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Mackinley James is here!

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On Monday July, 2nd at 12:05pm Mackinley James arrived. 9lbs 6ozs and 20.25inches (built like a block according to our OB). We ended up opting for a last minute repeat c-section, a choice I very happy about. Our stay in the hospital felt like a vacation for me. Unfortunately, after being released yesterday we retuned to the hospital today and Mac has been admitted to the NICU with an eye infection. He's on IV antibiotics and will be here for 2 days atleast. He's also got his days and night confused....so we're up aaaalllll night and he sleeps 4 hour stretches all day long. I wish I could sleep all day with him, but no luck with a non-stop 3-year-old at home!! Congrats to everyone else who has welcomed their new additions!
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Sucks he has to be in hospital for 2 days. Hopefully they will go by fast for you and him.

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Congrats! Sorry he's back in the hospital and hoping he figured out he's not a night owl very soon!
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Congratulations on your new arrival!  I hope his hospital stay goes by quickly for you!

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Congratulations to you and Mac (love the nickname) - but so sorry to hear he's back in the hospital.  Hopefully his infection clears up very rapidly!  Keep us posted, we will be thinking about you guys!

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::hugs:: on being back at the hospital. Hopefully his eye infection clears quickly! Congratulations on your sweet little man :)

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Big congrats on your son, but sorry about the eye infection! Hopefully he will be home before you know it!

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Congratulations and welcome, Mackinley! Hope the infection clears up soon and you can all be home together.

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Congrats, and welcome Mackinley! I'm sending healing vibes your way!

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I love your son's name!  Congratulations on his safe arrival and many best wishes for a QUICK NICU stay.



Can't wait to see a picture!

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