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Feb 2013 July/August Chat

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Hey ladies! It's time for a new chat thread smile.gif

What's going on with you? Time to check in!

I'm so excited and overwhelmed. I'm one of those people that can relax after I've figured everything out- which I thought was cake since Ive already done this twice. Then I found out there were twins in there, and now I have to research and do stuff all over again. Plus, Im stressing out about how we are going to afford two carseats, two cribs and the organic mattresses to go in them, two baby monitors, a good double stroller and a new car. Life is about to get really expensive. I've already figured out which brands and stuff of most things we are going to get (and the cheapest way to get them), but I'm not purchasing anything until after our 20 week scan. I know I have several months to figure it all out, but once I have a plan written down I can stop thinking about it and relax. (maybe).

I have to eat too much. I dont have room for even half the food that Im supposed to be eating.

I'm irritated at the lack of resources for twins. It seems like there should be tons of parenting books just like there are for singleton babies. Im a huge book nerd and I want to read everything I can get my hands on. I guess Ill have to get on amazon and start ordering books since there were only two at the bookstore.
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Hey AM!!!  I'm still here.  Just had my second appt and bb's heart rate was 160.  Very excited now.  Hoping things stay put.  I can hardly eat but I'm getting there.


I haven't seen much for twins either, I was looking for a friend awhile back and neither of us could find much.  Hopefully you will soon.  Glad you're doing well.

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That really surprises me that there aren't more books on twins, especially since multiples have become a lot more common!


I had an interview with a midwife today and she was wonderful! She came on many a good rec so I wasn't surprised... but it was nice to meet her and be in her presence. I've been a little worried because I spotted both Tues and Wed so it was good to talk through what that could mean with someone. If this baby sticks, looks like I have an excellent midwife and I'm SO excited to birth at home.


Other than that I ruined my day, sickness wise, by having a bagel this morning. My stomach can get bent.

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Try apples.  That always seems to help me.  Did you load that bagel with cream cheese?  Because that sounds soooooo good right now. 

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Cool, I'll try apples! That sounds really refreshing. Unfortunately I don't eat dairy so I just spread some fake butter on it. Delicious but deadly!

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I just ate 4 banana popcicles.  And the kids are only allowed one.  The little one is eyeing me like she's gonna do something about it!  Come at me sister!!!!!!!!  fencing.gif

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Originally Posted by Imakcerka View Post

Hey AM!!!  I'm still here.  Just had my second appt and bb's heart rate was 160.  Very excited now.  Hoping things stay put.  I can hardly eat but I'm getting there.

I haven't seen much for twins either, I was looking for a friend awhile back and neither of us could find much.  Hopefully you will soon.  Glad you're doing well.

joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif Yea! 160, that is awesome! I'm so excited for you!
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DD and I are sicky greensad.gif I don;t know why, but for some reason pregnancy colds always seem worse than non pregnancy colds. Everytime I cough it seems like all my food could just come up. Boo.
It's totally killed my appetite, and my poor DD is all feverish and grumpy butt. She has an ear infection and a touch of bronchitis, so I feel bad complaining about my wee lil cold.
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Uh don't feel bad.  It's hard to be sick, with a toddler and carrying bb's.  Complain away.

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Being sick is the worst when you're a mom. Hope you and your daughter feel better soon!


So it's my bday on Thursday and DH wants to take me out. I wish I was feeling better because I would love to eat a nice dinner somewhere! We'll probably just opt for a movie. I've had what I refer to as "cursed" bdays since turning 25. The flu, strep throat, being 9 months pregnant in 100+ degree heat, hormones crashing postpartum and not being able to walk because of a tear, etc, etc. This year I guess it's MS. I have high hopes for 32 though! 

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Hi ladies!! So sorry for the MIA, we had our computer crash and our internet get fried by lightening.. finally got our computer/internet back up and running!


AM--- WOW!!! TWINS!!!! So excited for you! Congrats!!! What a blessing, hang in there, I am sure you willfigure everything out! :)


AFM- I started getting the all-day-morning-sickness a few weeks back, but seem to be at the end of it.. my nausea is a lot more manageable now and I can eat some "normal" foods. Still really fatigued though, and if I do too much it makes me sicker. :/ Looking forward to the second trimester in just 2 weeks!!!!

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My all day nausea also seems to be turning a corner, though not on a consistent improvement pattern. I'll have a better day, a back to icky day but not quite as icky as before... Better than nothing! I'm still laying low and staying home unless it's a weekend and dh can be the driver. Not a fan of trying to do something fun or run errands with the kids and a puke bucket on the car seat next to me.

We've wanted to take the kids to dollar movies the last couple of weekends but I couldn't imagine sitting in the theater with the fake butter smell... Gag. Hope you can find something fun to do for your birthday, LoveandG.
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odinsmama- I hope my nausea follows suit! Im about ready for this to be over so I can eat!

I just have to share....My new fridge is coming today!!!!! DH and I have been buying used refrigerators/ hand me down fridges for the past 10 years and now I finally feel like a grown up with a real fridge. One that wont break next year, and if it does it has a service contract on it!
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You ladies are making me so thankful that I have easy, non ms pregnancies. I know it probably means this is another boy, but I'm fine with that. :) I did have ms with the last two pregnancies, but one ended in a mc, and the last one we lost a twin, so I wonder if they were girls, and that was the difference? Just a theory.


I am a really unemotional person, but yesterday I just had a really hard day for some reason, and by the end of the day I broke. My poor husband. :) He had a bad day, too, but had to deal with crying me when he got home. We were supposed to have company, so you know how that is when the day is spent figuring that people are coming over, and there's a messy house and a meal to make. Well, they backed out at the last hour and changed it to tonight, so now I have today to prepare again. I'm doing better so far, though.

I was supposed to have a bunch of ladies and little ones over for tea and a play date this morning, but I moved it to a meeting at a play ground so I don't have to deal with company twice in a day. Lazy, huh? Besides, after the play date at the park I can run to town and grab some stuff to make up for what I used up last night, so I can make a good supper for company tonight. At least I hadn't started the BBQ ribs before they canceled. :)


We're getting closer to the second trimester! SO exciting! :)

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Sweetestday I usually love to have people over but can't imagine dealing with that right now. Good move to switch the playdate to the park!!


We're lucky to have a Sundance theater in town which means more independent films PLUS they use real butter on their popcorn. Even reading about fake butter smell is making me gaggy lol.gif. Has anyone seen a good film recently that they'd recommend? The last one we saw was Bernie and I'd give it a B-.

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Also Adaline'sMama congrats on your new fridge!!

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I'm jealous! I want a new fridge so bad!!!!!

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We're dealing with the sniffly noses here now too.  DD had the sniffles last night and was up half a dozen times during the night which is WAY more of a big deal now that she's in her own room UPSTAIRS.  So I've been dealing with more-than-usual lack of sleep today on top of all-day MS and pregnancy exhaustion, and then my nose started running at noon and hasn't stopped dripping since. 


What does everyone's midwives/OBs say about taking massive doses of Vitamin C or Echinacea while pregnant?  I've always stayed away from anything immune boosting since I've read that your immune system is suppressed during pregnancy so that your body doesn't reject the fetus as a foreign body.  But I've not actually read anything about taking immune boosters being bad...  I'm about to gamble with a 1000 mg vitamin C tablet.

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Personally, I have known people to successfully use vitamin c as a first trimester abortificant, so I opt not to take tons of it. However, I dont think one 1000 mg pill is going to have any adverse effects. I just wouldnt recommend you take more than one a day. How much is in your prenatal?
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Yeah, I've heard the same thing about vit C and ending pregnancy. But I agree that one pill is probably okay. If you're looking to boost your immune system I would take vit D and tons of probiotics!

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