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Congratulate me! He weaned before he was 6!

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My son just weaned, about six weeks before his 6th birthday.  I'm a little surprised that I've had no sadness with it.  Now we're working on boundary issues with my breasts.  LOL.  But that's another issues.


Anyway, in the end, it was no big deal.  We had begun the weaning process, really when he started on solids at 6 months.  But in earnest about a 2 years ago when we stopped nursing during the day.  A year ago, he gave up his morning session, so he's just been nursing before bed and we've been shortening the time.  This may sounds ridiculous to some that it took that long, but he's that kind of kid.  He was the same with potty training and he's the same with learning: slow slow slow slow don't push can't push won't let me push and as soon as I let go of my expectations, he surprises me. 


So, in the end, it isn't just about weaning, it is about accepting him for who he is and what he needs.  I'm extremely happy that I could stick with him until he was done and I just hope I can stick with him, at his pace, throughout his childhood. 

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Congratulations! What a lovely nursing relationship you had. And what a wonderful lesson your son taught you - that he will do everything in his own time. Good for him! And for you for being patient and respecting him and his needs. love.gif

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I'm so glad it was such a positive experience for you both.  Are you doing anything to celebrate?

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Congratulations! It sounds as though it was such a gentle weaning smile.gif

My son is 32 months and recently began to sleep in 4-6 hour blocks, what a difference from just a couple of months ago when I nursed every two hours throughout the night.

The whole natural process is just so amazing to me.


I  am so happy for you and your son.

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Congratulations! You should be proud nursing for your son for almost 6 years. What an amazing gift you have given him.

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Congratulations!!! partytime.gif

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Congratulations! So it does happen, huh?

I was starting to wonder. DS is 6 now. He doesn't nurse everyday and actually goes for weeks without but just when I think we are finally done, he asks to nurse. LOL

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Congrats! I am nursing my 4 yr old. She had been saying she was going to wean when she turned 5 but just  last week changed her mind and now she has no plans to stop. lol.

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i needed to hear this tonight.  i weaned my last one when he was just over 2. i was tandem nursing and pregnant.  i continued to nurse the 10 m0nth old. i am now tandem nursing again. (baby was born in April) my 2 year old nursing a few times a week sometimes everyday, but its driving me crazy for some reason. thanks for sharing your story. it really encouraged me to keep at it for my babies.  i really do love nursing my little ones.

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