacifiers at three weeks. Neither of these things seemed to cause any problems.


Tank, you are right, we have to remember that this is temporary! I can't believe little Wolverine is walking already!


LS, it's good to know this is normal, and I appreciate the empathy. smile.gif I may give melatonin a shot--I'd forgotten that was an option!


Lily, Cara has to be completely zonked before we put her down for the night, too. I usually nurse her, then DH walks her for a while. Once her arms and legs are floppy, we put her in her crib. Glad co-sleeping is working out for you!

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boots, glad you have been able to make the best decision for you, your DH and your little son.  Have you ever checked out online teaching like through K12 https://re21.ultipro.com/KIN1002/JobBoard/SearchJobs.aspx?Page=Search or Connections Academy https://re22.ultipro.com/CON1019/jobboard/listjobs.aspx?Page=Browse?  There are some that are specific to AZ and others that are home based but not specific to a particular state.


sparrows, wow, your little boy has so much hair!  So cute!


I hope everyone else will get the sleep they need.

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Just got back from the ER. Cara has been running a 102 degree fever since yesterday evening. She has herpangina, which is common in older babies and children, but not so much in little ones. She is having a hard time nursing because of the pain. I'm afraid she's going to stop eating, in which case she'll have to be admitted to the hospital. We are giving her acetaminophen, which helps with the fever, but I'm not sure how much it's going to do for the blisters.


Apparently it takes 5-7 days to clear up. I think DH and I have some long days and nights ahead. Thanks a lot, daycare!

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Caly- So sorry to hear about little Cara, poor babe!  I am sure everything will be fine in the end but the healing journey sounds tough, I hope you can arrange for some help so you can get rest so you can be strong for Cara- thinking about you two.


Boots- Wow, I had to go back a but to follow what was going on with you, I am so sorry you are dealing with those issues-  I think you are making a great decision by taking your extended family leave, Lyle needs you and you are going to do a great job, you are also on my mind, I hope the transition goes well.


Rosie- Hello, beautiful baby Odin, now I can put a face to his little self SO CUTE!!!!!


Andaluza- hope you all figure out the eczema/food issues, let us know how things go with the babe. 


Lily -  thanks for the pumping narrative, I went ahead and pumped- I got 1.5 oz- out of one breast- not much- but LO slammed that like a beer before I got home from school but it was enough to satisfy him until I got home- my doula suggested I pump like the day before to build up a reserve so I thing I will do that.  Baby doe not seem confused at all about where his milk comes from.


Tank- YAY - so happy for you that daycare is going well- and WALKING I cannot even imagine- you must have shed a tear or two- so sweet!!!!!


AFM- Augustus is breastfeeding a lot- he only cries for like 30 seconds one or two times a day- today it was that he does not like being strapped in his carseat stroller to go o a walk- but as soon as we start walking he is okay.  He was sleeping 5 hours but over the last two days he is eating every 2 or 3 hours avidly, I think he is going through a growth spurt.  I had my 2 week talk with the doula- that went really well.  My mom left- she had been here from a week before the baby came- I am going to miss her- I had to stop myself from crying because she is such a help and loves my baby so much, I cannot wait to see her again at Thanksgiving.  I am so in love with my baby- he has a funny little personality and is changing everyday- he is really working on his neck and holing his head up.  At our 2 week appointment he got a clean bill of health so I am just over the moon after the pregnancy I had that this stage is (knock on wood) relatively easy.


Hi to everyone!!!   heartbeat.gif

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Oh, no, Caly, healing vibes. 


M is hungry, more later...take care all.

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Oh, Caly, hope you and your DH are able to get through the next few weeks of sickness with Cara.

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Hi everyone, thanks for the support about the decision to extend my family leave. It is the best thing for Lyle and I (and therefore DH) so I feel good about that, but I am a bit up in the air about my career right now. I need time to think and plan. I am pretty sure that my job will be there in January, but my principal is being a bit coy, but really do you think he could fill a job for a middle school teacher between mid-November and the new year? Highly unlikely. It sort of pisses me off with all I have done for the school that he's not just coming out and saying that I will be welcome back, but whatever. Everyone is all about their own needs, I guess.

We're just really enjoying our time together and it's getting SLIGHTLY cooler. Highs in the 90s mean lows in the 70s at night for walking, woohoo! I had a few false starts with babywearing but I think we'll end up keeping the Ergo we got, it works for him at the moment with a rolled blanket (no insert) and I can wear him reasonably comfortably. I am actually meeting a girl I don't know tomorrow at the library, we hooked up on the facebook Phoenix babywearing international page. She offered to come show me how she wears her Ergo and bring a few mei tais for me to try, too. Overall we're trying to get out more, library storytime, etc. There's a mommy and me yoga class the mommy group on Meetup goes to, I can't wait to try that.

Also we are practicing living cheaply on one income, no going out, planning meals, etc. It's going pretty well and I don't really miss it.


Lilac, I just had a friend quit K-12. The pay is pretty crap and she had ONE student, but she did get paid for the training. It's something to look into. There's also a lot of online high schools here because there have been no limit on charter schools since the 90s. That same friend got a real gig as an adjunct instructor teaching night classes at a CC. That's pretty much my dream job right now. Right now as I said above, I'm thinking I will probably finish the school year. We'll see.


OMG, Rosie, Odin is a CUTIE. I love his big brown eyes. Everyone knows how much I love my little guy but I REALLY thought my baby would have brown eyes, and Lyle's eyes are SO blue at the moment I don't think there's any way they'll ever darken. I've been thinking of you as I have been reading a lot about babywearing, especially wraps. I got some gauze today to try to make a DIY wrap, we'll see!


Sparrows, Augustus is just adorable. DH was saying Lyle has a lot of hair (DH is bald, so that's why he's crazy) and I was like NO. Let me show you a baby with a lot of hair, and I pulled up Augustus's pic (and a girl from my DDC). Hey, this is just my opinion, but if I were you I'd ask in the prego bajingoes thread if any of them want to start a new thread and take over threadkeeping. You have enough to do and there seem to be a TON of new people.


Livingsky, how are you? How is Kayden and how's the world of TTC?


And just for good measure...

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Good luck with the gauze! Odin's eyes were never light...always dark blue before they started turning. DH thinks they are still blue but they're pretty solidly brown now, IMHO.
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On the subject of eyes- so Gus has dark blue eyes- they are lightening a lot around his pupils- we have done the calculations and he has a 50/50 chance and we have- green- me/ brown dh- his mom has blue, my mom has hazel, his dad has brown and my dad has blue- SO he has a 50/50 of light or brown eyes.  They have been getting lighter and lighter since he was born.  My dh was born with his brown eyes.  I don't care either way, I just wonder if anyone has really had the experience of the blue eyes turning brown- Rosie- sounds like Odin had blue then they darkened.  It is kind of trip not knowing what color your babies eyes will be.  I try to picture his future self, I think he will have darker blue/grey eyes-


Boots- sounds like you have a plan- happy to see you are able to get out some, I am trying to THINK about the baby/mama yoga class, La Leche meetings, my neighborhood mama/baby meet up, music together and swimming.  I just am kind of afraid of him getting sick, I feel like I have so much to do around the house and with school that I cannot bare to fit it in.  Let us know how they all go.  I finally recorded all of the newbies at Preggos - and updated the cover page.  I think I will go ahead and ask for a new thread keeper for late fall/winter.  I am so happy it picked up- for a second I thought it might be dead for a few months after I had my boy :)


My little guy has had a few fussy days, he seems to be growing fast even his wrists are fattening up.  He is now grasping and trying to hold his little head up.  I read that colic starts from 3 weeks to 6 weeks.  I really hope he does not become colic!!  There are moments at night when he cries for a min or so and I feel so defeated and frustrated, when I am just trying to turn out the light or pee and I cannot be right there.  He makes grunting noise and it hurts my heart because he is having stress with poop.  I hope this will pass soon, he is noisy and it keeps me up, but more, I feel really bad for the little guy!!  The episodes last from 1 min to 15 sometimes and he grunts and makes really funny faces it is cute.  My doctor said this is normal and not to worry- so I won't.  I am getting used to the mama thing even though we have not been out of the house ONE TIME alone with him, I need to shop today, and am kind of scared.


DH starts Peternity leave this Friday, I am so excited we will have some time to be a little family, LO will be one month on Monday, I cannot believe it has already been 3 weeks, what a trip.  I want to have some fun and get out- I have a secret fear that my dh is bored.  He seems thrilled and loves this baby so much, we just have not been out to do fun things and I fear he will get bored with this new baby thing- I think this is irrational though.  


Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather!!!

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boots: I hope your dream job materializes before you have to go back, and then your silly principal will sure be wishing he had confirmed you had a job in January! They'd be crazy to give you up.

Caly: I hope Cara is feeling better!

AFM: Just popping in quick. Kayden started walking this past weekend, so that's fun. We went out and bought him shoes and he promptly lost one of them before we even got home eyesroll.gif Oh well smile.gif And got him a new carseat since he's right around the 30 lb mark and I didn't want to turn him forward facing yet. That's our excitement! Oh, and Kayden slept for 8.5 hours straight last night without nursing, then another 2.5 hours. WOOOHOOOOO!!!
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I am so jealous Livingsky!  I want Elliot to sleep! 


About shoes, we got some really cute ones and he wears them when we go out and to school and such.  But, now he rips them off the second we put them on, just in time for it to get colder!  So, I have no idea how we are going to keep socks and shoes on this kid this winter.

Ok here's a semi recent pic of the dude.  Actually it is probably a month or so old but I really like this one.  The ore recent ones are blurry because he won't stop moving!


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