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Need replacement car seat advice - accident yesterday

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We were in a car accident yesterday and need to replace our carseats. We had DS in a Graco Naulitus and DD in a rear-facing Radian. Liked them. I assumed that we would replace with same but DH noted that the some of the Radian options have higher height and weight limits. I'd like to keep DD rear-facing for six months to a year and DS in a five point harness for as long as possible. 


We drive a Prius but have a third one on the way which will probably require a bigger car. But it would be really nice to have the option of using the Prius for car repairs or whatever so I am considering the narrower options.


DS 47 3/4 " 56 pds; just turned 5

DD 39 " 31 pds; almost 3

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I would probably replace with what you have now unless you want something different. I have a personal preference for the Britax Frontier 85 over the Nautilus, but that's just because I like it better and not because it's inherently a better car seat. On the other hand, if you really want the option to harness as long as possible, the Frontier will last most kids about two years longer in the harness compared to a Nautilus. It also has a longer lifespan before expiring which makes it better for passing down to younger kids (a new one today should last until your unborn baby is ready for a booster). BUT... it may be a fraction of an inch wider than the Nautilus. That probably won't matter in your Prius; you're not getting either a Nauti or a Frontier in the Prius in a 3-across situation anyway. I think your only hope for the 5 year old in the Prius with two other car seats will either be a very narrow booster (like a Bubble Bum) or a Ride Safer Travel Vest. Unless the 5 year old is really short in the torso and can still fit in a Radian for a while. 

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Thanks. We might switch the Britax for harnessing reasons.. My concern was that DH says that some of the Radians (perhaps the new dino) had a much higher weight/height limit for a five point harness. But unless the car seat itself is bigger I just don't see DS fitting in it. Big kid.


The new frontier wasn't out yet when we got the nautilus. 

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The Radian will last almost as long as the Nautilus, but not longer, unless the kid is really short and heavy. Yes, the weight limit is higher but the harness capacity is shorter. Assuming average build, the Frontier 85 will actually last most kids until they're about 65 lbs. I would say the Radian will last most kids to about 50 lbs and the Nautilus to maybe 55. 


The Frontier 85 also becomes the tallest high back booster available, if I'm not mistaken. It will keep most kids in a high back until they're ready for an adult seat belt - probably the only high back you can get that will (probably) allow you to safely and totally skip the backless booster stage all together, if you want it to. 

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