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Breastfed one year old hard painful stools

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My son just turned 13 months and was exclusively breastfed until 9 months. We then started him on little bits of avocado and since then he has tried pear, melons, applesauce and banana (only occasionally), carrot, squash, sweet potatoes, blueberries, broccoli, beets, and chard. He gets no grains yet and doesn't like meat yet. I give him about 2 tbsp of food twice a day when we have lunch and dinner. I always nurse him first, then feed solid food. he gets sips of water here and there but not regularly because ped said My milk better than water when thirsty. At first when we tried solids until about 12 months he did fine. He pooped less often as expected than when he was just on breastmilk but they were not hard. I am gluten, soy, dairy and almond intolerant, so I don't eat those things, so they have been eliminated for a long time (when he was about 3mo old he had blood in stool and I was told to avoid even a trace of gluten dairy and almond which did the trick for the blood). My question is, could something else in my diet be causing his hard stools? A lot of times they are ropey and hard and he strains and cries. I guess I could eliminate other possible allergens like egg and corn etc but could those foods actually do that through my milk? I am already so limited in diet, I really hate to start eliminating more foods unless I know it is necessary. What causes breastfed babies to have hard stools? Anyone ever have this problem? some days he eats like 2 tbsp of cantaloupe and 2 tbsp of avocado or squash, even with flax oil mixed in. And fish oil each night. You would think the poo would be TOO soft. I am at a loss can someone please help me? I hate to see him cry to poo. Oh by the way my daughter had this problem too when she was still nursing and it turned into stool withholding which I don't want to happen with him. I can't really compare her and him though because while I nursed her I was still eating raw cheese and trace dairy like in dressings. The advice I get from my ped is give him some juice or laxative, that is not solving the problem though. I google "hard stools in breastfed baby" and i cant find anything very helpful specifically, like instances where this has happened when childs diet is good and still 75% breastfed. Btw he nurses approx 6 to 8 times per day, plenty of wet diapers. Thank you bunches for any advice!
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Oh no!  That stinks.  It sounds like you're already doing so much.  Have you tried probiotics? 

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Hi! Thank you for replying!  No, I have not tried probiotics for him yet.  I do use them for my daughter, 4.  I have read plenty about people using them even for very small babies, so I know it is safe, but I never felt completely comfortable giving them to him, because if a baby is breastfed and then introduced to just some very benign simple whole foods, why would they need probiotics?  Shouldn't the gut flora be where it should from nothing "bad" going in yet? I am not questioning your opinion, maybe you could help me understand this better. I am very curious to know.  I am certainly not opposed to doing something that would help him.  Have you seen it work for constipation in babies?  I know it works for diahrrea...thank you!!

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I think I would go back to the pediatrician and press the issue some more.
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Yeah, they should have have the proper gut flora with breastfeeding, but I have seen a few friends with completely breastfed babies go through this.  Maybe there was a mild virus or infection that messed things up, I really don't know.  I have seen probiotics work for both diarhea and constipation.  But I do second MM's suggestion if it continues.  Good luck!  I know how much it sucks to see your baby in pain!  

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