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I expect more Halloween costume pics today! Don't tell my DDC (hehe Lily and andaluza) but Bajingo babies are my favs!

Lyle's costume pics will be here by tonight. Right now he hasn't pooped in 36-ish hours and his costume involves a white onesie. I wonder what will happen... ;)

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Here's a shot of our little sweet pea...




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Aww, adorable!!


Here's Evy:




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Hope you all had a  great Halloween and Dia de los Muertos 2012!!!


Here are pictures of Baby Augustus the Baby Bumble Bee stillheart.gif







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Those of you who remember our sweet friend Tickletoes, she got a BFP recently, and you can go congratulate her on the TTC thread, c'mon sticky baby vibes!

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Well we just got our power back a couple of days ago so we missed out on the actual Halloween fun this year (although showering at the high school and waiting in line for food and water is kind of twilight zone...) But I loved seeing everyone's seriously cute babies!!!

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I swear, Bajingo mamas make the CUTEST BABIES!

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Caly, Jeff's mom sent us a peapod outfit similar to that but it was just TOO hot. It was 88 here on Halloween!


So I paid $5 for a professional image at our mom's group Halloween party, and I wish you could see his costume more since it was my creation! Oh well, supporting a WAHM.





So I have officially extended my leave through the end of the school year. I feel great about it but there are some weird thing that are haunting me. (Never happy, right?) My principal was actually pretty supportive when I explained my health concerns and told me my job may be open at the end of the year. He, without outright complimenting me, told me that he would not hire just anyone and he wanted someone who cared about the students. Of course I am not sure I want to keep teaching full time.

The weird things are I still have my keys, my classroom is still full of my stuff, and nobody has asked me to tie up these loose ends. I guess there is no hurry they don't need my room. But it's still weird.

I am not sure my coworkers really respect my decision. :( There is one coworker who is a working mom of 4 who has been my mentor and friend for four years, and she's being kind of short with me via text.

I KNOW I made this decision for Lyle and I, and I doubt I will ever regret it, but I wish I could preserve my work relationships as I may need them! I guess I need to give everybody time, too. Sigh.


We're not having the best day. Lyle has pretty bad ingrown toenails (ewww) and I finally got them so they were growing out (weird triangle shape) and the bad one was getting long so I cut the tip and some of the skin, and BOY did it bleed. He didn't cry too much (he has cried plenty about those ingrown toenails in the past) but it just WOULD not stop bleeding, pressure, styptic pencil, finally I had to resort to a big adult bandaid and a sock.


My grandmother has offered to pay for me to begin my reading specialist credential while I'm home with Lyle. This might be really good for me as I wouldn't have to be in the classroom, but I'd have to be in a school setting to complete it because it requires a practicum.

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I concur, CUTE babies I love the cute little costumes!!!  and the cuter babies inside them heartbeat.gif


Rambuzo- Oh my goodness I forgot you were a North Easterner - I hope you are getting power back and recovering from the turmoil!!! 

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boots, that is an ADORABLE costume. OMG!


All the babies are so cute...

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Boots, I love Lyle in the professional  photo.  I am glad you found some peace with giving yourself a year to spend with Lyle. Doing what is right for you and Lyle and your husband is so much more important than others opinions. 

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Hey there ladies, super quiet here lately, I am sure we are all busy busy busy.  Whew, mama-hood is taking a toll.  Not really but I feel like I was going on adrenaline for a few months and I was keeping the house and car clean, doing all of my homework and getting straight A+'s, then wow I am crashing, the high of new baby has worn off and I am getting tired.  I hope this is just a small temporary thing- it is not a mood thing just a tired thing.


My baby boy is 8 weeks today, I need to start his baby book, update his photo page and get his first professional photo done so I can send out his birth announcement.  Wow, seriously behind!  We are going to New Mexico for 10 days and flying alone- me and the baby.  My dh has work.  I hope my baby takes to flying well.  I am sure I will update you all on that.  


Traveling with a 2 month old should be interesting.  Baby is changing so much and although he has- evening witching hour- a few hours of mild fussiness he is giving me about 5-5.5 hours of sleep from midnight to 5am and gaining weight so the constant evening breast feeding is well worth it.


I am in love, so much and looking forward to the holidays with my baby, it will be a very new experience.  


I hope to hear from you all- brasos!

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Sparrows, wow! You have so much on your plate right now. I'm glad you're getting that 5-hour stretch every night. I bet your little one will do just fine on the plane. Before we flew with Cara last month, someone suggested that we take a pillow on the plane so she would have a place to lie down while nursing and stretch out while napping. I highly recommend doing this (unless you're springing for an additional seat).


I'm home with the stomach flu today, ugh. DH and Cara already had it and are at work and daycare, respectively. Thank goodness we weren't all sick at once. Taking care of a baby is hard enough when you're not puking.


Cara had her 4-month visit a couple of weeks ago and is doing great. She's in the 71st percentile for length and 81st percentile for weight. She has adorable, squishy thigh rolls and a sweet, gummy smile that I am going to miss so much when she starts cutting teeth. Her night wakings have been totally random lately, no discernible pattern. Last night she slept without waking from 7:30-4:30, but the night before she was up every two hours. Oh well. I think the sleep deprivation is the only that puts me off wanting to have another baby RIGHT NOW, so it's probably a good thing. orngtongue.gif


Here she is sporting her Stephen Colbert onesie:





Hope you all are doing well!

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Oh MYYYYY Caly- that is the sweetest onesie, because of my babies witching hour 10pm-11pm I watch him almost every night now- well even cuter than the onsie- how 'bout that baby!!!


Great idea about the pillow- I think I am going to put him in a moby, bring one bag- and a pillow.  My mom has furnished almost everything we need besides a car seat- I am even going to make a diaper bag there and wear my mom's down coat- so hopefully we will not be packing too much thins time around.


I caught up on rest, still pushing through homework assignments- man it seems like just when I finish one another is due- not doing homework for a month really put me behind- but I will have a nice break after Dec 12- I do not go back until Jan 25th- so that will be great.


Augustus has been smiling away at me- and everything for his 2 month check up was perfect.  he is rounding out a bit- to me but when I look at him he is still a svelte baby, little pansa, round cheeks and kind of chubby thighs, so I am guessing he is really medium for his age- though people who see him say- wow he is big for 2 months..? who knows.


I hear you Caly- on the second baby thing- I kind of just want to do it- get things started again, even thought I know it will be a tough road- but I just think- I am postponing the inevitable - think I will start TTC again in April- if I am ovulating- I still have not gotten a period- so guess nature will decide.

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Sparrows, my cycle hasn't returned yet either. We've talked about TTC again when Cara is a year old. It will depend on our circumstances at that time (whether DH gets a job this year or has to take another postdoc). I can't believe I'm already thinking about having another baby. Must be those crazy mama hormones!


I'm a little jealous of your long winter break. It's one of the things I definitely miss about academia! smile.gif

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Caly and Sparrows, it's so funny you guys mention TTC again.  While we are nowhere near ready to try again (I think we'll wait until the Doodle is three years or so), I now have these insanely idealistic visions of what pregnancy and labor were like.  It's like I forgot how miserable parts of them were and how much pain I was in during labor.  Now all I remember is this incredibly empowering beautiful experience that makes me want to do it again tomorrow.  I have to force myself to remember how sick I was those first three months (and how tired... I couldn't be a good parent to a baby at that stage).  So funny.  I got an IUD and my cycles haven't started anyway, so fortunately I don't have to worry about my rose-tinted glasses getting the better of me.  orngbiggrin.gif


In other news, Piper just turned three months, which is totally crazy.  Lots of fun, though I admit I sometimes run out of things to do with her.  She doesn't like tummy time, so we do a lot of standing her up, reading to her, singing to her, and sometimes (when she tolerates it) putting her in the Bumbo with toys or in the car seat with her hanging toys to bat.  I'm finding staying at home somewhat monotonous, mostly because I'm struggling with having lots of other stuff that I can't do when I'm home with her.  With our next child I'm planning on putting all publication agreements on hold until the baby is at least a year.  This time around, I have a book deadline of March 1, which means I'm feverishly writing in between naps, which really doesn't work.  Writing requires a flow that babies necessarily don't allow.  greensad.gif  So we're interviewing nannies this week and we'll see how that goes.  We can only afford two days a week, which will hopefully allow me to get enough work done to enjoy the days I do have alone with her.  It's a tough balance. 

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Lily, I know what you mean about idealizing pregnancy and birth. I've been reminding myself that when I was in labor I swore I would never, ever, EVER have another baby. Ever. Yet I'm already entertaining the idea. My memories of the morning sickness, however, are still visceral enough to really scare the crap out of me. I hope you find a nanny you like.

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LT - Three months is when I started to get bored, and got a ring sling, and got totally active in the house again. For the next squish I may skip the ring sling and just wrap the baby up. But the short story is, babywearing can be awesome. Not great for writing, but great for house cleaning, walks, food prep, even gardening. 


I love all the pictures. I, too, am contemplating another pregnancy. Because of VBAC I will wait until he is a year old to TTC. I really hope I can get pregnant quickly this time, since I need to for job timing...

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Hey mamas, have any of you used sign language with your little ones? We're thinking of teaching Cara a few basic signs, but we don't know much about it. Just curious what your experience has been.

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Hi everyone! Things are going well here. I have been reading along and loving the pictures!


Here's one from about a week and a half ago:





M dislikes when I'm on the computer, except when he's sleeping, obviously, which makes posting tough. Since I need to get work done on the computer, I've taken to going to the mall or bookstore cafes (places where I can walk around until he falls asleep and then sit to work). It's unpredictable whether he'll sleep at home. Mostly it happens on me, so it's adorable, but makes work a little tough. 


Caly,I recently saw a set of books/dvd on signing at the bookstore where go to lull M to sleep. I am thinking of buying it. I was thinking that there must be videos on youtube with instructions, too, but I haven't looked yet.


I wonder if anyone has taken a long flight at around 4-5 months? We're spending the holidays with my in-laws in Spain and our flight there has been changed to include a 6 hour layover in Madrid. Direct flight there, at least.

M's generally great, but we haven't flown with him and this is international plus now the unexpected layover. I'm a little terrified.


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving planned!!!

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