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Stop waking the baby!!! Advice?

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I guess this is the right place for this... maybe... since it's bringing out anger in me and I feel like screaming at my kid for it.


My 10 year old is a great kid, GD since birth, but he's a little spacey at times. Anyway, for 6 months (which I feel is long enough to get it through his head!) he wakes the baby up. He'll barge into my room when I'm nursing the baby to sleep to tell me something, or barge in from playing outside hollering about some neighborhood kid drama, and his voice is LOUD! He does this almost daily! For 6 months now! Cuss.gif


I have talked to him over and over and over about being QUIET when he comes into the house or when I am in my room nursing. Sometimes he is really good about it but he still forgets often. He apologizes and then does it again. It's driving me nuts! hammer.gif



I'm about ready to lock myself in my room with the baby and ban him from coming in there! That feels so wrong though... and I want him to have access to me when he needs something, but quietly!!! Ack.

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Would a Quiet sign on your door help? I think you're right that you have to have quiet and privacy to get the baby to sleep. Could you put up a quiet sign on the door and something big at the front door that reminds him? You can tell him that you have to lock the door when you're nursing the baby to keep it quiet, but that he can slip a note under the door if it's really important. Hope this helps.

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Yeah, at 10 years old I would put a sign up, maybe 2 signs up - one at the main door or other doors he might be passing through, and one at the bedroom door - if that doesn't work, I'd lock it - he's 10, not 2 (or 3, 4, 5) and I think he can probably fend for himself for a while, and if there's a real emergency he could just shout and it would be understandable.

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Thanks! I will try the signs. Maybe even a big, neon flashing sign lol.gif

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