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Lower back cramps

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This is the post where I whine and then you all pacify me and make me feel that labor is near (lol) ;)


I have had a now dull achey/cramp in my lower back the past 24 hours. Its the pits! Ok..maybe it doesnt actually mean labor is close...perhaps it just means I AM PREGNANT! but it feels so uncomfortable and god awful. The baby feels like he/she weighs a ton on my pelvis and now this back pain is just no bueno. Anyone else in this boat (or was) and can feel my pain? Can i get an Amen!?

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Yup yup. Back pain seems to be how I roll through labour. It started couple days ago and went away (for now). But now my cervix feels kind of sore too, especially since he keeps head butting it! We are all close now I guess. Its actually my due date today.
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YUP and Amen.  UGH.  I feel YUCKYYUCKYYUCKINESS in my back and bottom, like I'm about to start my period x 1000.  This dude needs to come out.

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I have had a lot of that with this pregnancy. She was posterior for awhile which I think made it worse, it seemed better once she turned. But getting worse again the last few days and then she will move down and I can barely walk from the pelvic pain. Ouch. Had some prodromal last night for a few hours, lower down than my bh and getting rythmic. Come soon little baby!

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I had it frequently this pregnancy too, but most intense the night before I went inot labor.  It was nonstop in my lower back and thighs.  Hopefully your baby will be here soon!

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i had this a few days ago.  went in to see the midwives thinking they would tell me labor was near.  nope.  it was a UTI.  way to add insult to injury.   might be worth asking about.  or!  it could be the good news!  


either way, I hope your back feels better!

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