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Biting when latching on

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About half the time that my eight-month-old latches on, he does a quick hard bite right as he latches. It never lasts more than half a second, and he doesn't bit at any other point while nursing. I've heard the standard advice of unlatching the baby if he bites, but then I would have to eventually latch him back on (he still gets most of his nutrition from breast milk) and I might get bit again. Suggestions? Is there a way to stick my finger in his mouth to keep him from biting as he latches?

Thank you!
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It's been awhile since I had a nursling, but I do remember my ds1 doing this. The advice I was given really worked.  I would brush my nipple against his lower lip, and wait until he opened his mouth really wide.  Then I would bring my breast to his mouth instead of him moving his head to latch on.  I don't know if he was just so excited to nurse that made him lunge and clench when he latched on, but that did seem to work. 

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Thanks for the suggestion. I look forward to trying it!
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it does help to kinda cram your breast in baby's mouth quickly lol we go through this also. when my daughter is teething, her teeth scrape when latching on(even now at 9 months) and if i am quick with it, she doesn't scrape me.

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My kiddo does that sometimes too. He's 9 months. I have found he does it most when not really paying attention to how he's latching. I try to get his attention and say something like "gentle" or " no biting". That has helped a bit. Also when he does bite, even in the very beginning, I'll unlatch him and say "no biting!" and wait a second before latching him again.

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These are good suggestions. Thank you!
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