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Anyone still babywearing?

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I've worn my 32 lb, 2.5 year old in our Ergo a few times recently, but it's starting to get uncomfortable around the belly. Last time he very sweetly got upset at the idea of me clipping the strap around my belly because he thought it would hurt the baby, but when I explained that it didn't work any other way and the baby was fine, he was ok with it. I'd like to get a woven wrap for the new baby anyway, and I'm wondering if anyone has found that more comfortable to carry a toddler in pregnancy than a SSC. We only have a ring sling and the Ergo, so I think it also might be a good idea to get comfortable wrapping J before starting with a newborn. Does anyone have tips on a weave or fabric they like?
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Yes, I still wear my almost 30# 3 year old DD frequently although not as frequently as pre pregnancy. I am a wrapper and have always preferred wraps over anything else. I use a very toddler and mama friendly carry called Jordon's Back Carry however I use a few variations so that I am not tied off at the waist or over my chest. http://wrapababy.com/baby-wearing-wrapping-video-instructions/jordans-back-carry-variation/20/. I can try to take a video of myself and how I finish the job for you, but it won't be until tomorrow at the best ; )

I do find wrapping to be way more versitle than SSC or RS because you can wrap so many different ways. I have a dear friend with a wrap business http://www.wrapyourbaby.com/ TONS of great info on everything related to babywearing--there is a oregant babywearing blog post, too, if you search it. Also, if you have ever watched youtube videos of wrapping, you have likely seen her, she is pretty prominent in the community. 

You may find that the best wrap for a NB won't necessary jive for a toddler--many mamas can find one wrap that they like for all ages/sizes, but I found that a lighter wrap like ellaroo or bali breeze or a gauze wrap was best for NB wrapping for me and a more substantial wrap was necessary once my DD got some weight on her. My favorite toddler wrap is a Neobulle Vert Anis--in fact thats me modeling it on Wrapyour baby's website ; ) and for newborn/infant/under 1 it was any ellaroo wrap, but then again...everyone is deifferent ;)

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Thanks! I've bookmarked both the website and video. I'm hoping to either find a used wrap or DIY one, since many of the beautiful ones I've seen for sale are out of my price range at the moment.
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My youngest is 5 and NOT a "I want to be worn" 5. More a "I need to run/climb/jump/samurai fight/too big to be carried" 5.  Most of the time. So I've carried him some lately still, like into the car, out of the car, to time out, etc (not because he can't or won't, just that occasional tired boy snuggly bit)


But I have worn babes while pregnant before, with my second I wore my first (she was 6-15 months while I was pregnant), with my third I wore a baby I nannied for (4-13 months)


However with both my second and third pregnancies, the boys were SO low I was gently dilating at 6 months and my midwife put me on a lifting limit, so I stopped wearing for the most part.

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Originally Posted by Eandko View Post

Thanks! I've bookmarked both the website and video. I'm hoping to either find a used wrap or DIY one, since many of the beautiful ones I've seen for sale are out of my price range at the moment.

Don't know if you know about thebabywearer.com, but that is a great place to find a used wrap ; ) I have bought there many times. 

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Thanks for reminding me about that site! I checked it out when my son was new and quickly got overwhelmed. Now that I know what I'm looking for it's perfect! I've spent every hour that J has been sleeping today browsing through the wraps. Still a little overwhelmed, but heading in the right direction. :)
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I love wearing my little one still. I have to use my wraps though over any other carrier I have right now since everything either fits odd or hits my stomach. At lest I have lots of wraps though so I have no trouble picking one. I just wore DD yesterday for about 3 hours total while we were out and then again when making dinner. I basically still wear her daily. The youngest is only 18 months and the next youngest is 3. I don't wear the 3 year old much but now an then in my pods I will

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I made a wrap for $10 with 5 yards of heavy cotton gauze from the fabric store. I found it kind of wide so I cut it in half long-ways, really then it was $5 and I had one to give to a friend. Might be worth a look at the craft store to see if they stock something suitable.
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Cieloazul - The fabric store is my next stop. I found one DIY wrap for sale used that I might buy, but otherwise I'll be making one. Cotton gauze might be too light a material to use with my toddler, but I'm sure I can find something a bit thicker. I'm really excited to learn some new carries!
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I find DIY wraps don't really do the job for toddler wearing. They seem fine for babywearing, but anything with a bigger kiddo and you really do benefit from having a wrap made out of material meant for wearing. Every one is different, but if you find that you are having trouble with pressure points or discomfort I would try a non DIY wrap vs. assuming it isn't working for you ; ) I literally used a t-shirt to wear/wrap my DD when she was a wee babe though...they can be worn in anything! haha

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Good to know! I bought that one I found online, mainly because I want to try wrapping without investing a ton of money and freaking my husband out. I've seen some gorgeous stashes people are selling and I'd love to be able to have half a dozen wraps in different sizes, colours and fabrics, but that's never going to happen. I figured if I buy a super cheap one to start there's better odds of me being able to swing a second, better quality one down the road. :)
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yes, I can appreciate that. I have a mini stash and am an Ellaroo collector, so, I am fortunate to have many options for wrapping this new babe. I only have 2 wraps that I use for my DD, but I have 4 for a little baby and can't wait to wear them again ; ) I collected good priced used from TBW when my DD was little and we had more money. I did recently sell off my most expensive, most beautiful wrap to a dear friend and am really sad that I did now :(

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If you want to DIY a wrap for a bigger baby or toddler, look for a good linen blend. YOu want it to be about 65-70cm(can't think of inches) wide. Depending on the carry you want to do 3.5-5.5 meters(again yards/feet escape me).

I have never tried an Ellroo even though I love a few of their color ways. I am down to about a dozen carriers right now, I have a mix of wraps(mostly), Mei Teis, Podegeis, and 1 lone ring sling I don't use but can't part with either LOL.  I keep looking for a new wrap for this baby but not sure what one i want yet. I think I want to find a way to get the new kokadi wrap that has sheep on it since we raise them though.

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