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Tijeras, NM

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Hi smile.gif my husband and I are considering pursing our dream to get out of the military and buying a house and a little land.  I love the Albuquerque area and am trying to convince my dh to move there.  He is from Hawaii and wants no part of NM yet, but I was looking at the area of Tijeras and I see a lot of really affordable solar houses for sale.  Is anyone familiar with this area? I just watched a fracking documentary so I was worried maybe that's why there are so many of these homes for sale, maybe all the water is destroyed.  It looks like a really nice area and just what I'm looking for. 

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We have a good number of NM members so I hope someone will come along and share some info. :)

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I live in nm (abq)and love it. it is certainly not hi. i dont know about solar or tijeras.... pm me with any specific questions.

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I know some people who live in Tijeras.  Some people find it to be quite a commute into the city for 9-5-type jobs especially if they are wanting to live simply.  I think at the same time some people live in Tijeras to have a more affordable housing situation.  It does snow there and some of the roads may not get plowed depending on whether or not it is a city road.

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