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Older DS asking to nurse

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Now that DS2 is here, DS 1 (6.5yo) has asked a couple of times to nurse too.


At first I told him my nipples were way too sore for that and it was the end of it. Then just today he asked to nurse again because he forgot what millk was like (he nursed until he was 5.5yo).


I told him I'd have to think about that, but I think I've decided I'm not comfortable with it. If he really wants milk I'll offer to express a bit into a shot glass, but the thought of him actually nursing kinda skeeves me out.


Have any of your older DCs asked to nurse since babe's arrived? How have you/they handled it?

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Awww (((HUGs))) that is so hard. I was worried mine would ask to nurse too but since I had the baby she said she doesn't need milk anymore and hasn't paid any attention to the boobs at all. I think offering to express it into a cup is fine, I have done that for a while with my oldest girl because I'm not comfy with nursing her anymore. Once they forget how to latch right it just feels really, really wrong to me and both of my older girls forgot how to latch even while still nursing once a week or so. I would like to say that I would nurse my previous youngest if she asked but I don't think I could and would probably offer her a cup of milk as well telling her that since she doesn't remember how to get milk from my boob she can just have it that way. <3

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when my 2 yr old was born i pumped for my now 5 yr old. i just gave it to her in a sippy cup. i would pump in the morning the drain myself from the engorgement and my milk has high lipase so it doesnt store well. so i would give it to her. i would get at least 6 oz in the morning. 


this time both the 5 and 2 yr old are asking for it. i think i will pump again when the engorgement kicks in and give it to them. usually after a month it tapers off and they quit asking. i think it is a nice way to create a sharing atmosphere with baby. 

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I second the Hugs! That's not easy.


When DS1 was born, DD asked to nurse and she didn't like the taste of the milk (she was almost 4 then)--that took care of it:)  She self-weaned at 3.5, so it hadn't been that long for her.


With DS1, he self-weaned at around 3--again, not that long ago and he hasn't shown any interest but he talks about when he nursed as a baby and not like it was a recent thing at all!


I think expressing into a cup is a great idea, though I haven't tried it for the kids--just medicinal purposes!

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well i didi ti this morning to get some relief. got 6 oz and split it between them. the 5yr old almost didnt like it. lol. the 2 yr old was all yumm about it though. i told them i will give it to them in the morning but that is all i will have for them. i dont mind bc they have food intolerances and it might help them keep their fat on. esp the 5 yr old. but i dont plan to go to great lengths to give it to them. and they also dont have to feel left out or slighted that the baby gets babas. lol. 

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My 4.5 year old who self weaned last year at 3 years 3 mons asked to taste my milk when it came in. He said he couldn't remember what it tasted like. I squirted a bit on his finger and he said yummy. He has asked a few times since then for a taste and I just suirt a drop on his finger. He hasn't asked to nurse again but I would't feel comfortable nursing him. Also since it has been over a year since he nursed I would think he would have a bad latch now. He does however like to kiss and hug my breasts good night :)

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I have a clear memory of doing this myself as a child.  I must have been about 2.5 or 3 and my little brother was nursing.  I asked my mother if I could try too and she let me.  To be honest, I had expected her to say "no", I think.  But she did let me nurse.  To be honest, it was very weird for me.  It felt somehow wrong.  I also remember thinking it tasted funny (and warm, not like the cold milk I was used to by then).  Now this was just my experience and another child might have very different feelings.  But I've used this as my gauge with DD1.  She has asked to try the milk.  I wouldn't let her actually nurse because of my memory, but I did let her try a little in a cup.  Turns out she didn't care for it and hasn't asked again. 

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