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Red marks on penis and red marks below scrotum in DS

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DS (6mo) has had a few red marks under his scrotum for a few days. I haven't thought much of it, thinking maybe we wiped too much after a poop. But this morning he woke up with red on his penis too, and it looked a little swollen and purple-ish. And now there seems to be red on his scrotum too. He does not seem to be in pain. He stays in his bulked-up nighttime diaper for 8 - 10  hours and never seems to have a problem. During the day we change every 1 - 2 hours and he is rash free. Has anyone encountered this before? Any ideas on what this could be? I don't want to be paranoid and call his ped right away unless it's really necessary. We have his 6 month check up in a week. 

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I don't have first hand experience with this but I've read that sometimes using a snappi (with flat or prefold) doesn't give the boys room to um.... expand. When they have a little erection type thing, a snappi may be restricting things too much. If you use a snappi, I suggest not using it for a few days and see if that helps. I've read that some moms switched to pins (or the new boingos or whatever they are called) and haven't had a repeat problem. If you don't use a snappi then I can't help... I have a girl. I hope you find something that works :-)
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We did use snappis, and last night I put him in pins and it WAS much better by morning. There should be a warning on them or something. That's terrible! Thank you for suggesting the Boingos. I really don't like pinning, but these seem like they should work great!

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I'm so happy that a simple switch worked :-). If you try the boingos, let me know how you like them. I started CD my DD at 12 months so she was WAY too wiggly for snappis at that point.
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I ordered a set and I'll update this forum after trying them. I'm new to pinning, so I'm not very good at it. The Boingos should be great. I wonder how you manage to even pin a wiggly baby? I'm struggling doing that with DS and I'm sure he's not as wiggly as some!

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Whoa! Thanks for this post. My baby's been having the same issue but I thought maybe he just needed to air out. Switching to diaper pins immediately!

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Been using the Boingos for about a week. They work very well and hold pretty snugly. Personally though, if DS is in a wool soaker or cover I still choose to pin. I feel more secure with the pins than with the Boingos because pins seem more secure with a looser cover. With my PUL covers, they work great though. Much faster than pinning. They don't add any bulk to the diaper either. I plan to continue using them on my little man!

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Great to hear that the boingos are working well together with pins. It sounds like the redness cleared up, so I hope the little man is more comfortable :-)
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