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Does anyone know of any great tips for gastric reflux in pregnancy?  I have never had it before (this is my first pregnancy) and I would prefer not to take any medications.  It just started for me this week (I'll be 20 weeks on Sunday) and it is such a pain!  It doesn't seem to be associated with certain kinds of food, just food period!  I am trying to eat small meals (I was already doing that), not bend over too much, and not lay down after eating...but it seems to be stuck on sticking around.  I worry it's going to just keep getting worse the rest of my pregnancy as my belly gets bigger!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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My mw recommends papaya enzymes and/or raw pineapple after meals.  They've seemed to help me- I've been having heartburn for a couple months.  And yes, it does get worse as your belly gets bigger:-(  During my last 2 pregnancies, towards the end when it got really bad, the only thing that helped was tums.  My m/w says they're not great, but advises using them if you need to.  I do try to hold off as long as I can though.

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my secret weapon last pregnancy were almonds! I always had some almonds in my pocket and kept munching away throughout the day. It came instinctively and later I heard from several different sources that for some reason that totally makes sense...

let me do some quick research here... hang on...

hmm, apparently they neutralize stomach acids... since they are an alcaline food. Just google almonds + reflux


Anyway, that's what worked for me - and I love the fact that I just found out by following my instincts :) I didn't really know why I kept eating almonds, but it just felt right LOL