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PLEASE someone tell me im just being crazy!

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I know i have been m.i.a for a long time on here but i really need some comfort from some mommies right now, my little green bean has had a lazy day and is usually pretty active late at night, i can feel her movin a little bit, faint bumps but nothing big and im getting worried, ive drank ice water twice and ate the ice cubes but she's not getting spunky and i dont know if i should be really concerned or if im just losing it, i really dont wanna freak out and call DH to come home from work and go to the hospital for no reason but im getting scared :(

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Big hugs to you! I'd say it's most likely that baby has just shifted positions so you can't feel her as well.


Another thing to try is to drink a glass of juice or something else sugary and see if you get more movement. I think around 28 weeks is when they say you can start kick counts so that might help your peace of mind too - I think the rule of thumb is that you should feel 10 movements within 2 hours.


On the other hand, I'm a big, big believer in following your gut in these sorts of situations. If you really feel like something might be wrong, it won't hurt to get checked out. If nothing else, it'll at least help your peace of mind!

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Like Carlin said she may have just moved.  If you are SUPER worried about it then a call might not be a bad idea.  Sometimes the stress of a situation is worse then the situation.  You know?  If a call will alleviate that stress....

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Drink something with sugar! That gets the fetus dancing. Then lay down and count, and don't hesitate to call in if you aren't feeling as much movement as you think you should. 

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How did it go? Is everything okay?
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How's everything going SilverMoonMama?

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Im sorry i just disappeared after this! i just came back and realized, ive been dealing with trying to balance anemia and work and getting ready for company i swear im suprised i dont forget to breath... Everything turned out to be just fine with greenbean!!! she has been flippin around in there and was just trying to give mommy a heart attack! thank you all for being concerned and im sorry again that i was M.I.A i hope everyone else is having a wonderful smooth pregnancy!

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GREAT news :)

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Very good to hear!
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