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Practicing gratitude

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I invite you to join me in a practice of acknowledging the things we are grateful for.


I noticed earlier today that I was feeling sad and frustrated because I was focusing on what I don't have, in this case not being pregnant/not having a child, and I realized there are so many things in my life that I do have.


I felt it might be helpful, encouraging, inspiring, to share with each other the joy and positivity that exist in our lives. I assume we all get down at some point while TTC, and maybe stepping back and seeing the bigger picture will help us appreciate how good we have it.


So here I go:

I am grateful for this community. Connecting with so many of you who share the ups and downs of the TTC journey, hearing your frustrations and your successes helps me feel less isolated in this process.

I'm grateful for my wonderful husband who really lent me his ear and gave me the space to be sad today.

I'm grateful for a day off. I'm not a native of the US but I enjoy the opportunities living here has given me.

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I'm thankful that the reason I'm still TTC #3 is because #2 is still drinking his mama milk. While I want to be pregnant again really badly, and I'm currently in that horrible 2ww, I'm also thankful that I'm still lactating. I got less than 3 months of feeding #1, so getting to 10 months come Saturday is a real victory, even if it does mean I might have to wait a little longer to make #2 a big brother.

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Great idea Dakipode!


I am thankful for all the sharing and experience in this community, and the ability to share frustrations, stories and symptoms with like-minded women. 

I am greatful that after a difficult delivery and a baby in the NICU, I have a perfectly healthy 5year old little boy.  I am greatful that I have a wonderful, loving husband.  I am thankful that I am employed and that I have health care benefits, and that I live in Canada!!!

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I had a really great day yesterday and it really renewed my enthusiasm.

I'm so grateful for having a space to share my ups and downs here.

I'm grateful for the coverage I get through DH's health insurance. The medical system may not be perfect but having insurance helps.

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I am grateful that tonight DH and I are going up to Niagara falls for a weekend away!!! 

I am grateful that I have wonderful in-laws that will care for DS while we are away, and that I don't have to worry because I know he is safe.


I am grateful because DS was JUST accepted into the before/after school care program for September!!!!  No more having to leave work early 2-3 days per week, or having to ask my MIL to leave work early to pick him up.  No more panicking at the last minute because I realized I didn't confirm with DH who would be picking him up.  NO MORE WORRIES (as far as before and afterschool care). Yay!!!

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I can't stress enough how grateful I am for this community. I'm having a tough time and checking in here helps me stay positive.

I am grateful for the many opportunities I've had in my life that have led me down this path. I am blessed in so many ways and I remain hopeful in my TTC journey.

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I like the idea of this thread!


I'm grateful for my wonderful husband who is fully onboard with TTC.

I'm grateful for my family who has been very kind and supportive.

I'm grateful that I live in the province of Quebec where infertility treatments are free.

I'm grateful that my employer is very understanding of all the time I have to take off work for fertility appointments.

I'm grateful for my psychologist who has helped me accept my infertility and find happiness even when I am taking hormones with terrible side effects.

I'm grateful that I have this opportunity to learn so much about how the reproductive system works and how my body works through all the fertility testing and treatments I've done in the past year... now I know that I have phenomenal ovaries and my DH has incredible sperm so we have an excellent chance of success!

I'm grateful that DH and I both have good jobs with excellent salaries, allowing us to travel a lot and forget about TTC sometimes!

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sourire, what a wonderful list and I love your name!


I had a great day yesterday, I am grateful for a good meal with great friends and easy conversation.

I am grateful for my healthy and able body that allows me to do the things I find joy in like dance and play tennis.

I am looking forward to a productive day today and grateful that I work for myself which gives me a lot of freedom and no work place drama.

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This is wonderful, thank you for starting it dakipode.


I am so beyond grateful for my husband.


He has wanted kids his entire adult life. I see him with children and I know he will be an amazing father. I see how much he wants his own. I was never sure I wanted children until the day I met him 7 years ago and knew he would someday be the father of my children.


It's been a year since we started this TTC journey, excited that the time had finally come where we would become parents. And instead there has been so much heartbreak, from my miscarriage, to putting plans on hold for a new job, to 5 cycles in a row without success.


And even though I know he wants this so badly, he has NEVER put it on me. He always makes me feel so loved and supported. In my darkest moments I blame myself and hate myself for my physiology keeping him from his dream of having children. But he tirelessly reminds me that he loves me for ME, not a baby vessel, and we will have a wonderful life together whatever happens.


So I am so very grateful to have him in my life and go through this crazy wild TTC ride together.

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That is so touching, daurelia, you are blessed indeed. sourire, I remember you from a while ago, happy to see you're in a good place on this journey.


I am grateful for my happy little family.
I am grateful for the joyful energy DS fills our life and home with.
I'm grateful for all the inspiration the universe sends my way and all the pop quizzes too (which I usually fail). Grateful for the challenges and lessons and successes and failures - they make life so interesting and worth living.
I'm grateful for the exquisite awareness of being alive.

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I could feel myself getting grumpy again so I figured it was time to acknowledge my blessings.

I am grateful for the cooler weather we've been having. It seems to have a calming effect on my mood as well.

I appreciate the comforts I enjoy: a roof over my head, plenty of food in the fridge, a reliable vehicle... I tend to take them for granted.

I am grateful for the support of my friends. I can get a bit short with them when they ask if I'm pregnant yet and I have to remind myself that they only ask because they wish it for me.

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I feel the need to acknowledge how grateful I am for my DH's patience and understanding. I catch myself taking it for granted (of course he should worship me...) and I have a hard time expressing my gratitude to him. I will do so when I see him later at home.

I am grateful for the friendship I get from my clients. They bare themselves to me and trust that I have their best interest in mind and I get a lot of fulfillment from working with them.

I am grateful to be on this path, sharing this journey with so many beautiful souls.

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Thankfulness always is good for the soul.


I am thankful for a DH who absolutely adores and cherishes me more than I could have ever imagined.

I am thankful for the change in weather so DH and I can walk more.

I am thankful that DH and I are moving forward with our next immigration step for his 10 year green card.

I am thankful for my brothers, sisters, and mom who love me.

I am thankful that DH has some sperm, all be it very few in number, that may allow us to have a biological child.

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Yes, gratitude, I need to remind myself of all the things I do have in life.

I'm grateful for my business. I love my job, I love working with my clients, they each contribute to my life in their own way and I'm grateful for knowing them.

I'm grateful for friends, new and old, who spontaneously reach out and offer to help in a sticky situation.

I'm grateful for the trust a new friend has placed in me, honored that she chose to confide in me and grateful that I was able to lend an ear when she needed it.

I'm grateful for my muse, who shall remain unnamed. I see your story unfold before my eyes and it brings me great joy.

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Thanks for bringing this thread back up to the top, Dakipode.  Practicing gratitude is something I really need more of right now.


I am eternally grateful to have a community of like-minded women to speak to and share my concerns, fears, and silly symptom spotting with.


I am grateful that I am still gainfully employed after a series of lay-offs at my job, one of which affected someone very close to me.


I am grateful that I have a house to live in with running water and heat, and that I am able to provide my family with food and clothing.


I am grateful to have such a sweet little boy who always seems to know the right thing to say when I'm feeling down.


I am grateful that the weather is cooling down, and school is starting up again very soon.

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