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hello, mucus plug

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Once Thursday and twice so far today I've had some mucus plug blobbies in my undies. It hasn't been blood tinged at all, so I'm trying to temper my excitement with a dose of reality- it could still be weeks!! But to be honest it makes me crazy excited and I have to resist the urge to check my underpants every hour. Ha!


Anyone else seeing some? Do you remember your pattern with loss of it and labour from previous pregnancies?

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Yea, come on baby! 


Nothing here yet.The only one I distinctly remember was my oldest and it came at least a few days before labor started. I don't know about my girls, maybe not till labor?

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Cool!! I keep looking for mine, but no sign yet... good luck!!

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This was the first baby I saw any and it was the day before I went into labor.  only a little bit and it was pink tinged.  I was 41 weeks though.  

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I only lost mine before labor with my third son- not a lot, but definitely noticeable and pink. Lost it in the afternoon and my water broke about 12 hours later.
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No sooner did I say that than there was a good-size blob on the TP this morning. I showed DH and then thought "who shows someone their toilet paper?!"... thank goodness he is interested in that kind of stuff and not grossed out. smile.gif However, there was no pink tinge to it at all, so I don't think it was really "the mucus plug" in the sense of being any significant percentage of it. And who knows, maybe it's just going through that renewal cycle that happens every few weeks anyway. But it was definitely more quantity-wise than I am used to seeing.

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I think I lost some Friday. It had a some green/yellow tinge in the clear blob and there was a line of red. I had another a little later, then...nothing. Nothing since Friday!

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