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my 7yo might have mumps... He showed me last weekend that one of his glands was severely swollen -- no other symptoms -- and monday we went to the family dr to get checked out.  While we were there she pointed out that he also has thrush... then the strep test came back positive.  then they called and said the blood test indicated he *might* have mumps also. He's not fully vaccinated, but he did have one MMR as a baby.  We are waiting on the second test (a throat swab.)


My main concerns with mumps are:

A) I have a 2 week old baby (I'm vaccinated & she's exclusively BF)

and B) why my son would have strep and mumps (and thrush) while no one else in the family (or anyone that we know) is sick... it concerns me that there could be an issue with his immune system.


Any thoughts, experiences or suggestions would be appreciated.



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how are things today?  how is your baby and your son? was he around anyone who was sick lately? or around large groups of kids at all?

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the second test came back negative for mumps, and the  swollen gland is clearing up with antibiotics so apparently it was caused by strep... strange that it would present that way (without even a sore throat) but good news, i guess.

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