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teeth not coming up much

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My 4 month old sprouted her 2 bottom middle teeth on June 19th at 3 m. 1 week.  They haven't moved up more than 1 millimeter though and it is 3 weeks later.  I am hoping they will get 'bigger' and worried that she will have very very tiny teeth.  Any words of wisdom?

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It took a couple of months for my DDs teeth to fully come in after they broke through. Every baby teeths differently but I think yours is just on the slower side like mine. The size the teeth are when they break through isn't the side they will stay and teething with the same tooth can go in fits and starts for a long time. Once your DD is 8 or 9 months old, you will have a much better picture of what those pearly whites are gonna look like :-)
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Yes, my daughter is the same way. She's 6 now and her two bottom teeth fell out like 6 weeks ago and the two new teeth are still barely halfway thru. But it happens eventually!

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Thanks for the reassurance! 

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No worries, mine started teething at 4 months and at 8 months finally had two bottom teeth.  Seriously.

And what's wrong with tiny little teeth?  She and I both have tiny, sharp little teeth - better for biting people that deserve to be bitten!

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My baby got her two bottom teeth at 3 months too and they took a while for them to come in completely. Now at 4.5 months she's getting a top tooth that keeps coming out and receding :(.

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