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Tsk, I cannot find any sources to back up my claim! I know I read it somewhere, maybe that is just what I have gotten from reading so much about the ball opening your pelvis and helping to get the baby lower. So, *for me*, I avoided it (and would again) when my baby was breech. With my second baby, since it was going to be my first labor and vaginal birth, I sat on it a lot to encourage good baby positioning. I had zero back labor & dd2 presented "correctly".

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I'm not sure about the ball 'locking' baby into position. Just off the top of my head, aren't a lot of babies who present breech, breech for reasons of tight space or the placenta being in the way, or having odd cords? Opening up your pelvis by sitting on a ball makes sense that it might give a breech baby more room to flip, or find that head down is comfortable. Idk though...just what I was thinking.


It also makes sense that opening your pelvis could cause baby to drop lower, but does that really make it so that they couldn't still flip? Assuming you're not at the end of your pregnancy I guess!

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A lot of breeches, there is no discovered reason, it just is. Some have obvious reasons, some do not. DD1 was breech from 22 weeks on. There should have been plenty of room for a 30-week-old baby to flip (I'm 5'9"), but she never did. During the external version, they could not get her legs to clear my pelvis (she was in lotus position). That was 36 or 37 weeks. DD2 was 8lbs and I vaginally birthed her w/ no space problems. So, dunno! All of the reasons suggested make sense to me. Realistically, if you are at full-term with a breech, I don't think there is anything that is harmful to try, I tried it all!

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Sorry for this threadjack!  


Went to my midwives yesterday, and after a bit of palpation, they decided that the LO's butt is up at my ribs, and her head is down low, right above my pubic symphysis.  And, her legs are kind-of jackknifed, like she's in a pike dive.  So this is why I'm not getting any rib kicks!  Anyhow, after finding this out, I felt so much better that I forgot to ask about the ball sitting. :<  Sorry.


Dogreto - Did you need a C-section with DD1, or did you birth her vaginally?  I know there are MW's who will attend breech births, but they are definitely harder to find.  Just curious about what you did, once you found you couldn't turn her!

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I know I'm kind of late on the topic here, but just wanted to mention spinningbabies as a good place to go for info about how to avoid/turn a breeched baby. I keep hearing about it in other corners of mothering.com, and our birth instructor mentioned it the other night, too. Hope it's helpful!

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Speaking of spinning babies, they recommended a swedish kneeling chair. So I went shopping for one and found another, cooler chair

that lets you sit in motion while still letting you sit with your knees and belly down and forward. So I got one. The chair was so great my husband had to get one, too, because it effectively dealt with his lower back pain. It's called a swopper. You can get it used, mine is, and with it you can save money on back pain. I swoppered my chiro for a chair. ;-) Okay, enough with my silly puns. I really like how it doesn't cut the circulation off in my legs and I don't get back pain on it like my other chair gave me. Those are all bonuses compared to the fact that I've got all the benefit's of a birth ball when I sit at my computer, without the bulk.


And frankly, the chair seems to do more than the ball. Just don't play on it, use it carefully until you are very used to it. I never fell off it but I had to catch my husband one time when he sat on it and started spinning, and nearly spun off! (hilarious moment, I might add, since no one got hurt. LOL) It's certainly fun!

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Hansi, I did end up w/ a scheduled c/s with dd1. I was planning a birth center birth, but they won't do breeches. In the four years that have since passed, I have discovered two local drs and a few homebirth mw's who will attend vaginal breeches. At the time, though, I had no other options :(


Jess, that chair is hilarious! I can sit on my ball for only so long before it becomes uncomfortable, so I keep it right by the computer and switch it and the chair around. I made sure I had a lot of good posture and hands & knees time w/ dd2 and she was in perfect position :)  Spinning Babies does have a lot of good advice for positioning. 

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