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kidney stones anyone

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I have dealt with them for years and it's been a long time since I have had a bad one. None the less I have one now and its terrible. I ended up at the hospital I was in so much pain. Im not on medicine but I feel so yucky. anyone else ever deal with them?

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I've never had them but I hear they are awful and I just wanted to say I'm so sorry you are having to deal with that pain while pregnant or anytime for that matter.  Hugs momma!!

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I have had kidney stones for 18 yrs now, n it really stinks....We are pregnant with our 3rd child and I'll be 16 wks tomorrow and am going through a very rough time with stones...I have them in both kidneys and in my bladder...The spasms in the bladder with these stones are horrible...With our 2nd son I had to have stents put in both kidneys to hold stones up so I could carry the baby, which was discovered that day and I was 5mos preg...I know how they feel

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So sorry mamas.  i feel lucky that I have never had them, but my sister has had them with each pregnancy and my dad has them every few years.  Seems so so painful.  Oh, I am hoping you can pass them soon and be free for the rest of the pregnancy.

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i did finally pass that one, just under 4mm which doesn't sound huge but totally is. I think I may have another bouncing around right now. I have always had them too, so it isn't something new.my nephrologist referred to my kidneys as bags of marbles. I had a lithotripsy a year ago and have been fine for a year

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Yeah, 4mm sounds huge enough to me, ouch!!
So sorry you ladies are dealing with this.
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Went to OB  yesterday for reg checkup and he wanted to put me in the hospital, but made a deal with him imagine that patient making deals with doc..LOL....Yesterday was our youngest sons first Jr.High football game and I didn't want to miss it at all I didn't care if I had to crawl....I had been puking for 4 days couldn't hold anything down not even liquids,fever off and on,pain from the kidney stones, pain in left kidney from a surgical procedure to remove kidney cancer,which left me with only part of a kidney that is stricted, weakness.......I mean I've had it all....My great OB gave me something for pain, antibiotic Rx, and a huge shot of Rocephin in the butt...I made it through the night and feel better this am so hopefully it's gonna continue to look up...I'm praying for all of you who suffer from these horrible stones I know where you are coming from

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I hope you're doing okay! My SIL got gallstones during her first pregnancy. Probably with the hormones this kind of thing is pretty common. hug.gif
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