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OMG...I am soooo uncomfortable

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i am 31 weeks 4 days and I am increasingly uncomfortable and in pain. I do not remember having this much trouble with my last one.

i do understand teh need for the long gestational period so that this lo can grow and be healthy but i have to admit that if she came tomorrow I would be ok with it.

My major issues is my swollen legs...the right more than the left, and my increasing pelvic discomfort.

night time is a nightmare with turning over the pillow is not helping much anymore and standing and walking are increasingly difficult.


is anyone else having this trouble?


I am sorry i just had to rant and have a pity party but i hurt and my dh doesn't get it.

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I am having this trouble, yes. Trying to sleep on these hips is a nightmare, walking is excruciating, and I can't get comfortable in any position greensad.gif
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The pelvic pain, especially. What helped me is to float in a pool for about an hour but then DO NOTHING AT ALL. If I would walk around after or do pretty much anything, the pain was worse at night and the next day.

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this has been better that last two days and I am not sure why. I wish we had apool but it is so super hot that I am not sure we would bear the heat to go in it.

I just keep telling myself head up and let her cook b/c she needs it even if I am in pain.


::hugs:: mamas not much longer for us.

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YES!!  It doesn't matter what position I'm in, walking, standing, sitting or lying, I'm uncomfortable.  I've been going to aquasize and that actually feels the best.  I think tonight, I'll try and get dd to go to the pool with me, they have family swim nights on Monday and Wednesdays.  Then Tues/Thursdays and Saturday mornings are aquasize.  We also have a friend with a pool that I could go to, but I hate to invite myself all the time.  We went over there yesterday - were planning on the public pool and she found out and invited us over, it thundered about 2 minutes after we got in so we didn't get our swim in :( .  But swimming seems to make me feel the best and I sleep so much better after!  Plus, my ankles have started to swell just a little bit and the swimming really helps with the swelling as well. 

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I am 29 weeks. I have pubic symphysis pain that has gotten really bad in the past couple weeks. This morning I woke up and could barely roll over. When I worked up the courage to move I heard a horrible cracking noise in my hips. For a moment I was like, "they are going to bust apart!" Most of the day I'm fine as long as I don't pick up my toddler too much, walk long distances, or do pretty much anything involving too much twisting, squatting, etc. But laying down at night is awful. I feel better sleeping on my back than my side. I know that should be okay as long as I don't start feeling dizzy or anything but anytime I think about it, I'm like, "Do I feel dizzy? Wait maybe I am dizzy?" I think it's in my head. My first pregnancy was so comfortable the whole way through. This time I am already counting down the weeks, hoping I don't see past 41 weeks again. 

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