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Just Joined. (:

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Hey everyone!


I am pregnant with my first, but I have been a minimalist all my life. My family moved around SO much growing up and often with no notice... so I learned which stuffed animal was my favourite quickly. (; 


For the past few years I have been living "on the road" in a sense. I was traveling around with my baby's father (who unfortunetely left me when I was 4 months pregnant) and we were both living out of two back packs with our needed items. It was so much fun! We got to live all around the world and even on a boat for several months. 


Now, I moved in with my sister and I still have very few things. It's just a way of living for me. It's not something I do because I need to (lack of money, travelling, etc) but because it feels more comfortable for me. I have 5 dresses, basic make up, that same stuffed animal (what can I say, I love him!), my macbook air and my camera and 2 lens for my work (I work as a photographer and model). That's about it! Now that I'm settled into my apartment with my sister, it's strange shopping for things like shampoo (of which I bought the 2 in 1 and use it as soap, shaving cream, and shampoo haha). But I'm getting used to it. 


Because of my story (it's a long one), lots of strangers helped me out by donating things to me for the baby. I suddenly have literally over 200 baby outfits (from newborn to 18 months), a gazillion blankets and so much more. It's SUCH a nice thing for all these people to do... but I don't think anyone realised how many things were gathering up. I'm going through everything and picking out the absolute needs but it's a bit difficult being a new mom (and one who's never been around anyone under 6 months old at that!). 


What do you really need for a baby? I mean, he'll be using me for ALL food (I work at online), he'll be so small during the winter months so just some long sleeves or blankets to wrap up in, and something to sleep on! Right? As for diapers, I'm using cloth and have SEVERAL of those as well. 


Anyways!!! It's nice to meet all of you guys. I'm glad there are mommies like me out there!



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Hi.  I'm fairly new here too and just learning my way around.  We are majorly downsizing and I am so thrilled about it.  We are so looking forward to having less things around us and living a better and simpler life.


I have two one year olds and there's a few things that I absolutely LOVE and found SO useful.  I was also given SO many things that it became overwhelming.  I'm glad people have been happy for us and supportive of us ... but you wouldn't believe the number of clothes, toys and baby gear that was given to us! 


I strongly advocate baby wearing.  It's a wonderful experience for both mommy and baby.  I have been through five baby carriers because some were given as gifts and I really didn't know much about it as I started.  My favorite is the Action Baby Carrier.  It is great.  It packs up easily to fit in the baby diaper bag, is lightweight and comfortable and goes from 8# to 40#.  Our boys are almost 30# each and are still being worn.  I dance with them, do chores with them and wear one and push one in the grocery cart to grocery shop!


You can never have enough baby wash cloths, baby burb cloths and bibs!  I also love having a pack n play, even more important than a crib to me.  I never used our changing table.  I had winter coats and winter wrap things that were never worn!


I also find baby music cd's wonderful!  I personally love the Mommy & Me series.


Best wishes to you!

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Hey, thanks for the advice! (: I will definitely be BW-ing as well. What did you do with all the extra stuff people gave you? Did you just donate it?

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You can donate or maybe find a consignment shop if its in decent condition. For us , what works for a baby is:


our bed, a  waterproof mattress cover has really saved our mattress many times


car seat


baby carrier, we have a wrap style one for when they are tiny and the ergo for later, but the ergo could be used for newborns too if you have the infant insert


clothes - I've decided a week's worth of clothing in each size/season is plenty.  When my last baby was a newborn he spit up a lot, so we did go through several shirts/onesies in a day.  Not all baby's spit up constantly though


diapers - since newborns can go through about 10-12 a day, keep that in mind. You should be able to reuse a cover over and over throughout the day. I'd say 1 or 2 covers a day (2 would be in case poop got on one).  Then just multiply by how often you think you will do laundry. In my experience you don't really want to let diapers sit more than 2-3 days.


cloth wipes - maybe 1-2 dozen a day, we didn't need a wipes warmer.


diaper sprayer - not essential but pretty nice for poopy diapers


you don't really need any toys until they are at least 1. around 6 months or so they start playing with stuff, but are super happy with just exploring household objects that are safe. this can probably even work until they are 2.  my kids, almost 3 and 6, still love playing with things like, my digital camera, pots and pans, wooden spoons, they pin the cloth napkins on their back and say they are capes, pencil/pen and paper for coloring, making forts out of the chairs and some sheets, etc.  then outside they love collecting rocks, sticks, flowers, bugs, digging in dirt, just running around, etc. you can get books/tapes/cds etc from the library.  I think we would have plenty of things to do without any toys from the store.


some blankets are definitely useful, but I found it was very easy to end up with way too many. Oh also, thinner cotton receiving blankets can double as flat diapers.

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I second a pack n play. It travels nicely and doesn't take up a lot of space. It's cheaper than a crib and usually has a baby changer and a place to keep things. I am having #3 any day now. I have learned that I need quite a few cloth diapers and wipes.....especially if this one is anything like my 3 year old. I have a few newborn clothes but my dr. is telling me that he is already 6 1/2 lbs, so those may not even fit. I have about a small laundry basket of clothes in varying sizes. I have 1 drawer of blankets. My mom is making me some cloth diapers out of some of my old receiving blankets. I agree with the toys. My kids are still fascinated by my things. they would rather color than play with toys lol. I think that they could probably live without toys. A breast pump is going to be essential for me since I will be going back to school.


I probably have more than I actually need...but on the plus side, I have a friend I can give extra things to. :)

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