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How cautious do I really need to be?

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Hi all,


This is my first pregnancy and I'll be 35 next month. Overall, I'm in great health - I follow a paleo/primal style diet, do crossfit a couple of times a week, try to rest, etc. My HCGs are looking good, too.


We got pregnant in about 4-5 months, right after I started taking prometium to help extend my luteal phase. I'm just over 5 weeks now and I'm exhausted. My boobs are sore, I'm constantly eating, emotional, feeling more pressure in my lower belly, and getting mild waves of nausea.


My doctor is quite conservative in her approaches to early pregnancy and is basically telling me that I shouldn't have sex or exercise until I get a 7-week ultrasound. Is that really necessary? I actually had sex and went to crossfit the night before I got my first HPT. Shouldn't my body be able to handle having sex and doing moderate exercise in early pregnancy? Doesn't the research show that these types of activities don't cause miscarriage?


Granted, I'm a bit nervous and don't want to put my pregnancy at risk. However, I also don't want to be unnecessarily cautious/paranoid. What kind of recommendations are y'all following? Are you avoiding sex and exercise in early pregnancy? Do I need to be that concerned since I'm doing prometrium? This is all extremely new to me! Thank you!!!

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Well, to contradict your doctor, ummm, yeah, I think that's a bit much! I am on baby #4, and if I was told we couldn't have sex, I would look for a new doctor!  headscratch.gif  Sorry.... that's just my opinion... DP and I are very loving and intimate with one another and our sexual relationship is very vibrant... Trying not to TMI haha! 


I have never heard of a modern doctor believing that exercise and sex is going to somehow cause a miscarriage. From everything I have read, there is nothing you can do about it, your body miscarries due to incorrect growth of the embryo, not because you had sex, or went for a jog. 

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I'm the opposite of you! My midwife and everything I have read says exercise and sex is fine in pregnancy. Just so long as you feel fine and your not overdoing it.

Even with that info, for some reason, I never feel like I should be doing those things early on. It makes me feel anxious and like I'm taking unecessary risks. So, I like to wait until later to resume those things.

That's just me and my body though!! 

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Thanks, ladies. I should also clarify that my doctor didn't give me the "no sex, no exercise" recommendations because of any specifics about my pregnancy. Rather, she said that was her own personal philosophy towards pregnancy. She admitted that this flew in the face of current research, so I wonder if she experienced some personal or professional trauma that led her to espouse these guidelines. It still makes me nervous, since for the moment she is my primary physician until I find a midwife (hopefully this week or next).


I actually really feel like having sex, so I'm struggling with this. 

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I also don't want be TMI, but in all of my three pregnancies I have felt extremely... er... amorous(!), especially early on, and have certainly acted on that. I know that's just my experience, but what I mean is since it doesn't fall in line with current medical thinking, AND you don't have specific contraindictators, AND you want to... well, I know I would be inclined to listen to my own body first and foremost. Remember, undue stress is no good for you either, and that IS proven. :)

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I'm pregnant for the first time at 37. We are having sex, but gently, and I'm choosing to not reach orgasm until about our 8th week. I know that conventional wisdom says that nothing dislodges an embryo that wasn't flawed to begin with. I'm guessing that is right in most cases.


However, it took me 12 years to achieve this pregnancy, and I'm not risking anything. DH and I can be intimate and sexual in so many ways. I can wait 2 more weeks for some hot pregnancy climaxing.

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I think your doctor is being overly conservative, I am sure with good intentions. I think tuning into your body is the most important thing, do what feels good  and stop if it starts to feel bad.

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I had my first child at 36 (got pregnant at 35). I was active (both in exercise and my job) and had sex throughout my pregnancy and had not complication. That being said, I agree with the others in that you need to listen to your body. If your doing something and it doesn't feel right, then stop :)  I'm sure everything will be great!

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