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Plain white diaper/cover for pictures?

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Any recommendations for a plain white cover that can be used for newborn portraits?  Most of the ones I've seen have a very obvious logo on them.

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How about a plain white prefold or flat with a white snappi or diaper pins?


The plainest (no tag visible from the front) cover I can think of is the Bummis Whisper Pant, or a nylon Dappi pant, but those are awfully poofy and not the cutest, IMO.

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Are you just having the babe naked in a diaper, or is this something that is going under a dress? Prefolds and diaper pins look so classic in newborn photos. But I want something like this:

They are sooo amazing, but not for sale.

Something like this might look good too, very natural looking. If the kissaluvs tag is on the back, it can be removed with a thread ripper.
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You could use a prefold under a white Thirsties cover.  I only own colored Thirsties covers, but I've seen the white ones.  No logo.  (The only logo is on the tag, which is inside the cover.)

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Before I actually switched to cloth, I folded a couple flats into a diaper and used real diaper pins to fasten it for a set of pictures. It looks really trim and classic fastened with no cover. Of course during the photo shoot you have to watch out for wicking if they pee without a cover on.

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How about disana's tie nappies? They're not white, more like beige, but they are plain, have no logo on them, and they look very cute on tiny babies.

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I'm liking the idea of a classic, pinned flat.  (I have the GMD prefolds, so the orange edge would be there.)


I'll check out the Dianas.  Thanks for the rec!

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Jessica Alba's baby company, Honest, makes plain white diapers. They do have a light blue strip where the tabs go, but it can be peeled off easily and the tabs still adhere. I use them all the time for my photography business.

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Prowraps are plain white with a little coloured stitching for the size  on the soft velcro part. Really inexpensive too.

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