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Midwife in a hospital

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I am trying to decide if I'm going to go the OBGYN or midwife in the hospital route for my second child. With my first I did the OBGYN. I didn't have a bad experience, I'm just curious about what my other options are. Can someone give me an idea of what it would be like to have a Midwife who is working out of a major hospital? Denver Health Med Center to be exact.

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I have always had a midwife who is under OBGYN care. The doctor just sees me the first appointment then again at 20 weeks but the mw is there for all other appointments including the birth. I think the doctor on call is only there at the birth if there is a problem. There is a large hospital adjacent but babies are born at the birthing center. They have tubs in the rooms for water birth. Not sure if this scenario is typical, but it is all that I know.

I hope this helps. love.gif

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I had kaiser insurance for dd1. I saw a midwife the whole pregnancy except you have to see an ob 2 times. There were always way more midwives than obs on labor and delivery and you would automatically have a midwife if you were having an uncomplicated labor. An ob would take over if a csrction or other complication arrose. I ended up beong induced and with an epidural so i had an ob deliver, but had a midwife checking on me the whole time. I much prefered the midwives as they were more patient and willing to talk about options. The obs that came in seemed to be wanting a fast labor so they could get me off thier floor. Not saying it would be the same if you got to pick a single ob to work with for the pregnancy and birth. I didnt know any of the doctors or midwives that delivered dd1 (4 total for my 8 hour labor and delivery).
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