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What's your take on weekday birthday parties?

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I'm considering a Wednesday afternoon party time for dd1 this year, and am figuring that being summertime something like that could work out okay. But I don't think we've ever been out to a non-weekend birthday party before. So I just wanted more opinions on the idea.

Would you hate this and I ought to try to fit it closer to the weekend? Do you have weekday parties all the time and they're way cooler that way?
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For stay at home parents it would be fine, but parents working outside the home likely wouldn't be able to get their kids to the party, so I'd base it on who you're inviting and whether they're working outside the home or not.  If I was available, I'd dig it - nice way to break up the week.

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nope never had weekday parties as pp pointed out due to working parents/family who would not be able to come.


however if all the parents are stay at home parents then sure wednesday afternoon shouldnt be too hard for a one year old once you consider nap time. 

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Hmmmm. . yeah.  I don't know if all the kids parents work or not and when, I saw most regularly picking up from school or their family's caregivers who were doing so, or saw them carpooling with other families throughout the week (last year's kindergarten class of less than 10 - so we pretty much saw each other's regular schedules) .  And then I'm trying to balance dh's work schedule too (which is nights and every other weekend) so he can at least be around to help with dd2.


Would a weekday be preferable to a Sunday?  We aren't religious, but I know several families are and I guess I have it in my head that it's a bad day for a party cause I was never allowed to go to birthday parties on Sundays growing up.  Might be a choice between those days then.

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honestly saturday is a good day to have the party. i always aim for saturdays in case people have church on sunday. however IF saturday does not work at all, we have done sunday afternoon (around 4) bday parties too. 


i;ve done both saturday morning and afternoon and evening parties. 


of course now that mine is older most of teh parties are sleepovers. 

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I haven't, but could see it working as a glorified playdate. With older kids, if you don't expect parents attending, might work, only concern that the kids could be in daycare, day camp, or vacations.

I would send out feelers to see if anyone could make it.
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All our Saturdays around dd's birthday are getting clogged up with other activities and obligations already, yeah.

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yup clogged up is a problem. the reason why summer bday parties are planned at least 3 months in advance. 

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A Sunday afternoon party, starting around 2, probably would work OK even for families going to church.  I know in our school, a lot of the parents that picked their kids up from Kindy then dropped them off at childcare; and with kids at childcare or camps, I'm just not sure how they'd manage to get a kid to the party.  If we're talking about 5-6 year olds, this is likely just at the cusp of "drop off" age and most parents probably wouldn't want to drop off. 

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We've been to multiple Sunday afternoon parties, they usually start at 2 or 3pm. I would vastly prefer that over a weekday party. 

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I really depends on what kind of a situation the other kids have. If they are home with a SAHP or a nanny then it is wonderful to have midweek parties. Daycare kids obviously won't make it. I love that we aren't taking up people's precious weekend time. We generally invite the preschool class and a few other friends and do it during the week at a non-school time. Parents love it generally and if they aren't available they send their nanny. We don't have any local kid friends in daycare.
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We have always done Sunday brunch parties. Doing it again this year too I think (hope). we are inviting more folks with a Saturday sabbath than a Sunday one so that plays a role too.
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I like Sunday afternoons for a party.


Weekday would work fine too - depending on the age/time and how the kids would get there or if it would interrupt their day care.  (I did a friday late afternoon / after-school party / grade 2 / one time and it worked out well.)

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Thanks everyone for the thoughts.  It's all helpful.  


I guess from here, I go into talks with dh about what exactly we'll end up doing.  It'll likely be small anyway with mainly 3-4 kids dd wants to come over, so I'm supposing I can call other parents about our plans before sending invites, just to get a sense ahead of time if it won't work out well.  Man, summertime birthday planning is difficult.  I might have to go for a holiday party during the school year in the future instead.  (And this is all really traumatic for dh, who can only remember his one birthday party when NOBODY came.).

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For me, a weekday party would be frustrating because my kids are at day camp all day while I'm at the office.   I couldn't get them there unless I held them out of camp all day AND paid for a sitter for 9+ hours (at $15/hr. that would be one expensive birthday party for them the attend!)  We are regular church-goers but I love Sunday afternoon parties.  I'd say that anything on Sunday that starts after 1 would probably be OK for most church-going folk.  There would be exceptions but for them nothing on a Sunday would work very well.  Around here Sunday afternoons are probably the best because Saturday's are so full of sports obligations.

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We just had my son's birthday on on Wednesday, but I knew all the kids/parent who were coming and they do not work in the summer so it was a good break up of the week.  We had the party around 12 with pizza and cake then took everyone to the movies.  Summer Saturdays are really hard bc we find that is when a lot of others do lots of family activities, go to the lake, water park, etc.

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