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Group strep B anyone?

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Joy. eyesroll.gif

Anyone else get a +?

Didn't have this w DD. Dr recommends abx. I suspect the itching I've had intermittently is due to this. Ugh.
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Here too.  I was with my son 2.5 years ago also.  I got to the hospital a little late and didn't get all of the antibiotics in.  I'll have to go a little sooner this time.  With me they did the IV and then just capped it so I could be in the tub, walking around, etc.  I really didn't even notice it.  Only thing that's annoying about it is that I'll have to be heading to the hospital when I think I'm about 4 hours from delivery instead of in just enough time for my midwife there to catch the baby:) 

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Yep, I have it too. I'm not too worried about it (first pregnancy so I wouldn't think labor would be that fast, though you never know... per advice from another thread, I will try to get the triage nurses to start the antibiotics first thing so that I can get them in during the time when I will already be on the monitors, getting an exam, or whatever else they need to do). I think mostly I'm just worried about all kinds of other stuff, so this was one too many things for my brain to dwell on.

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I tested negative with my last pregnancy then was actually positive at delivery, which ended up resulting in a 4 or 5 day NICU stay for baby. This go 'round we went for the antibiotics and didn't bother to test, just treated it as positive. However, the labor didn't last the full 4 hours. Go figure!
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