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What deficiency could I have ?

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I am not sure , if this is the right forum , but I´ll give it a try !

I am trying to find out , if I might suffer from some form of nutricional definciency or maybe I am missing something else !

Generally , I am quite healthy and I do a lot of physical activity , including heavy lifting and that sort of thing , plus I live in a 2 story house , so I am always up and down , up and down . 

However , lately I have noticed , that the blood vessels in my fingers , for some reason especially my index fingers on both hands , in the knuckle area , have popped , which is very painful and always results in fairly large bruises , especially considering the small area 

I do have ulcerated colitis , which I have been able to keep under control without medication for many years now ,

I eat very healthy and I take a capsule of omega 3, 6 , 7 and 9 and also a pregnancy multivitamin every day ( not because I am pregnant , which I am not , but I don´t want to OD on Vitamin A )  

Since being outside regularly every day for extended periods of time , all year around , I also get plenty of sunlight 

One thing , I should add is , that I had a very severe sepsis last January , which was cured without any lasting effects , bloodwork , that my doctor still checks regularly , has been fine for the past 3 months . 

But why does this happen then ? Could I be lacking something ?

I am not a vegetarian , but if I eat meat , it is from ecologically raised cattle and only about 2 to 3 times per week !

I don´t have any other symptoms , so I just don´t understand it !

Anybody have an idea or maybe have been through the same thing ? 

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Oh my!  That does sound painful!  I don't know what could be causing that, but Grape Seed Extract helps with the strength of capillaries and the vascular system.  My dr. reccomended it after I had a bleed in my brain.  Can you get overall bloodwork done, including minerals and vitamins, etc?

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I don´t know , but it is probably worth a shot ! My Mother was thinking Vitamin K , but that is included in the prenatal vitamins , I am taking , so that shouldn´t be it ( I think redface.gif ) 

Where did you get that grape seed extract from ? I live in Scandinavia , so I don´t know , if I might have to mail order it !

And , is it capsules or liquid ? I am already taking essential fatty acids ( omega 3, 6 , 7 and ) ) , but maybe GS extract has different components ? 

Anyway , thanks for your answer ! And yes , it is painful , when it first happens , it feels like a pinched nerve in my finger , awful !

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I get mine from Whole Foods, so I suspect you'll have to mail order it.  I take it in a capsule forum from Jarrow.  Don't confuse it with grapefruit seed extract though!  That's a liquid, usually.  Good luck!

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Okay , so capsules are better !? O is it just the taste , because if a liquid has an oily taste to it , I CANNOT  take it orngbiggrin.gif

I did some research on google after reading your post last night and I think , you are right , this sounds like the best thing to try for me , thanks a lot !

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