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tank, SO cute! Seriously! It's so funny how different DD and Elliot are about shoes. She'll have a pair on and try to pull another one on top. She LOVES shoes! lol...btw, if baby #2 is a boy, we're seriously considering the name Elliot. love.gif

LivingSky, right with you on the sleep. Yay!!! DD just recently starting sleeping really well at night, except for the nights lately when she was getting sick/had a fever. It's such a relief, and I had heard other people say that at some point their kiddo started sleeping, so hopefully it will provide hope for those of you still walking around in sleep-zombie-land.

DD is waking up, so I gotta run. I know I've been absent lately, but starting school does that to me. (Also the nausea that recently started to let up). 17 weeks here and waiting for our anatomy scan in a week and a half. I'm spending every waking moment with DD or DH or trying to read or enjoy a hobby. I'm lurking and thinking of you ladies!
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Oooh, I like the name Elliot!  Am I allowed to know that?  :)

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Originally Posted by Carlyle View Post

Oooh, I like the name Elliot!  Am I allowed to know that?  smile.gif

Lol, yup! Otherwise I wouldn't have posted it on mdc. love.gif. I'm glad you like it! It's not set in stone, but we keep coming back to it.
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We are loving his name more and more.  the one thing we have been a little shocked by is how many girls named elliots there are!  So weird.  Theres both one in his daycare class and one in our meetup playgroup.  We thought we might call him a shorter name like eli but we always just call him elliot.

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Tear, I think I said congrats, but I just want to say it again. Elliot is a great name! I have heard there are girls named Lyle, too?! Also we really liked Avery as a boys name but it's SUPER popular for girls. I <3 baby names!


Livingsky, babydust! Hope TTC is less stressful the second time around, for your sake and all of ours.


Caly, thinking of you and Cara.


Today was supposed to be my original back to work date. Instead i went to the doctor for a flu shot and was told I'm still anemic and getting some serious inflammation and drainage from allergies (which can go south QUICKLY for me, as some of you old timers remember, two winters ago I was so sick, on antibiotics and steroids and nowhere close to conceiving because my overall health was so poor) So I feel pretty good about my decision to stay home and take care of myself and my boy.

Things are still up in the air about my job. I heard a rumor my principal might be asking the old reading teacher to come back, whether to sub or to actually take my job, I don't know. I am sort of ready to let go. The only thing that stings is that I've put so much blood sweat and tears into that school and apparently he can't hold my job for SIX WEEKS beyond FMLA. That's lame, imho. But maybe this new path will be better. I certainly feel better than I have in years. And of course, this is hearsay and my job might be there in January, for better or worse. Then we can save up and prepare for me to go to part time work in the fall if we want.


Hope everyone is doing well! I am looking forward to my first mei tai coming the mail this week. Still trying to find the perfect carrier.

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Going to bed in a couple of minutes, so this is just a quick post to say hi to everyone. wave.gif Things have been a little rough here. Cara recovered from her illness early last week, but on Wednesday we went to the ER again when I came down with a high fever (105 degrees) that didn't respond to ibuprofen or Tylenol. It turned out to be strep throat and I spent the latter half of last week in bed with a Z-pack.


I'm really sad because my freezer stash of breast milk is gone and I can't seem to pump enough to feed Cara while I'm at work. Tomorrow will be the first day we'll have to supplement with formula. greensad.gif 


Also, I'm back at work full-time as of today, and we're traveling to Colorado on Friday, so it's going to be a very busy week. I'm stressed.

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Oh Caly, I'm so sorry! Sounds like way too much going on. I hope things calm down/get healthier while in Colorado, if possible. I'm guessing your milk supply crashed when you got sick?


I've never made enough milk while away from Odin, unfortunately. He drinks 20-24 oz (ridiculous) in a 9 hour period, and I make about 12 during that. I make up for it by pumping first thing in the morning. He always eats around 6-6:40, and I pump when we wake up at 7-7:30. *usually* I get about 8 ounces in that morning pump, whereas at work I get 4oz per pumping. I also pump at about 9PM, after he goes to bed at 7-7:30ish. I usually end up making 24 oz in a day, but I'd never keep up if I only pumped at work. It is what it is. 


I offered Odin a couple chunks of squash last week. No interest. He's not even close to being ready for food, even though he's 6mo.

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Thanks Rosie. Cara recently started eating more, so I was coming up short before I got sick, but that definitely put me over the edge. I tried adding a pumping session just before bed but gave up on it because I never got more than half an ounce (that's total, not from each boob). One night I didn't get a single drop in 15 minutes. I typically get about 12 oz. during my workday (progressively less as the day goes on), and she needs about 16 oz.


Tear, I love the name Elliot. That was one of my top choices for a boy, too, although DH doesn't care for it.


Tank, there was a female character on Scrubs named Elliot, so maybe that's where they're getting it!


Boots, I'm so glad you're feeling good about things! Will PM you soon.

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caly: Have you looked into Human Milk 4 Human Babies? I found my local group on facebook, and they were a lifesaver when I went back to work. I've never been able to pump enough to keep up with Kayden, but through that group I was always able to get enough milk to keep him on breastmilk.

Rosie: Kayden was the same, no interest in food until basically his first birthday. I did get frozen avocado into him via a mesh feeder from 6months on, but he really wasn't interested in eating food, it was more about the frozen food on his sore gums smile.gif

boots: I hope the mei tai works well for you! We loved ours for the first little while, but needed a semi-structured carrier once Kayden got bigger. It didn't help that my munchkin is super-sized. We used the mei tai through the first 6 or 7 months I think.

Tear: Yay for nausea letting up, and 17 weeks! I can't believe it! That's awesome smile.gif

tank: I love the name Elliot too smile.gif
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Sparrows, you must be really busy. I'm glad to see that everything is going really well. How are your classes? I hope that everything continues to go well with you and your baby. 

Caly, I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been dealing with. I am also terrified about having a large enough supply when I go back to work. I hope that things start looking up really soon and that the Colorado trip is excellent. Big hugs.

Boots, I am sorry about the principal at your school, how annoying. I wish that you had a clear idea about what would happen in January. However, it sounds like everything else is going so well in your life. Even though work is important, I think it's wonderful for you to be able to focus on your happiness and bond with Lyle.

LivingSky, it's wonderful to read about all of that great milestones that Kayden is achieving. I can't wait for M to get there, but I'm also really enjoying this tiny baby that I know will grow big and strong very soon. It's so funny about losing the shoes so quickly!

Tank, Elliot is just adorable! Thanks for sharing that picture.

Tear, it's great to hear from you. I hope that the anatomy scan is wonderful next week. Take care.

Rosie, that picture of Odin is so adorable! Thanks for sharing it. Hope everything is going well with you.


AFM, M is eight weeks today and he has his two month appointment on Tuesday. He's already gained about 5 lbs since birth, which is crazy!!!  He was only 6 lbs 7 oz at birth, though.


In general, I'm really happy and things are manageable, except that I'm not getting as much of the projects done (from my job) that I need to do at home, but it's picking up. I got a light to use in bed when dh and M are sleeping. I just need to figure out how to stay awake myself for a little longer so I can take advantage of the quiet!


Yesterday we saw a gastro specialist about M's stool (he has a little bit of blood on occasion). The doctor said he was not concerned about it at all (since I was able to show him some samples). He said he thinks M has a sensitivity to some protein that I am eating. But, he was gushing about how healthy and happy M is. That made everything feel so much better!


I have eliminated the most common allergens and some other things I had been eating a lot of when all this started (oats...how I miss them!). I am pretty much on a vegan diet but I eat fish (no seafood). I'm actually getting used to it, and it probably helps that I was vegan in high school (there are so many more things to eat now than then, though!). I'm waiting for a week without any blood before I re-introduce anything, but so far no dice. I am also a little concerned since rice has become more of a staple (rice milk, rice hot cereal, rice fake cheese) now that all this talk of arsenic in rice is occurring. I feel as though I kind of can't win, though. The dr said he was more concerned with me getting enough nutrition than being so strict about an elimination diet for M's sensitivity.


The good thing is that M's personality and his attitude are wonderful, which I do attribute to the changes in my diet. I'm sure that he's not sensitive to everything that I've eliminated, but I am still willing to go on with this diet. He smiles all the time, he is only fussy if there is a need that he needs attended to that we have ignored after he gives us signs.


Take care, ladies!

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LS, I posted on the Facebook page of my local HM4HB chapter like you suggested. I got four offers of milk within a couple of hours! What a cool organization.


Also, the new nurse practitioner at work has a 9-week-old baby and is getting more than she needs when she pumps. I mentioned my supply issues, and she offered me the milk she's been freezing. Sometimes I am just amazed by other people's generosity.


Andaluza, so happy to hear that M is such a healthy boy!

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Caly, I feel a little teary knowing you are getting so much help keeping Cara in breast milk. So awesome! stillheart.gif


Andaluza, I'm glad M is doing well! It is still concerning to you I'm sure, no matter what the doctor says. I get just continuing with the diet until you feel comfortable, though. The colic continues despite me being off dairy but I am just going to keep going with until 4 months when he's supposed to outgrow colic. Thanks, things are going pretty well. Honestly I love staying home with Lyle.


Rosie, OMG is Odin a big eater while he's away from you!


Livingsky. Ha, I saw your icon and then I realized I bought Lyle a lavender bumbo at the consignment store, too! I <3 boys in lavender. :)  I am loving the mei tai, most comfortable carrier I have tried by far but I need to practice tying it. I wish slings worked for me since they're so portable and popable, but I guess this is the next best thing. The ergo is fine but a little fiddly for short jaunts because of the blanket roll and keeping his legs in. I wish I wore him more, but we're just starting to get out. He also loves his bucket, so it's SO tempting to leave him in it. I actually went to a mom's group this week, took him out and sat on the ground with him, and he was so fussy I ended up putting him back in the carseat and rocking him to sleep in it.


Seeing all the SAHMs in the group made me a little wistful to KNOW something about my future. But as my husband said, we changed our plans last minute so that's why this is happening. Shrug. I do think it's a combination of teacher burnout and wanting to stay home with my son, and I really wasn't sure about either one at the end of last year when I signed this year's contract. I am thinking I will be calling sooner rather than later (like maybe mid-november right before my FMLA runs out) If nothing else, I can try to push the issue because of health insurance, once my FMLA is out I will have to go on DHs, so I think I deserve to know.


Love to all! Hope you are all able to enjoy fall with your little ones. It's finally lows in the 60s here. Crazy, I know. We like to pretend it's really fall!


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Oh Lyle!  So cute with those pumpkins!  Oh I dream of lows in the 60s!  I hate cold.  We are relly getting into fall stuff here though and I am not minding the cold yet.  This afternoon elliot played in the leaves and threw them at the dog.  I wished I had my camera but he would have thrown a fit if I dragged him inside just to get it!


Caly, sorry to hear about your strep.  I got strep too a few weeks ago.  I had to go to urgent care and luckily it happed on a weekend so I didn't have to bring the baby with me because I was there for 4 1/2 hours!  That is amazing you got some offers for breastmilk!  I really wish I had enough to donate to babies in need but we are barely skimping by with the bump in my work scedule and daycare.


andazula, I am vegan and was thankful I already eliminated most allergins in case I had to do all that.  But alas, at 11 months elliot had his first all over body rash probably to something he or I ate and I am debating on trying to figure out what it was.  It wasn't a bad reaction and he didn't seem itchy or bothered by it so I guess I will see if it happens again. I have no idea what it could be.  I don't think either of us ate anything new.

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Hi Ladies!  So sorry that I have been out of touch.  Busy with work.   Glad to see all of you and your gorgeous babies are doing well.  I will try to check back in with personals.

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Caly - Glad you got milk offers!! I too love that organization - they saved me when I went back to work. I would have given K formula if I had to, but they took the pressure off me so I didn't have to.

boots - I too dream of lows in the 60s! LOL. It's snowing here today, we've gotten probably close to 2 inches of snow in the last 3 hours!

tank - Glad the rash didn't bother Elliot!

CA Country Girl - Hope all is well with you and yours!

AFM: Kayden's cough wasn't going away so we went to the doctor on Saturday. He said he thinks K has bronchitis greensad.gif So now he's on antibiotics. They also gave him a ventolin puffer and a steroid puffer - we've opted not to use the steroids though. I'm really uncomfortable with giving steroids to such a youngster, and even my RN mother who is pro pretty much all medications said she wouldn't use it. So we're giving the antibiotics a chance to kick in before really trying anything else. His cough isn't really bad and he isn't struggling for breath at all, it's just persistent, KWIM? *sigh* I just want my little guy to be healthy again! Of course the fact that he's got his incisor teeth coming through right now also isn't helping!
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Hi guys! Seems like winter colds are going around early for the babes!

Living sky One of Brody's top teeth came in a few weeks ago and it was a nightmare! The second one is trying to come out now and it's just as bad.


I'm just dropping in with a Halloween Brody pic because he's ridiculously cute! Any one else got Halloween plans?

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Tank- adorable baby picture!!!

Rambuzo- brody looks so cute in that outfit!!!  I am loving Halloween Babies.  I got a really ute costume for Augustus, I will post a pic when I get a good one.  

LivingSky- So sorry to hear baby K is sick, I think you are making a wise choice to forgo the steroids, I hope he is feeling better soon.  Augustus and I have avoided getting sick- knock on wood.  I am a bit scared because we are going home to New Mexico for Thanksgiving and we will be flying and attending group functions.  

CAcountry-  Hope work is going well, I know you are in my area- I am so happy about the recent cool down.

Boots- Good to see you are making progress in your choices- happy to see you are spending some good mama time with baby instead of working at a place where you are unhappy!!!

Caly- did you end up using the donated milk?  That is so sweet that others are so generous!  I hope that is working well for you and Cara!

Andaluza- How is many M's tummy and stool issues?  Hope you can get that all figured out. 

Rosie- wow can'e believe you get 4oz pumping I am struggling to get 3.  I cannot seem to figure out a time when I can pump, I pump the day I have a night class, I really want to build up a stash so I can have a glass of wine or be away for 3 hours- ir just sen dh on an afternoon out with the baby while I get homework done.  My doula told me there is usually more production in the morning so I should try that.


Have any of you heard from Erica from Bajingo Preggo, I was thinking about her and hope her and the baby girl are good.


AFM- Baby Gus is a calm baby but a very vocal baby- he is discovering his vocal chords and it is so cute- he smiled at me for the first time a week ago and I cried.  He smiles socially at me and sometimes at dh- it is fleeting though.  He is tracking faces and very alert- he responds socially now to stimulation.  He is holding his head up quite a bit and seems he will get the hang of that soon too.  I called his doctor- for my first unscheduled issue- he has a goopy eye, I guess it is a tear duct irritation so we will fix that. He is stressing less and less about his poops which is great because it just breaks by heart to see him frustrated.  He has quite the personality.  


My MIL came for 5 days and just left- she is a piece of work- the baby was fussy for about 1/2 hour on the first night and she acted like he is just the fussiest baby.  She kept saying "I don't remember dh being fussy at all" ...."I guess it is just different temperament"  Bull ****!!  I think she doesn't even remember- and I am thinking- well if you are not here to praise and cherish this baby, then you do not need to here.  She is an ass and I am glad she is gone- she is so irritating.  We are going to see her at Thanksgiving break- but we are going to stay at my moms house thank goodness.  


Have a great rest of the week!!!  Hope all the sick ladies and babies are feeling much better!!!!



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Originally Posted by 2sweetsparrows View Post

Rosie- wow can'e believe you get 4oz pumping I am struggling to get 3.  I cannot seem to figure out a time when I can pump, I pump the day I have a night class, I really want to build up a stash so I can have a glass of wine or be away for 3 hours- ir just sen dh on an afternoon out with the baby while I get homework done.  My doula told me there is usually more production in the morning so I should try that.


It can increase with time and regularity. I think I posted earlier that I started off really slow. This morning I got 10oz...definitely more production in the earlier morning, even after baby has just eaten. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. I pumped very irregularly until I went back to work, and once I did the milk did come in. That being said, I have an ideal setup for pumping (pump at desk, private office, and can pump almost any time I need). I'm extremely lucky.

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My girls doing Where's Waldo.  My DD1 is already a pretty good babysitter (within limits of course) at 6.5.

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They are SO CUTE!!! love.gif Your baby girl looks so interactive and alert. She also looks long like my Evy.

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