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I admit it, I wanted to get pregnant again right after Kayden was born! I forced us to wait until he was 9 months to start TTC (I didn't want them closer than 18 months together) and now here we are at 16 months and still TTC. *sigh* Oh well. It will happen eventually smile.gif

andaluza - I didn't take a flights that long with Kayden, but we flew a few times when he was young, once of them was a one hour flight, 2 hour layover, 4 hour flight, and DH wasn't with me. DS was 6 months old at the time and he handled it like a champ. Slept through most of it actually! I recommend getting a baby carrier/wrap that you really like and I second CalyCanth's suggestions of a pillow. I hadn't thought to bring a pillow so I used Kayden's Sleep Sheep as a pillow for him smile.gif
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Lily- I am so very thankful I get to go out to school twice a week, I probably talk the ears off my peers though but I hear you on the stay at home mom thing, whew- it can get really boring and seems like - feed, change, clean, make yourself food, clean, feed, change, make dinner, husband comes home, do homework, again ..again...again....AHHHHH  I have a hard time writing papers and reading because Gus will not give me the entire time--- I have to admit, one day he was struggling to make a poop, I had a paper due at midnight and was getting really frustrated. I gave him a bath hoping he would relax and pop already, and he did he ehh ehehe.-- Hopefully the nanny works out so you can get some work done, I hope you find a good one.


Rosie- I also think I should wait a year but I am afraid that it is going to take several months so I am going to jump the gun by 4 months so aim for a year- if it happens earlier- oh well, I'd also like to be pregnant in the summer for the first 3 months because I am off of school, because like many of you all- I was REALLY REALLY sick, and cannot imagine raking care of a baby and going to school.  I may have to have a cleaner come in, and send the baby to day care a few times a week if I am as tired and sick as I was last time.  


Caly- I did baby sign with babies I nannied for - just a few signs.  It worked really well.  I think the most important are "hungry" "more" and "all done" and bathroom for potty training.  I am doing "hungry" with Gus so he will learn that.  I am going to have me and my husband learn like 4 or 5 signs then take a class - 2 parts- one is an intro then there is a series for 6 weeks where everyone does the signs together.  I think it is a great idea and you do not have to put too much effort for a few signs to work.


Andaluza- Baby M is so cute!!!  I only went on a short flight I had a two hour lay-over though.  I held Gus in a Moby wrap.  He was pretty content as long as he could breast feed and be close.


Living Sky- Cross posted with you- totally agree on the wrap thing- just did that for the first time and it worked well and dh was not with us either.  It took me 9 months to get pregnant after loosing my twins so I am going to start up sooner than later TTC- yes it will happen eventually- major good luck- those TTC days seem so long ago but geez they were hard, and for me also around the corner- *again* deep breath!!


AFM- home in New Mexico, it is so nice to be home, I miss it so much.  My mom had everything set up for us so we are really happy!!  We have a full week of visiting friends and eating a lot.  Hope you all have a great holiday!! 

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I only have a couple minutes but wanted to say caly we have loved signing and we started with just a few basics, too. More, milk, potty, all done. She's been responding to the signs for a long time, and recently she's been using a bunch. She just turned 16 months, btw. Wow!! This past week we read a picture book about it and she learned like three new signs that she remembers. She is super motivated because she sees she can communicate with us. It's very cool, and not hard or overwhelming when you just pick a few essentials.

Also, Andaluza, i have to second that traveling with a younger baby is probably way easier than with a toddler who decides everything is too interesting to sleep through. winky.gif. Travel now! Call the airline ahead and ask for a bassinet seat, because it makes a huge difference.

Caly, forever ago you asked how my pregnancy is going, thanks! love.gif the pregnancy has definitely been easier physically, but being pregnant while caring for a one year old is very different and very tiring. I'm loving caring for her, I just feel bad that I can't give as much energy as I would like to when playing with her. I'm excited to see how close they are and how they play together when DS (whoa..first time I wrote that) grows a bit older.

Ok...gotta run. I still lurk and read though my time/energy to post is very minimal. Love you ladies, and LOVE the cute pics!
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Happy Thanksgiving all!  Sorry I have been out of touch here.  Work and babe have made it a very busy life.  Baby tasted yam at our Thanksgiving dinner.  She thought it was awesome.  She will be 5 months old in a couple weeks and she is already sitting, and so chatty and friendly.  I am having such fun being her mama, though I would like to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time some time in the near future.  I hope you are all enjoying the Holiday with your lovely litte babes.  Promise I will come do personals soon.

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Tear- Congratulations on the baby BOY!!!!!thumb.gif  and on your pregnancy going as well as could be expected!!!!!


Getting ready to return home and finish finals and final papers- whew.  It was so nice to be home and visit- as always I only got in touch with half the friends and family I had intended.  I got to visit with my lovely 14 year old niece- my babies only cousin. I love teens- I really do!


I am pooped but feeling so loved and complete.  Baby is doing really well- sleeping from 5.5 hours to 7.5 hours each night so I am super thankful for that.  We got several presents from family- clothes toys and books that we now have to get back to Cali... ugh- I would love to start reading to him more often than we do- and signing with him- so those are my baby goals.

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I have heard you all say it before...we thought we were finally getting the hang of stuff, and in a routine and bam!  Boy have we been having a hard week. He's super fussy, not sleeping well, and nursing like every 45 min-hour when awake.  I think Lyle has outgrown his reflux meds (zantac) which doc says can happen. He tried to have us dose him 3x per day instead of 2x but it did nothing. I'm just so frustrated. His well baby visit is next week so I didn't want another copay, called in and now he's on prevacid, but from everything I read it can take awhile to kick in. I am so frustrated with my ped that they didn't even tell me whether to stop or wean off the zantac. We've been giving it to him in the evenings because he is just so crazy by then and seems so uncomfortable.  I was going to take him to another ped that is a woman and LC, and I was feeling good about it, but time got away from us and I missed an appointment I had with them (ugh) so now I feel weird about going in. Sometimes I do worry there's some BF issue that's not identified or allergy or something. Still mostly off dairy and still unsure if it is helping.

Kiddo is doing well overall, seems to be making big developmental strides so that could be it, too, finding his feet, trying to roll, etc. Did anyone else's baby roll from back to tummy before tummy to back? I feel so bad for him, he still does not get a lot of tummy time since he hates it and he has tummy problems, so he doesn't really know how to move on his tummy at all. So he rolls most of the way over onto his tummy with one arm stuck under him and then flips out. Ugh.

Overall life is pretty sweet, although I am not a big fan of all the obligatory money-spending for the holidays. We've been doing pretty well on one income and have had some generous support from my parents and I want to keep that extra and not spend it on stupid crap for my husband's siblings and their spouses/kids. We did photobooks for all the grandparents and my grandma, so that was nice and I think will be appreciated.

Does anyone have any recommendations for toys for the 5-7 month period? We have pretty basic stuff, a floor gym, some soft toys, a few rattles, a Sophie. Will we want a jumperoo or whatever?



Birdie, birthday.gif to L! Amazing that it's been so long since we were all together on the Bajingo TTC thread ! Glad your depression is getting better. What are you doing for the anemia? I tried to cut back on Floradix and could barely function. Ugh.


Tear, congrats on your baby boy. How sweet. :)


Sparrows, sounds like you had a great holiday and visit with family, and baby is doing well. Awesome! I have the same baby goals. I also really want to read some more detailed scientific things about infant development, I just think it's really interesting but I haven't been able to find much that isn't pretty dumbed down for the masses.


Has anyone read the Wonder Weeks book and what do you think of it?

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Boots, I would still go to that doc even though you missed the appointment.  I think docs are pretty familiar with new parent overload.  I slept through two doc appointments almost in a row and my doc's response was, "How's life with a newborn?"


As far as toys go, I'm thinking about getting Piper a door jumper that hangs from the door frame and lets her bounce off the ground.  Are there weird things I should know about these?  She loves loves loves putting weight on her legs and prefers being upright, so I thought it would be kind of fun.  That might be a option for Lyle since his reflux is probably better when he's upright, no?


Piper has also been going through some crazy pants growth spurt.  She is super fussy in the evenings (again) but when she sleeps she is OUT.  She slept off and on from 8:00 to 10:00pm last night (with boob) and then straight through from 10 to 6:30 this morning when I did a dream feeding because my boobs hurt so much.  She stayed asleep until almost 10am.  Crazy.  She has also entered the wonderful stage where I can put her on her playmat for a few minutes while I make coffee or something and not have her screaming.  It's so interesting to watch them becoming more organized and independent. 

If any of you all are interested in biology/evolutionary theory, there are a few great books that I love.  The first is Sarah Blaffer Hrdy's Mother Nature: Mothers, Infants, and Natural Selection and the other is by Bjorklund and called the Origins of Human Nature: Evolutionary Developmental Psychology.  Both are scholarly but accessible to non-specialists.  Weirdly, the description on the Amazon page for the Bjorklund book is for a different book.  At any rate, kind of fun reading if you geek out on biology.  I think I've mentioned the Hrdy book a thousand times already, so sorry about that.


I was about to do some personals when Piper woke up.  Sorry everyone!  Sounds like everyone is doing well though.  Hopefully I can catch up later.

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Tear - congrats!
Boots - Odin absolutely loves his exersaucer, and it is brilliant for when I need to do something I can't wear him for. I'd say it is our favorite thing for this age (7-8mo).
Lily - thanks for the book recs. It's been a while since I've read any popular evolutionary theory. I'm reading Émile at the moment, so the Hrdy book should be a really interesting yet related turn of the brain!

I've decided that instead of ramping down my pumping as Odin ramps down his nursing I will pump for mamas in need until March or so. Then I'll ramp down to get my fertility back, or try to. We will TTC in may. Odin is so. Much. Fun. Ridiculous. He's sleeping slightly better these days too. Good times!
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Rosie- Odin is a sweet cutie there!!


Boots and Lily- I am in my Socia Work Masters program and taking theory, we are reading Freus, Vygotsky Ericson and Piaget, which are good but very .. what they are, I love the neuro-psychology and psycho-biologic stuff.  I will check those out- I did take a developmental psych class that I loved- it was a few years back though and I want to understand his development and what I should be doing to stimulate his intellect, social skills and development.  


I was thinking about toys as well, because family is asking me what we want for him for xmas.  We already got a jumper, and like you Boots, I have the soft rattles, the giraffe, a tree top friends gym, a big flexible colored ball thing and my mom got him this classical music sunshine toy that he actually reacts to. My mom, who has her PhD in Education says to make the animals talk, and make sure they have eyes and a face and that will engage them.  Funny when I was with her - she breaks it up like school- P.E (hands crossing the midline etc.,) Math (counting toes, one to one ratio) language (naming pictures) science (running hands under water, going outside, feeling the wind etc.) Reading (books) it kind of categorizes the baby activities- it works for me because I have the time with him and sometimes I get wrapped up in feeding and trying to fit him into what I want to do, then I remember to be baby centered.  Not that we need to be regimented, it is just a good way to think of things to do with baby.


Ever since our trip home baby has become quite the fuss bucket- I think he may be sick.  He has always fussed for three reasons: hungry, tummy, pooping.  He has added tired to a reason he fusses, but he has changed- he actually cried for like 10 min which he has never done, then he keeps doing this actual real baby crying thing, it kills me- not really but up to this point he has been such a mellow and jovial baby, the crying freaks me out- I am wondering if he is sick, lactose intolerant, has emotional damage... I dunno!!!  ugh I hate guessing jeez things really can change on a dime.  poor baby, I really hope this crying thing passes.  Also he used to fall asleep without fail in the car, now he stays up and sounds irritated.  


Long post... needed to vent

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Funny when I was with her - she breaks it up like school- P.E (hands crossing the midline etc.,) Math (counting toes, one to one ratio) language (naming pictures) science (running hands under water, going outside, feeling the wind etc.) Reading (books) it kind of categorizes the baby activities- it works for me because I have the time with him and sometimes I get wrapped up in feeding and trying to fit him into what I want to do, then I remember to be baby centered.  Not that we need to be regimented, it is just a good way to think of things to do with baby.

2sweetsparrows, that is such a good way of looking at life with an infant child. Hope your little one starts feeling better.

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Rosie, Odin is looking so grown up! How long is he sleeping? I am so exhausted--I need someone to tell me it gets better!


Sparrows, how old is Gus? Cara also never cried or fussed as a newborn and doesn't cry much now, but she was markedly fussier from about 8-12 weeks. When I was trying to figure out what was going on, I read that crying tends to peak at this age, so it may just be that he's reached a new stage in his development. Trust your mama instincts, though; if you feel like something's wrong, get him checked out.


DH will be out of town this week, so I am single parenting again. Between work and Cara's night wakings, I'm going to be a zombie by Friday.

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Caly- thanks for that tip, I read up on that and I think it may be a contributor.  Funny because we were thinking we may have gotten sick because we were around several people who were sick but kept their distance, I thought I had a pre-soar throat but maybe it was the heater- sure enough, this Wednesday- my dh came down with it- then me on Friday- so I am guessing baby had it when my dh had it and I was the last to get it, because his crying tapered off this week.  I think we are all moving through it so no Doctor unless it keeps up for more than 5 days.  At least I have a culprit.


Lily- Thanks!!  


My little Gus is eating like every 45 min and wants to be on mama all of the time, dh is great with him but then he starts these baby dinosaur calls and wants to eat- often, I can see how some women stop breastfeeding- I am not going to stop but it is demanding when life is passing you by and you need to cook, clean, do work, etc.  Speaking of- he is loudly cooing in the next room, time to eat- and I just fead him- 30 min ago : (

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Odin has been sleeping about 4-6-2 lately. I think I could push him to drop another of Those feedings, but for now this is fine with me! Occasionally he wakes up between "feeding" times and goes right back to sleep with a paci. In crib is the only place we use a paci and I think he needs it, the desire to suck is soooo strong.
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You know what stinks? Being sick at the very last bit of the semester, milk supply plummeting, and the utter fear that the baby will get the sickness next, ack!
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Sparrows- I love the name Gus! and I know exactly what you mean by baby dinosaur noises.

Caly-Sleep becomes such a coveted commodity as a parent.

Rosie-Juniper just got over her first bad cold.  So sad to hear her raspy little breathing.  So glad I was not sick too- fingers crossed.

2 more weeks left in the semester.  One down- Baby will be over 6 months when I start again.  Time flies.

Hugs all

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Boy seems like sickness and end of semester blues is getting to all of us- 


1 final, 2 papers and 1 assignment to go, crossing my fingers for A+'s but A's will do.


We got our tree, but with the household being sick, and finals upon me- NO LIGHTS or decode, mugh,


SOOOO- CHEERS to final being over next week, sicknesses going away and a lovely start to a beautiful holiday season with our babies- and a few of us with our babies and babies on the way!!  I want carols and lights and cuddles not finals and papers and colds- he he he


In other news- some of you who were on Bajingo Pregnancy with me know that I live in California, and do not love it- I do love it but I miss my family and feel like we are very anonymous here and we do not have a lot of community and culture here- like heritage culture- not city academic culture (plenty of that in San Francisco etc.)  Our issue is that my dh works in tech and there just is not a lot of industry in New Mexico where we cam from, and would love to live.  Mothering dot com is based in Santa Fe- he he he- but other industry you know.  So there are sone federal labs he could work for but they are hard to get into ever since 2008, and because he has been in private industry for 18 years so making that switch to government is not easy.  


Anyhow, he had his first phone interview with them today, I was nervous but hopeful, if he got a job there he would get every other friday off, but, I would have to drop my program- Again- (I went through half a masters in Family Therapy- then because of dh's job I had to leave the program)- so I am on my second attempt- if he did get the job we would move, and I would have to apply to another program for attempt 3 at my masters- geez these times are tough- and sometimes I feel like a big sell out feminist-


But keep your fingers crosses, I would love to raise my Gus around his family and tons of friends with children his age, and there, I would have a shot at a career in local politics a dream I could never fulfill here in the Bay Area.  deep breath- thanks for  'listening'

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Sparrows, fingers crossed! Don't feel like a bad feminist -- sounds like it would be a win-win for everyone. Do they ever transfer credits for graduate programs?


Rosie, hope you're feeling better.


Caly, thinking of you flying solo this week! Hope Miss Cara is cooperating!



Everything's fine here, Lyle is on a new reflux med that I think (now that it's finally kicking in) is really helping it. I'm also finally (at 4 months, yesh) feeling really in tune with all his cues so I don't get so frustrated not knowing what he needs.

AND we nursed at the park today. I am very lucky to have an awesome mom's group (there's over 150 people in it, but i'd say a core group of 40 or so) I've taken him to meetups before and nursed in the car, tried to nurse in the park sitting on the ground with the boppy and he just refused. Today he took the boob for like 10 minutes and then fell asleep. It sounds hokey but the mom's group is the best thing that happened to me SAHM'ing it. Meetups are usually free or cheap and it's so good to be around other moms and babies and boobs flying out everywhere ;)

I'm getting excited for my MIL to get here in a few weeks. I don't know, I just need some grandparent energy, I think. All the family contact we've had so far is a pretty disinterested uncle. She sent us an advent box with a present for every day! (well, not all the days have a wrapped gift but she filled in the gaps with other crap thrown in the box ;) We did shutterfly 8x8 hardcover photobooks for grandparents, I got them yesterday and LOVE them. With a bunch of coupons they were like $11 each.

Also we've got two holiday parties with my mom's group with santa photos. I am not a big fan of the holidays but I'm excited for his first x-mas. Discussing traditions, etc. I thought this article was funny...


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Went to the doctor, got cultured, got an antib according to that culture, felt 70% better after two doses. WHOA. Downside is I have to tell the mama I promised milk to that she needs to wait at least two weeks so I don't give her any antibiotic-laced milk. Win some, lose some.
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