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Toddler fashion choices...

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OK, not really fashion choices, but for the last 2 months, my DD (29 months) has pretty much refused to wear anything except pyjamas.  It started when we were away on a trip that involved a very long travel day (24 hours door to door, including a 4 hour drive to the airport, and 3 flights, one of which was a redeye - yes, we live in the middle of nowhere).  I made the mistake of trying to change her out of her pyjamas after the redeye flight, and she had a complete meltdown.  She insisted on wearing her bunny jammies for our entire 2 week vacation, and they had very obviously become her comfort item - she had never become attached to a lovey before.  We were away in a strange place, and she was obviously feeling insecure, so I pretty much let her wear them as much as she wanted to (although I did have to steal them away to wash them occasionally:)


Now, two months later, she still wants nothing but pyjamas.  For the most part, I don't push it, although there are occasions when it really is necessary to wear something different ("I'm sorry sweetie, but we don't wear pyjamas to weddings"....).  I don't want to make an issue out of it, but I would really like her to wear clothes sometimes.  I have let her choose her own clothes for several months now - I'm generally fine with her choices, even if it is striped overalls and a tutu... just something besides pyjamas!


Has anyone been in this situation?  What did you do?  

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You know, knowing that this will eventually go away I'd be tempted to buy her "new" PJs (that are actually real clothes toned down a bit) and ask her if she'd like to wear her new PJs. Trick her into wearing street clothes :)

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I agree with the buy more pj if possible. What is it that your child insists on? My toddler lives in cotton stretchy pants and T shirts. Think $5 garanimals. that describes most pj,but pj tend to have tight fitting shirts. Doubt my dd even knows the difference between her regular clothes and the couple of pj (that we don't use as the shirt is tight and dd sleeps in just undies since it is so hot.

My oldest only wore overalls for 2yrs and just when I stocked up for the next size her issues went away
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I have to admit, I'm jealous that your child will wear clothes. LOL! My dd will put clothes on to go out at least, but at home, there is no keeping clothes on her. She's 33 months. For a while it was only this one costume... a dance costume that was a bodysuit-- not potty-friendly. But that passed and now she just wants to be naked. I let it go mostly, but today she got to see why I want her to wear clothes. Our neighbor came to the door and dropped something off. My LO ran to say hello, and I stopped her to get her dressed. By the time she was dressed, the little girl was gone.

I think I would get some really comfy clothes-- new stuff and just quietly put them in her pajama drawer without saying anything to her. I find with my Lo she does better when I narrow down her choices to 2 or 3. After you see how she reacts to the new clothes, you could maybe off them up as one of the choices. I wouldn't tell her they are PJ's just an option for what to wear.

Or just ride it out and not mention it to her for a while. Maybe it's a power struggle and she will move on if you drop it... in her own time of course. LOL!
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That's a good idea to start sneaking some "pyjama-like" clothing in and see what happens.  At the moment, she's particularly attached to the bunny jammies - the PJs definitely have a cute animal factor that none of her other clothes do.  I actually went to the store and bought the last pair of bunny jammies, so at least we can alternate now.  I'm trying to just take a deep breath and let her wear them whenever she wants, and hopefully this phase will pass soon.  Today she wore PJs to the beach - she was willing to take them off when she went in the water, but then she wanted them on again when she got dried off:)  

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