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Our long term plan is for DH to get snipped...but he thinks he wants one more (I think I'm done) so until he is on board, I'll probably get another copper IUD. I got one when DD was 3 months and had it in until a week (yes, one week) before we got pregnant. My periods were slightly heavi than normal, but I only had maybe 5 periods total with the IUD in. First PP period was at 15 months, then they were sporadic until about 22 months. It worked for me, so I'll use it again.
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this is also our last baby. I have done the copper IUD with the super heavy periods not to mention the tubal pregnancy and not thanks. I am not big on hormones due ot being on the pill when I was younger and having horrible mood swings. So I am going to do the essure implant since I do not want to have surgery and it is supposed to be more reliable than a tubal. 

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DH and I will probably have a conversation about that around 10-12 months postpartum. redface.gif  I have PCOS and all three of my pregnancies were with help of clomid.  A surprise pregnancy was sort of my dream, but both times my cycles returned at about 10 months post partum.  We're considering the possibility of being done at 3, but I really really don't feel done.  This doesn't feel like my last pregnancy.  When I hear other people talk about being done I think I just can't imagine feeling that way.  In fact, we started really trying this go round a bit earlier than I really wanted to (and then of course after 2 years of active trying for DD1 and 1 year for DD2, this baby was the first shot!) because we wanted to have a fourth before I got past the 35 year mark mostly for fertility concerns...  I'll be 32 this month, and had trouble getting pregnant with DD1 in my mid 20s. 


That said, I may freak out and re-evaluate that at some point.  I don't want super tight spacing, especially between #3 and 4...  DH is a surprise #4 just 13 months younger than their 3rd.

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We're looking into something permanent as well. I don't want any chance of a surprise, I don't want hormones, and I don't want hassle. Everyone tries to tell us that we're too young to make a decision like this, because I'm 23.  But it's not like I can expect pregnancy will be any easier or more enjoyable when I'm older. And God forbid it's actually worse! I have no idea how I'd be able to be a mom to my first child if I had to do this (or something worse) again. We've always been open to the idea of adoption and fostering, so maybe someday we'll expand our family that way. So for us we're going to look into vasectomy or the essure implant. If the research on essure is sound and reliable I think I'd be interested in going that route. I do think DH is pretty young to agree to never have children again. If something happened to me and he remarried, he should have the option to have more children. Whereas if something happened to DH and I got remarried someday, pregnancy would still suck and it wouldn't matter if I couldn't do it again.

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We are done after these two arrive!  My DH has a vasectomy in the works, but won't take the final plunge until after the babies arrive.  5 kids (with 4 under 2) is more than enough for us :)

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We are DONE. I have not felt this way with any of the others, but I know with certainty that this is my last pregnancy! If for some reason I have to have a c/s this time, I will be having a tubal at the same time. If not, DH will have a vas soon thereafter.

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