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Occasional Wipeable spotting? Anyone else.. OB says it is fine

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Morning ladies..


Anyone else having spotting when they wipe?


Like.. It happened last monday, yesterday, and today.  If I wad toilet paper up and nestle it in place :P it may or may not "dot" the paper.  It is so very slight but it is driving me mad.  OB says it is fine but I am freaking out.  It never hits a pad or stains my panties-- I think if I wasn't a hardcore checker/wiper Id miss it.


I thought it was connected to DTD with hubbie but lately that only happens on the weekend... so spotting 4 days later.. doesn't seem right.  I guess this isnt even spotting - it is staining


My next appt is July 26th for another scan.  I was in July 2 and he said anything like what I described was fine

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I haven't yet this pregnancy, but have in the past two.  I tend to have a "vascular cervix" or something.  It's very normal to have occasional light spotting in first tri. 

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I had definite brown spotting (even got on panties) for a couple of days when I was just shy of 6 weeks. It terrified me, but was checked out and so far, so good. I think there's just so much going on up in there that we're bound to have some irritation, odd discharge, etc. Hope you're doing well today.
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I'm 8.5 weeks and have had spotting since Tuesday. It's stopped as of this afternoon. Sounds like the same-- only when I wiped, was brownish, etc. I also had cramping and some lower back pain. I had an OB check my cervix today and it's closed so I'm feeling a little better, I guess? The thing is my nausea was a lot lower the past two days, so I was worried. But today it's back in full swing! I hope we all end up with sticky babies!

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I've had slightly pink and brown spotting this week, 6.5 weeks along. Just a dab on the tiolet paper, but its freaking me out. I never experienced with previous pregnancies. For me it seems to be happening after a bowel movement, which is "normal" but I don't like it. My kids have whooping cough right now, so I'm not going to see the midwife for a few more weeks.
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Well.. it happened a few more times and I freaked out.

I called the nurses line and at my request they called in an ultrasound.  I saw the baby this morning and little alien is doing fine.. wiggling around in there etc..Heart rate is 174


This kind of is scary though...  I have had it happen when I have strained for a bowel moment as well.   Hubbie and I tend to have relations about 1-2 times a week and I dont know if we should stop or not..It happens each time.   Without putting too much out there.. we are not having marathon sex and it is worrisome after such a small period of intimate activity I'll spot.



Take care

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I had spotting with both the girls pregnancies.  This time I have not had any, and since it is different, scares me.  I know if I was spotting, I would get worried too, but I am wondering why some pregnancies have it and others not.


Good luck ladies, sounds like everything is good for all of you, but I know it can be stressful.

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I had a small amount of spotting again Sunday and Monday mornings. I'm just trying to be peaceful about it.

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I'm now 8 weeks + 4 and had pinkish/red spotting this morning when wiped with mild cramping (including lower back pain)... tried to be zen about it but so f'ing scary. Called the doc and had an u/s. Like Michelle, the critter was wriggling around and we heard the heartbeat. Doc says I have a polyp, which *might* have been cause for bleeding, but can't know for sure. At least I felt comforted in his telling me that bleeding is usually the LAST symptom of m/c and typically occurs after the baby is already gone. Because I'm rh negative I got a rhogam shot and went home, still wary but relieved.

This whole pregnancy thing is pretty damn stressful.
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It's scary when the spotting is accompanied by back pain and cramps! Glad you got to see your little bean.

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Mine usually is too but I think because I have been on/off constipated the entire time so far.. that the constipation is the cause of the cramping.


For me, an uncomfortable bowl movement is very much like period  cramps.. so ugh.

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Joining in late, but I started spotting last Wed on the 4th, while we were camping! It was a little freaky. It has been ongoing still, when I wipe there is brownish/pinkish. I also have lower back pain, which I've had for 2 weeks and my nausea had disappeared for a few days, so my midwife sent us in for an ultrasound. Little did I know they do vaginal ultrasounds at this time if you go in, never had gone in so early so I had no idea. It was painless though and my kids were in the room at the time. Bean has a heartbeat and is not in my tubes, good sign. But they took pictures and sent the results to my midwife so we still have to wait to hear back from her on if there are any other complications. The tech did say my uterus was titled toward the back, which may be why I am experiencing so much cramping back there, which I don't remember having for either of my previous pregnancies -- but she said she wasn't not licensed to diagnose (we went to an independent lab) so didn't give us much more than that.

I also noticed after having a bowel movement, where I pushed too much I did have more spotting and the color turned more red. So since than I've been trying to be as relaxed as I can and if my bowels don't move on their own, I come back later plus I have been eating A LOT OF PRUNES. Haven't been DTD since I started bleeding or exercising, so basically I did put my self on pelvic rest till we get some news back. Don't want to take chances!

This brownish/pinkish stuff is extremely stressful and I've caught myself in some not so pretty moments thinking about the possibilities. Another thing is the ultrasound tech said I was measuring 3 days behind, so my due date might change, but this is all stuff I will talk with my midwife once she gets the results. Glad our little beans are safe & sound, and I'm thankful for the technology of today to confirm it! Goodluck ladies!
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I had some slight spotting. When I wipe, there is some pinkish color. Scary, especially when that was how previous miscarriages started. It's been a few days since I had the pinkish color, though. Crossing fingers!


*loveandgarbage* are you planning on seeing your doctor? I see mine next Monday.

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I had an ultrasound yesterday, and everything's looking good! I'm 10 wks, baby has a strong heartbeat, so there's no reason to be concerned. I guess I'm just spotting this time! I was really freaked out because I had a miscarriage before DS1 that started off with pinkish/brown spotting. Crossing fingers for everyone!

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Yey ((loveandgarbage)) Glad to hear things are going well!


I completely understand. I had a miscarriage (two actually..) before, and the slightest bit of pink started to freak me out. Glad to hear things are going well!

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Still spotting on and off here since 7 weeks, I'm 11 weeks now and still freaked out about it... It just when i wipe sometimes but still makes me crazy and the not knowing whats causing it its the worst. My midwife is not concerned at all, she was able to find the heartbeat just fine and I'm measuring about a week ahead. So i guess its just my body that wants to keep me on my toes this time around lol. Hope you ladies are doing OK!

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