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I keep wondering when/if i know when it's 'real' contractions... Last night was so uncomfortable and painful with my belly tightening and the baby punching/scratching my cervix SO hard that i screamed so high as I was so caught off guard.  My back is now sore when I have these supposed BH and it feels like period cramps. Thankfully I was able to fall asleep for a few hours and got up due to hunger lol.  Now it just feels like I have period cramps/lower back soreness without belly tightening.   I don't see my doctor til Thursday though which seems so far away...


Could anyone tell me what it really feels like when it's real contractions?

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Originally Posted by mtngirl81 View Post

Could anyone tell me what it really feels like when it's real contractions?


This is hard because it can feel so different for so many people. For me, there was no mistaking labor at all. The pain wrapped around from my back to the front of my belly and you could differentiate between each contraction (so, you could time them easily). Some people, though, only have back labor. What you're describing to me doesn't sound like labor per se, but I don't know what labor will feel like for you. I had a lot of cramping-type contractions with my last pregnancy and it was all prodromal labor that lasted about a month. If your water breaks or you start to lose your mucus plug, then you can probably know that labor is on the way, but I'd just hang tight for right now.

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Last time I had "real" contractions that were actually prodromal labor for about 16 hours straight until my water broke, at which time I went into active labor. Active labor lasted another 20 hours.  The way I know it was prodromal labor is that the contractions came consistently 7 minutes apart - never less. They were definitely "real" in the sense that I was in early labor, but I know now that based on the timing, I was not in active labor, and hence, I should have just gone about my day and tried to function as normally as possible. I made my labor WAY more difficult than it had to be by not just going back to sleep. 


As far as what they felt like, they were unmistakable and unlike anything I had ever felt before. I had to get on my hands and knees and sort of rock through them.  If there is a question in your mind, it's probably braxton hicks - when you are going into real labor (even early labor) it's really unmistakable. 


This time around, I won't treat any contractions - no matter what they feel like - as real until they are less than 4 minutes apart. Before that, they aren't doing anything and I need to prepare myself for real labor by sleeping and eating normally. I would recommend that to all first time moms.  No matter what your contractions feel like, unless they come consistently less than 4 minute apart, they may or may not be REAL, but it doesn't matter because you are not yet in active labor, so you should do your very best to keep living your normal life so that when you do finally go into active labor you are fully prepared, and not exhausted and depleted.


Not sure if that's helpful for you!

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Mama Chickadee, what do those contractions feel like, if you don't mind my asking?  Do they start in front or in back?  I still haven't had anything I could label a "contraction", so I'm morbidly curious about everyone else's.  smile.gif

Um... It's a tightening, sort of like a Charlie horse but not painful. It's strange because usually your middle section moves with the rest of your body, but it's like it freezes, and the whole motion thing in your body doesn't work.

Or, another way I like to describe the contractions I have is like a big sneeze. You know how you start to get that tickle, so you stop what you are doing, and start directing your concentration toward the sneeze, and then it just takes over your body? Kind of like that. Also, if you've ever been in a situation where you have to be quiet - like you're sitting in a wedding, or a meeting, and you try to stifle the sneeze, and sort of suppress it, you know how it can kind of "blow up" in your head, and explode out your nose? Very painful! Same with a contraction. If you kind of just go with it, relaxed, the contraction doesn't hurt. If you try to fight or supress it, it HURTS!
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Braxton Hicks don't hurt, although they can be uncomfortable. Active labor contractions hurt like nothing you've ever felt. There are lots of methods to hope with the pain, but nothing makes it actually go away.
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The problem with my contractions is that they never get really close together. Closest is 5min, but often 10min apart. Nice to sleep between, but difficult to gauge how advanced everything is smile.gif
It's true though, once you're having real ctx you know. It's sharper period cramps that you absolutely have to focus on. I get the back achy cramps too, but they don't wrap around to the front the same as productive ctx.
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Good to know, ladies... Thank you *SO* much for all the input of experiences.  Huge relief to know...

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Originally Posted by 1stTimeMama4-4-10 View Post

Braxton Hicks don't hurt, although they can be uncomfortable. Active labor contractions hurt like nothing you've ever felt. There are lots of methods to hope with the pain, but nothing makes it actually go away.

This can certainly be the case, however, it is only one type of experience. My active labor contractions for both my labors were not at all painful through to transition. Then they were somewhat painful, but completely emotionally overwhelming in a way I can't really describe. Some women feel really good in the pushing stage, but I really hated it both times and found those contractions painful.

So, just throwing it out there that women experience contractions in different ways, and you won't know how it feels until you get there!
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I feel like a first timer again, because I really don't remember what the contractions felt like the first time.  I remember the back labor, and can't help but wonder if all the chiropractic work I've been doing will help with that and I won't notice right away without the back pain.  Which would be fine with me, but it's just so weird to not remember.  It wouldn't be a big deal because I'd notice when it was getting more progressive, I'm sure.

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Has anyone else experienced a light-headed feeling during braxton-hicks?  Lately I get this sort of sinking feeling whenever I have one.  It goes away as soon as the contraction stops.  I'm wondering if that's a cause for concern but haven't found anything written about it on this forum (and am trying to stay away from Google during these last few weeks of pregnancy!).



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lakeruby, I have been feeling that during BH. My heart starts racing and I get breathless and heady... Glad I'm not the only one! It's a bizarre feeling.
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