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Birth Annnouncement: Samara Pearl

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We had our scheduled csection this morning. Samara was born at 8:53am. The surgery was much more difficult than last time and that was attributed to lots of scar tissue from last time. I was really challenged to tollerate the pressure. They brought her over to lay on my chest, but it was too much for me. I amwas feeling better now. She weighed 7lb 10oz as my biggest baby.
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Welcome to the world, Sarama!  Can't wait to see pictures.  Rest up and enjoy your new little sweetie!

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Congratulations, lbkw, and welcome Samara! A beautiful name for your beautiful baby. I am so happy for you, and so glad you are feeling better after the challenges of the surgery.

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Congrats!!! I lover her name! Welcome Samara!

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Congratulations momma! Rest up and enjoy her.

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Congrats! Welcome, Samara!

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Congrats! Lovely name.  

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I have followed you silently and wanted to wish you Congratulations on your little girl!


Enjoy the babymoon!

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Welcome Samara! Im sorry to hear you had difficulties with the surgery but I hope you are doing better now! Enjoy your babymoon, and be sure to take care of yourself!

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Congratulations on your new baby girl!  I hope you have a speedy recovery. 

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Welcome to the world, Samara!  Our daughters share the same birthday and birth weights. I hope you're both home soon and the healing goes is easier than you're anticipating.

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Thanks everyone. Recovery is moving as expected (normal). Surgery itself felt like I was having labor pains during. Very intense. A doula mentioned that I should think about how my body may have produced similar endorphins as in natural labor that will have benefits for me and baby. Nursing is going well and hospital is very baby friendly (almost officially). Can't wait to get to take all these bracelets off! Will be watching and reading updates. Sorry if I don't post more congratulations. Good luck everyone.
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Glad to hear everything went well (if not quite as smoothly as you'd hoped).  Congrats, and welcome to the world Samara!!

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Congratulations!  Hope you have a quick recovery & make it home soon.

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Congratulations lbkw!  Samara Pearl is a simply gorgeous name.  I'm so sorry that your surgery was rougher this time, but am glad that you are recovering as expected.  And I like what the doula said about the benefits- she definitely has a great point!  Hugs...  Keep us updated if you can about how you and baby are doing.  I'll be thinking about you!

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Congratulations!  What a lovely name!  I hope you can share a picture soon.


And I am so sorry that the surgery was such a challenge for you.  Many goodvibes.gif for a quick recovery.  You are in my thoughts.

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